Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Republican Sloth: An American Disability

Good Morning! It's Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and a good time to give up something. Let's purify the soul. If you start with the seven deadly sins as a guide, perhaps we Democrats should let go of some pride. President Obama is causing an overload lately. Let's give it a shot.

Let's see, how about Republicans? I have a suggestion for our Republican friends. How about giving up sloth? Sloth is one of the sins articulated so well by medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas.

Think about it, it's the perfect sin to describe today's modern American Republican. Yes, SLOTH!

According to the Catholic Church, sloth is the "sluggishness of the mind which neglects ... sloth is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses." Wow, I don't know about you, but for me that is the nail that hits the proverbial Republican head. It's PERFECT!

The Church was referring to the idea that life requires work, and that work leads to salvation. You can interpret "work" any way you wish, but before I'm inundated with Republicans accusing Democrats of lacking a work ethic due to their desire for government leadership, allow me to say the work I find lacking involves Republican laziness related to FACT FINDING! Besides, I totally disagree with you Republicans that Democrats are lazy. American workers are the most productive on earth.

As many of you know I audit many of their news sources, and let me tell you their leaders, radio talk shows and various psychotic FOX "News" programs have been swamped lately with even more propaganda than usual. I call them the propaganda "elitists," to borrow a word the Republicans like to use on us. Well, the elitists are out-of-control and off the scale!

I've referred to as a fact checker numerous times, and I am shocked by the amount of Republican BS that's being repeated ad nausea in some kind of retarded GOP-to-media-to-constituent daisy chain, or merry-go-round when they talk to each other. They are out of control and they don't even realize it most of the time. To be blunt, it seems like some kind of sick sociological experiment, to discover just how wrong politics, parties and their constituents can get when guided by unprincipled, desperate people.

The last few weeks have been the worst ever tainted by their lies, which has spurred them to be the least cooperative opposition during a crisis in American history. Their unwillingness to acknowledge the will of the American people after the last election is striking. They seem determined to stick to their broken ideas and stunted schemes. Their leaders have been despicable, doing whatever they can to stop a true economic recovery for their own political purposes. Their only concern is the next election and power, not the American people.

You see, there is only one set of facts. We Americans can debate them all we want - as to whether we feel they will help or hurt - but the fact remains there's still only one set of them.

I have a few questions for those Republicans who love to think they're politically smart these days, but in reality parrot the hyperbole of a few fanatic media dogs. Do you ever listen to yourselves? Do you ever think how absurd you sound when you try to debate politics using today's corrupt and discredited Republican resources? Do you ever get tired of ignoring factual responses, while resting on a crutch of media ignorance? Do you ever LISTEN?

Why don't you look up just a few key facts, which just might encourage you to cut President Obama and the Democrats a little slack? Try these first:

Why don't more Republicans make an effort to learn about how Republican presidents and congressional leaders ran up WELL OVER 90% of today's post World War II government debt, which now tops off near $11 trillion? George W. Bush himself ran up over a TRILLION in the past fiscal year alone. If it's true, which it is, doesn't it stand to reason that Democrats should be allowed an opportunity to spend government money based on their own needs and policies? It's only fair.

Why don't more Republicans make an effort to learn about what generates actual wealth in a nation? Republican leaders, the media, and my Republican friends keep talking about how World War II spending was the real reason why America pulled itself out of the depression. They like to say that Roosevelt's policies helped the poor, but in reality they prolonged the depression. That is a LIE!

Economists know that war spending does very little to create the economic conditions for domestic growth, since most of the money is wasted on products and services that are ultimately destroyed. Economies grow based on investments that are both renewable and long-lasting. Infrastructure investment, education investment, and good government policies are what most economists and academics credit with pulling America out of the depression. The fact is Roosevelt is responsible for those conditions. The Republican talking points to the contrary are deceitful, disingenuous and ignorant.

