Monday, October 26, 2009

Celebrate the Opt-Out Public Option!

Hello Bloggers! I know I've been missing in action, and will continue to be for a while, but I just had to post a big celebratory THANK YOU to that unexpected news from "speak softly and carry a big stick" Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

Wow, what a surprise. I was convinced he was going to kiss conservative ass on this one.

I am thrilled after his announcement today that he will be including a reasonable version of the public option in the Senate's version of health care reform. Though I don't have enough details yet, it's still FANTASTIC news in so many ways. I was very worried Reid was going to sell the party out on this one.

To be really honest, I'm not that concerned about the opt-out feature. Why? I see no problem with allowing the dumb-asses to die-off in the dumb-ass states. That may sound cruel and insensitive, but it's true. To be really blunt, if the shit-heads want to opt-out, I say LET THEM!

It may just lead to fewer shit-heads in this world, or a few less dumb-ass Republicans. Go ahead Alabama, Georgia, Alaska, South Carolina and the rest. OPT-OUT ALL YOU WANT PEOPLE! When the private companies dump your ass, IT'S YOUR FUNERAL!

I realize I don't have all the facts yet, but I still wanted to RAVE about it. We need to celebrate one more fantastic step closer to victory. We don't want to count our chickens, but we do want to celebrate the unexpected and glorious milestones that move us forward.

I'm more hopeful today than I've been in a long time. Go Harry and Nancy! Let's all keep the pressure on and pray for more progress.

Monday's Political Rave - Michael

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Support a Strong Public Option!

Hello Bloggers! I'm sorry I haven't written lately, but as you can probably tell I've taken a break until I become inspired again. I have been pretty upset with American politics lately, especially the quality of debate in the media and on the blogosphere.

I just thought I should let you guys know so that you don't think I fell off a mountain cliff.

I'll probably write something soon. I hope you guys are all having a great Fall. It is a great time of the year. Until then, I urge all Democrats to please write your representatives to support real health care reform and a strong public option! Unless we fight for real reform now, I'm convinced we will suffer in 2010 for our party's lack of media, political and leadership skills. I may even become an Independent myself if they screw it up. :)

My Best - Michael

Thursday, October 1, 2009

White House Blog Tells the Truth

Hello Bloggers! I may be a little "late to the game" as they say, but I just discovered the new official White House Blog and think it's brilliant. It may not be very thorough yet, but it has a great deal of potential. We need to encourage them to use it more.

I think it's so awesome I created a permanent link to it on the right margin of this blog. I encourage my fellow bloggers to do the same, since it seems to be a new and excellent source of factual information.

It's amazing the way the White House - using the blog - has decided to take on the lies being told every day on 24/7 nightmare channels like FOX "News." It is disputing some of the lies line by line (though it's obvious there are too many for the WH blog staff at this time), and filters the spin/lies from reality.

Let's hope one day they go ever further and start to counter the lies spewed daily by AM right-wing radio.

I recommend checking out the section that disputes Glenn Beck's lies related to the president's decision to travel to Copenhagen in his effort to win the Olympic Games for Chicago and the US. It's an amazing read. It's so good to see the White House defend the truth.

Visit Reality Check: Trying to Turn a Point of Pride into a Moment of Shame and see for yourself. Here is a taste of what the White House Blog offers:

RHETORIC: BECK SAID VANCOUVER LOST $1 BILLION WHEN IT "HAD THE OLYMPICS." Glenn Beck said, "Vancouver lost, how much was it? they lost a billion dollars when they had the Olympics." [Transcript, Glenn Beck Show, 9/29/09]

REALITY: VANCOUVER'S OLYMPICS WILL NOT TAKE PLACE UNTIL 2010. Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games from February 12 – 28, 2010 and March 12-21, 2010, respectively. [, accessed 9/29/09]

RHETORIC: VALERIE JARRETT "WAS LAST SEEN WITH THE NEA." Beck's guest, FOX News contributor Pat Caddell, said, "[Obama] is going to go [to Copenhagen] with Valerie Jarrett who was last seen with the NEA pumping up their use of, you know, money." [Transcript, Glenn Beck Show, 9/29/09]

REALITY: VALERIE JARRETT WAS NOT ON THE NEA CONFERENCE CALL. Valerie Jarrett was not a participant in the August 10, 2009 United We Serve/NEA conference call.

It is a new and wonderful tool to help WE THE PEOPLE filter out all the corporate, ratings-based fake news crap that is clogging the public airwaves and cable systems. It is one more piece of a puzzle, which when solved will help us find our way out the maze of lies and noise pollution overwhelming our news and media today.

Let me be clear, I don't believe we need a White House news service that could lead to abuse, but I do think it's reasonable to have have an active White House Blog that goes to great lengths to publish the truth in response to all the lies of today. That is perfectly reasonable in my opinion.

Thursday's Political Rave - Michael