Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Republicans Should Care About

Hello Bloggers! I hope everybody is having a great Summer 2010! I'm enjoying it so far. Btw, to be precise, the definition of perspective I'm referring to is "the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful situation."

I admit that I still have blog fever (the bad kind) and will continue to stay away from serious political blogging (I've decided the insanity and absurdity of today's far right can cause cancer), but I thought it might be fun to create an interactive blog game of sorts for those who occasionally stumble across my blog - and wish to vent. If you want to read about serious politics, feel free to browse my past work.

So, to my blog game. I call it What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore). Yes, it is a game, not a political debate. It's a place for progressives to vent their frustrations with the other side. Republicans can go play their own blog games. So, I'll go first, and if you like it, feel free to join in by contributing your own within the comments section of the blog.

What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore) #1 on 06/22/10

How their blind support of America's military-industrial complex and war-mongering is a leading cause of America's debt, leads to a culture of corruption in Washington, produces few jobs, pollutes our environment, costs our government billions annually, and leads to thousands and/or millions of deaths (American and foreign) based on an unsustainable, false pro-democracy-at-any-cost, divine-right, far-right culture that insists America is the right hand of God in the world  - in other words, the world's police force.

My Reaction

To both Republicans and war-friendly Democrats, WE are not the world's police force. WE cannot afford it. WE do not have the money anymore. We Democrats are not going to allow you to destroy our social systems, including our recent health care changes, to police the world at all costs. We are not going to allow you to whittle our government down to two items: defense and corporate welfare.

WE are sick and tired of the corruption, the secrecy, and the lies. We need to figure a better way to work with other FRIENDLY nations to free us from carrying this enormous burden alone. NATO is a starting point, but we need more cooperation and international investment to form stronger worldwide defense forces against terrorism and evil governments. It is possible. The right always screams bloody murder about world governments and a world police force, unless they're controlled by America, and for America.

The right's narrow-minded belief in American exceptionalism and moral authority is going to drive this nation into bankruptcy if they are allowed to lead us again. Time is running out on any Democratic leadership's ability to repair the damage without sacrificing some of the best parts of what is left in civilized politics. Time is running out. Social justice and moral responsibility is doomed in America if the Republicans regain power.

What Republicans Should Care About (yet Ignore) #2 on 06/22/10

How their blind support for Israel is one of the most exhausting, demoralizing, hard-headed and deadly issues in the world today. America and Israel are paying the price for conservative, stubborn pride and personal and national realism every damn day. Instead of trying to build bridges, conservatives choose to remain opposed to anything that might look like a compromise. Instead of being forced to get along, conservatives take the tough stand and hold their ground. Instead of trying to create mutual understanding, conservatives stand against the world based on an absurd idea that Israel can do no wrong.

My Reaction

This has to stop. It's destroying Israel's chances for a prosperous future. It's causing American conflict (and death) globally. Most important, it's crazy. Israel is a democracy, but that doesn't give it the right to take what isn't and wasn't theirs. It's time America pulls the plug. WE need to force Israel to accept its pre-1967 borders, sue for peace with its neighbors, and end this ridiculous conflict for good.

More to come! Have a great day - Michael!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stop Glenn Beck!

StopBeckBadge1Hello Bloggers! Please join my new favorite cause to stop Glenn Beck!
The man is vermin. He lies to millions for money and power. He's helped ruin many political minds that I know and love. We need to do something before he lures more innocent people into his web.

Please visit StopBeck.com and join the mailing list, reach his advertisers, and help expose his constant lies to them. Support any cause that helps to reveal the truth about Beck. The man is hurting our nation in so many ways.

One day he will go down as one more American nightmare - like Joe McCarthy, but worse - that lied its money-and-power-hungry-souless-ignorant-lazy-scum-sucking-self into the hearts of gullible, lazy-thinking and naive people everywhere. Until then, we need to do everything we can to stop him.

I hope you guys are having a great Summer - Michael

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Few Brief Rants

Hello Bloggers! In case some of you still care, let me catch you up on what I've been feeling lately.

American voters - especially in Massachusetts - have to be some of the dumbest on the planet. Sorry people, but to elect Republican Scott Brown in MA with almost 40% labor support just so he can go to the Senate and vote against labor, health care reform, financial reform, and everything else that matters to working Americans is downright Palinesque in its retardation. The fact that MA has a popular health care system is another sore spot. They voted for Scott Brown despite the fact that he would kill reform for the rest of us. To be blunt, thanks for nothing assholes.

The Supreme Court decision to allow corporations (foreign or domestic) the right to donate as much as they want to political campaigns may be a free speech issue to some, but to those of us who care about real democracy it's the worse news since the Dred Scott decision. That horrible mistake declared people property. This latest horrible mistake declared property people - or at least more so. All Americans should be appalled. For God's sake, even the "Tea Baggers" are appalled. The only people to show their approval were leading Republicans who crave corporate money - more than most. No matter what, we need to pass a constitutional amendment to fix the damage. Unless the people do something, this nation is doomed to a future of competitive, corporate fascism and political greed.