Why don't more Republicans make an effort to learn about why tax cuts are not enough to spur an economy, especially one mired deep in a recession or a depression? Most economists believe tax cuts spur an economy, which is why President Obama included $288 billion in tax cuts in the stimulus, HOWEVER, most economists ALSO believe that government spending and smart policies can play a vital role in stimulating an economy in crisis. The Republican talking points that criticize government efforts have no basis in reality. They are LIES! It is a fact: government has helped in the past and it can help again. The Republicans are playing politics!

Why don't more Republicans make an effort to learn about how they themselves used the same tools of government intervention in the past to help the economy? There are many examples throughout history when Republican administrations and congressional delegations used government to help fix the economy. I'm not going to name them all, but suffice to say that Ronald Reagan (Savings & Loan Crisis - $160.1 billion, about $124.6 billion of which was directly paid for by the U.S. taxpayer) and George W. Bush (federal bailouts and guarantees totalling over $5 TRILLION) were the two most recent examples. Feel free to list your own. They used LOTS of government money to tweak the economy. If Republicans wish to be fair, they'll allow us the same tool box. Unfortunately, I suspect fairness means little to them.

Why didn't more Republicans worry about creating debt when they were in power? Don't they see their own hypocrisy and double-standard today? I guess not.

Why didn't more Republicans care about smart regulations and enforcement when they were in power? Why are they fighting it now? Don't they acknowledge the role their leaders played at creating this crisis? Why doesn't it matter to them? Why don't they question their leaders' competence more?

Why do Republicans keep saying the Democrats were responsible for our problems because they controlled congress during the last two Bush years? Are they stupid? Think about the time scale! Are they even aware how their party filibustered every significant piece of reform legislation over those two years?

Why do Republicans always believe - without question - that Democrats spend while Republicans save? The exact OPPOSITE IS TRUE! The Republicans have consistently outspent the Democrats while in power, and by their love of tax cuts are guilty of lowering their own taxes at the expense of future generations. IT'S A FACT!

Do Republicans understand how BIG the deficit could get if we don't stimulate the economy, and HOW LONG the recession/depression could last? There are plenty of historic examples where governments did nothing, and nothing happened. Republicans love to use the Japanese stimulus packages of the nineties and their subsequent slow growth as arguments for nonintervention, but they always fail to mention that Japan's economy is driven by exports, and how stimulating that market is difficult. I say get all the facts, or don't bother.

The Republicans like to call us Democrats socialists. The facts suggest otherwise. Republicans lie to their constituents, create myths about who they are, and lie about what they did moments after doing it. They are the CON ARTIST party. A good example is their passion for the "FREE MARKET." Sure they love it, when it benefits them. Republicans are famous for PRIVATIZING THE PROFITS and SOCIALIZING THE RISK. Democrats simply acknowledge that government has a role to play. We tell the truth. We do not try to con the American people.

The list of questions goes on an on. I might even add a few over the next few days. Feel free to suggest your own. The bottom line is that most Republicans are ignoring the facts these days, while believing lies from multiple, illegitimate sources. It's time for Republicans to step up, smell the coffee, unhook the old ball and chain, and free themselves of whatever is causing them to be so brain dead these days.

I have had numerous debates with Republican friends and family recently, and they all seem to be parroting the same lies. It's getting very tiring and annoying. As I said on this blog, modern American political discourse is being steered by political and media elites, who are often LYING! I'm begging average Americans, especially Republicans, to do their research, read more, and discover what really happened in the past, and what is really happening today.

PLEASE DON'T TRUST TODAY'S POLITICAL AND MEDIA ELITE! Get up, get active, and get better informed!

Wednesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

PS - You might want to check out how the Las Vegas Sun reacted to Gov. Jindal's Republican response slamming Las Vegas and the stimulus. The governor's pathetic response was only a small part of today's Republican propaganda machine.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras! Growing up in New Orleans was a wonderful experience. Mardi Gras was one of the best times to enjoy the city. People may see it as an adult holiday, but it's also one of the best family celebrations anywhere.

