Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Republicans Should Care About

Hello Bloggers! I hope everybody is having a great Summer 2010! I'm enjoying it so far. Btw, to be precise, the definition of perspective I'm referring to is "the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful situation."

I admit that I still have blog fever (the bad kind) and will continue to stay away from serious political blogging (I've decided the insanity and absurdity of today's far right can cause cancer), but I thought it might be fun to create an interactive blog game of sorts for those who occasionally stumble across my blog - and wish to vent. If you want to read about serious politics, feel free to browse my past work.

So, to my blog game. I call it What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore). Yes, it is a game, not a political debate. It's a place for progressives to vent their frustrations with the other side. Republicans can go play their own blog games. So, I'll go first, and if you like it, feel free to join in by contributing your own within the comments section of the blog.

What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore) #1 on 06/22/10

How their blind support of America's military-industrial complex and war-mongering is a leading cause of America's debt, leads to a culture of corruption in Washington, produces few jobs, pollutes our environment, costs our government billions annually, and leads to thousands and/or millions of deaths (American and foreign) based on an unsustainable, false pro-democracy-at-any-cost, divine-right, far-right culture that insists America is the right hand of God in the world  - in other words, the world's police force.

My Reaction

To both Republicans and war-friendly Democrats, WE are not the world's police force. WE cannot afford it. WE do not have the money anymore. We Democrats are not going to allow you to destroy our social systems, including our recent health care changes, to police the world at all costs. We are not going to allow you to whittle our government down to two items: defense and corporate welfare.

WE are sick and tired of the corruption, the secrecy, and the lies. We need to figure a better way to work with other FRIENDLY nations to free us from carrying this enormous burden alone. NATO is a starting point, but we need more cooperation and international investment to form stronger worldwide defense forces against terrorism and evil governments. It is possible. The right always screams bloody murder about world governments and a world police force, unless they're controlled by America, and for America.

The right's narrow-minded belief in American exceptionalism and moral authority is going to drive this nation into bankruptcy if they are allowed to lead us again. Time is running out on any Democratic leadership's ability to repair the damage without sacrificing some of the best parts of what is left in civilized politics. Time is running out. Social justice and moral responsibility is doomed in America if the Republicans regain power.

What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore) #2 on 06/22/10

How their blind support for Israel is one of the most exhausting, demoralizing, hard-headed and deadly issues in the world today. America and Israel are paying the price for conservative, stubborn pride and personal and national realism every damn day. Instead of trying to build bridges, conservatives choose to remain opposed to anything that might look like a compromise. Instead of being forced to get along, conservatives take the tough stand and hold their ground. Instead of trying to create mutual understanding, conservatives stand against the world based on an absurd idea that Israel can do no wrong.

My Reaction

This has to stop. It's destroying Israel's chances for a prosperous future. It's causing American conflict (and death) globally. Most important, it's crazy. Israel is a democracy, but that doesn't give it the right to take what isn't and wasn't theirs. It's time America pulls the plug. WE need to force Israel to accept its pre-1967 borders, sue for peace with its neighbors, and end this ridiculous conflict for good.

More to come! Have a great day - Michael!


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What they care about is power. Period. If they have to wreck the economy and destroy our military in order to achieve power, then so be it.

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