President Barack Obama has been doing a great job making Republicans look bad lately, but I don't know what the hell he's doing constantly trying to engage them in some kind of bi-partisan dance. They have no interest in passing any health or financial reform, yet he keeps trying to dance. He must know something I don't, but for now he just looks like he's going nowhere fast. In the meantime, I just received a 39% increase in my health insurance bill from a company that's posting billions in profits. They say it's due to health care cost increases. How stupid do they think we are? If people believe that, they're even dumber than Palin. Needless to say, I'm pissed off. Do something fast Obama or you've lost my vote too, and I was a very strong supporter.

I'm still celebrating the Saints victory - Michael

PS - I kind of agree with Chris Matthews lately. The abuse of the filibuster (the 60-vote threshold in the Senate) and Senatorial privledge suggests that our democracy doesn't seem to be working anymore. We can only hope this is not the beginning of worse things to come. It's getting scary.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints Go All The Way!

Hello Bloggers! I can't believe it, but after growing up in New Orleans and spending years under the yoke of a losing football team my hometown New Orleans Saints finally won the Superbowl. It's  FANTASTIC!

A very, very happy - Michael

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Message from My Brother in Haiti

Hello Bloggers! I thought you guys might like to see an email I received this weekend from my brother Gordon who is a Naval Reserve officer currently serving in the Navy's rescue efforts in Haiti. It's unbelieveable what our people are doing down there. Combined with our own charitable donations, it does seem that we're doing a great deal to help.

He said it's okay to share, so I hope you guys appreciate hearing some news from somebody I consider a family hero.

Gordon's Email (unedited):

"Family, Friends:

I slept on the 3rd floor of the US Embassy in Haiti. Hundreds of us are sleeping in the hallways and between cubicles - Admirals - Captains - Colonels - Civlian experts - from around our country to bring what is needed to the Haitain people.

The edges of the airport were lined with tents of every branch of the military and from other foreign countries. The floor was nice and hard, and I figured out why noone else was using that spot - it was right by a door that people use all night long - new spot on the floor Sunday night. RADM Wolfe sent me forward from GITMO to be the Sustainment Officer, a Liaison Officer to RADM Thomas to coordinate and establish Logistics systems - ship and aircraft loading, transportation, fuel, rations and water, etc..

We have begun Joint Logistics Over the Shore - JLOTS - and soon we will be moved to a tent camp somewhere near the embassy. I tell you - everywhere I've gone looks like a movie set off of Independence Day - surreal - unbelievable. I flew down with 2 other guys in the rear end of a C130 and two EOC containers. I ate dinner and was debriefed by Rear Admiral (RADM) Wolfe at Guatanamo Bay Cuba Naval Air Station.

Shortly after that I flew in the rear end of a COD (a Navy prop plane with folding wings) with a DESRON Captain and some MREs, tents and water. Its MREs and bottled water for me from here on. The length of stay of is indefinite - probably not that long, but that is subject to demands. Please pray - this situation is unbeliebable - food and water seems to be available to the Haitians - medical and housing is the problem. We can't build enough hospitals.

We have ships coming that my battalion will be unloading. The Marines, Army, and Navy helicopters seem to be the only thing that works to get it from the ports into areas of need. Some Marines are on patrol looking for hurting people and when they find them they call in air support and bring in aid just like they would if they found an enemy force. - It makes your heart swell.

I'll have Sailors in 3 different locations and their security is a concern. Some Marines are sleeping in the dirt - but there are some amazing, heroic things going on here - Americans thinking out of the box - helping people - we are using aircraft carriers - amphibious ships - the show of strength is stunning.

Love Gordon, Dad, brother, son, friend, nephew....."

To me it sounds like a war zone. Still, it's wonderful to use aircraft carriers and amphibious ships to feed and save people. It is so cool! I like our military to be flexible - more value that way. I do hope my brother and all those helping the Haitian people are safe. It's amazing, my family lost their homes and nearly their lives helping others through Katrina (I'm from New Orleans), and now my brother is helping save lives in Haiti.

I must admit, I'm very proud of my family. I haven't been traumatized by any natural disasters yet (though living in LA leaves ample opportunity), but if I live up to my family's recent bravery and willingness to help others, then I should be an asset to my community. God willing.

May God watch over my brother and all those who are sacrificing for the people of Haiti - Michael

PS - I hope I'm not inappropriate here, but I would also like to report how happy I am the Saints are going to the Superbowl - I'm pretty sure it thrills my brother in Haiti too.

It is very special to the people of New Orleans - even those of us who had to leave the Crescent City to follow our career. I'm sure I can speak for all by saying we are all still Saints fans, no matter how long we've been away. Go Saints!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Needs Our Help

Hello Bloggers! Sadly, death and misery often inflict mankind's poorest. Remember the tsunami. The recent earthquake in Haiti is no different. Living in California I am no stranger to earth movement, but from what I've seen on the news I think they have it pretty bad. Once again we need to help. We should all give something, no matter how small the donation.

I am sending what I can afford to the Red Cross today, and I hope everybody out there does the same. Ignore the religious idiots and selfish distractions like Pat Roberston who try to turn natural disasters into 'wrath of God' fantasies or judgements on mankind. They are the scum of the earth. No, the right thing to do is to try and help our fellow man. That is what is important.

Please visit the International Red Cross online donation page today, and give whatever you can to help those who are suffering in Haiti. The world is getting more and more desperate. People are suffering all over due to poverty and natural disasters. Still, as long as we have the ability to give, we should. It's part of who we are. It's about our humanity. May God Bless the People of Haiti and help them find some comfort.

Our prayers are with you - Michael