Like most families in New Orleans, we sought either balconies or the tops of the family ladder to scream "throw me something mister" to the passing floats. It was a fantastic time and a wonderful way to grow up. I recommend that you introduce it to your own family if you ever get the opportunity.

Happy Mardi Gras! Michael

Friday, February 20, 2009

Turn Around and Fight, Face to Face!

Hello Readers! I would like to discuss something close to my heart and this blog: the poor state of political communication or debate today. I'm mostly referring to what I see coming out of the Republicans, or the right, but I'll be fair and say that we all seem to be talking past each other these days. In my opinion, the traditional QUALITY of American political debate is in jeopardy. We all need to go back to school for a refresher.

The more society becomes interconnected by electronic networks the less we seem to understand each other, or at least LISTEN. I'm sure we've all noticed it. We all - both the right and the left - seem to be drifting apart. Where's the common ground we used to share? It's getting more and more difficult to be civil. What's the cause? Could it be the Internet? It may contribute to the quantity of today's debate, but is it possible that it detracts from the quality? That's a good question we should ask ourselves.

Take this blog for example. If you go back and read many of my posts you'll see that I go to great lengths to find facts and figures. I do a lot of homework before I write about an issue. Unfortunately most of the responses are what you might call incomplete. They're always personal, sometimes cruel, and most of the time illiterate. Instead of debating the issue they always seem to go after me. To this day, I have yet to enjoy a traditional point-by-point debate with the right. It's true. Go and look if you disagree. I dare you to find a decent debate. They usually just call me names.

It's as if we come from two different worlds, and speak two different languages. To be blunt, I've grown frustrated and lost faith in small blogs like mine as a place for actual debates. To be clear, I'm only speaking about getting responses, since I still like writing for people who just enjoy reading about political issues. I've gone back to real life, person-to person debates, usually at dinner parties, where I can really dig in. Those are fun too. Like so many of us here, I've begun to ignore the intellectual rot that has infected today's political dialog on the Internet. You know its many forms.

This blog is now simply an outlet, where I get to vent about politics to a few hundred people who stop by every now and then to read my rants and raves. I still love it when you debate, but you don't have to. I encourage healthy debate, and discourage unhealthy, stupid debate. Please, do your homework. READ! I'm speaking mostly to those on the right who seem to resist facts, while using their keyboards to vomit forth garbage that adds nothing to the debate. Their usual word fare is hardly worth the read, much less a response.

Anyway, back to the discussion about the poor state of today's political communication. Here's a great example of the way the right looks at the left today. It's a recent transcript from Rush Limbaugh:

RL: This is... it's about power, it's about control. These people genuinely look out over this country from their lofty perches. They don't like what they see. Otherwise...

Caller: So they can go somewhere else! Like, I don't understand, why do they have to stay here? Like, leave us alone!

RL: At this point, at this point Gretchen, I don't care about the why. They're not going to leave. They're trying to control it. At this point, the only thing is they must be stopped!

Caller: I agree...

RL: Within the confines of our Constitution, and the political arena of ideas, they must be stopped. I don't care why they see this country the way they see it. I don't care why a murderer does it. I don't care why a rapist does it. I don't care why this Muslim guy offed his wife's head. The NOW gang is out there saying 'oh, that's not domestic violence, that's just, uh, that's just...' what do they call it? 'Culturally honor killing. Or this woman was going to divorce him, that's against the law. That's his diversity.' I don't care, I don't care why anymore. If I figure it out, I'll be glad to tell you because it's interesting to know, but it doesn't matter in terms of defeating them.

It's so tiring. They're so tiring. I realize that Limbaugh is just trying to get ratings, and he's not a politician, but many Republicans admire him and consider him to be a solid representative of the right wing. It's still horrible! Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck are all out there calling us "socialists" and "communists" these days, and they won't allow for a real debate to counter their BS. The really dumb ones - on the radio - are even worse, calling us "fascists" and "baby killers." Unlike left wing radio, they never take OUR CALLS! They screen us out. They never welcome our best people on their TV shows! The system doesn't work!

I understand we all - on both sides of the aisle - get colorful at times, but things are getting out of hand. We deserve the right to counter their crap! I often get heated and passionate on this blog, but I'm always willing to debate my points - as long as you do it properly, POINT-BY-POINT! That's the only way to determine what side is right, and what side is LYING!

Our national conversation seems to be getting worse. The right is spending its air time calling us names. They oppose our positions without debate, and they do it while the country is FALLING APART from problems THEY CREATED! The Republicans and those on the right are being INCREDIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE in my opinion. Something needs to change, and FAST!

I have an idea! Our Democratic leaders need to challenge the Republicans to REAL POLITICAL DEBATES, like the ones held during the election, but BETTER! More PASSIONATE! The American people are worried about their future, and they would respond. If they're really feisty, the networks could sell advertising. The ratings would probably be good. Just like in school, let's put our best debaters up against their best debaters. Let's see who wins the day. We could even offer a prize. How about real power and the future of the nation.

That's today's great political challenge. Let's turn that FAT ELEPHANT around to face us, and have a series of real, honest American political debates. It may be the only way.

Friday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bush and the Patriots Who Stole Billions!

Good Morning! It's conspicuous by its absence in the media, but the US Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, the Army's criminal Investigation Command and the Justice Department NOW BELIEVE people in the US military and those in the BUSH Administration stole billions in cash that was sent to Iraq on pallets for reconstruction shortly after the fall of Saddam.

They're reporting that US military personnel and Bush appointees may have intentionally misspent or pocketed over $50 billion in American taxpayer dollars. $50 BILLION! That far exceeds the scope of the Wall Street bailout theft, making it potentially the "greatest fraud in US history."

They report the money is simply unaccounted for because many of the contractors and sub-contractors simply disappeared. They haven't been able to track it down! It's an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF MONEY - enough money to bailout every broken state and local government in the US, and it's GONE!

What can we - the law abiding citizens of this nation - say except thank you once again to our Republican friends who SUPPORTED and STILL SUPPORT some of the greatest thieves in US history. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the whole CORRUPT bunch of lying, scheming, scummy "patriotic" Republicans who raided the treasury over the past eight years!

What really bugs me is how ordinary Republicans continue to deny that Bush and his people were involved in any war profiteering or theft. They act like the whole Bush Administration was just a victim of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, or they blame the Iraqis. When are they going to WAKE UP and SMELL THE SCUM for who they are? When are they going to start to use the brain God gave them? It's denial on a national scale.

More and more evidence hits the news every day about how the American people were screwed, and they still deny it. Instead, they spend all their energy whining and complaining about petty issues like how our elected officials are fulfilling their campaign promises by spending our money on us - hardworking Americans. Unless something changes soon, then the majority of Americans will begin to see them as nothing but loyal Republican WHACK JOBS!

When you add this possible theft to the long list of waste and war profiteering already proven during the BUSH YEARS, the Bushies and the Republicans will undoubtedly go down as the greatest thieves in the history of the republic. Republicans like to call themselves the "party of small government" or "low taxes." What a joke! If justice prevails, they will always be the "party of crooks," as law enforcement and historians begin to prove how they stole billions, if not trillions, from the American people.

Tuesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tasers are Killing Unarmed Americans

Good Morning! I would like to remind people that potentially deadly tasers are killing thousands of unarmed Americans each year, and very few people are talking about it. It's a serious issue in American law enforcement. Tasers are not harmless tools of deterrence the way they're being marketed.

My last taser post was reprinted in the Chicago Sun-Times and circulated across multiple blogs. It is a serious issue that more Americans need to be aware of, despite our national support of law enforcement. To reiterate, TASERS CONTINUE TO KILL UNARMED PEOPLE and must be categorized as a weapon of last resort. It's clear that police should not be allowed to use them to control UNARMED American citizens.

A young man in San Jose, California died yesterday after being jolted with a taser. Local police report that he represents the sixth taser death since the department began using the stun guns in 2004. That represents a very high "accident" number for a small urban police force.

In his 20s, he was supposedly in a "struggle with two officers" when they tried to arrest him in the backyard of a home late Wednesday. "The struggle was very, very violent to get him into custody," said police spokesman Mike Sullivan. "Some time during the struggle, the officers did deploy a taser."

Officers don't know whether an individual has a heart condition, or taken drugs thus weakening their condition. A taser is always potentially deadly unless you know the medical condition of the subject. They may as well use defibrillators to stop a heart, since the idea is almost the same. Suspects are still innocent until proven guilty in America; they should not be exposed to such a risky device.

How about lassos, laughing gas, or anything else that doesn't risk death? There must be alternatives. Let's get creative people!

Law enforcement is being sued, but still taser abuse is increasing. Taser MURDERS increase annually too. Law enforcement must be subject to community oversight. It's tools and weapons must be debated. I hope people reading this blog will take some time to examine the issue, and consider writing to your local newspaper, police, politician or oversight groups before more people die.

Friday's Political Rant/Call to Action #1 - Michael

PS - The Canadians just tightened their rules governing the use of tasers. We Americans need to consider doing the same. Read The Star for more information.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Generational Theft" Latest Republican LIE!

Good Morning! I've been spending a lot of time lately pointing out Republican lies. I would love to drop this subject, but I can't. The Republicans keep saying things that get me angry, and their most recent talking point gets me angrier than all the rest put together.

Their recent use of the expression "GENERATIONAL THEFT" related to the stimulus bill MAKES ME VERY ANGRY! That Republican right-wing TOOL and propaganda expert Michelle Malkin supposedly used it first. It was so loved by the Republican DECEIT MACHINE that it was later used by John McCain, John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh. More are using it every day.

It's now beginning to enter the Republican vernacular nationwide, as right-wing talk show hosts spew it out to their ignorant listeners who are unfortunately believing it. Yes, their lemmings believe their lies. They're very powerful that way. I don't care what our Democratic leaders say, this is VERY SERIOUS!

Democrats NEED TO REACT! We cannot allow the Republicans to permanently insert this phrase into their national portfolio. We need to CORRECT IT BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND! Any publicity expert would say the same. This needs to be fixed before it becomes part of the national conversation, and considered rote.

We can tolerate some of their Rovian tactics, but this LIE is beyond the pale in my opinion. It TWISTS HISTORY so much it practically kills it. I thought they were good when they successfully labelled John Kerry a Vietnam War traitor, despite the fact that George Bush skipped the war and Kerry won medals. This is even worse! We need to stop them!

IT'S A LIE BEYOND ALL LIES! There's not even a word to describe the deceit and evil behind this LIE, except to maybe label them the "party of lies and deceit." That might come close. No matter what, Democrats need to grow a pair! They must stop underestimating the effect of the Republican Rovians.


The Republicans ARE THE GREATEST GENERATIONAL THIEVES IN THE HISTORY OF THE US! They need to be BRANDED with it! They need to be SCALDED with it! They need to have it STITCHED INTO THEIR FOREHEADS if that's what it takes to make our point.

They have transferred more than $10 TRILLION in wealth from future generations. They are guilty as sin, and everybody needs to know it. If any Democratic leader is reading this, PLEASE make an effort to REVERSE this talking point. It's a CRIME! It's a LIE! It's REPUBLICAN, ROVIAN, SOVIET STYLE DECEIT beyond what we should tolerate as a nation!

Tuesday's ANGRY Political Rant #1 - Michael

Monday, February 9, 2009

Republican Lies May Doom Us All

Good Morning - Senate Republicans and "centrists" appear to have been successful at ripping the heart out of the stimulus bill, which will probably render it mostly ineffective. It's been both incredible and depressing to watch!

The Republican rank and file have fallen for their party's ruse about reduced government spending, while the GOP leadership looks out for their shadow interests few understand. The pathetic Senator Reid needs to fix it, or the outcome could be very bad news for America.

After watching recent events unfold it's now clear that I was wrong. I thought the Republicans were just stubbornly clinging to discredited ideas about how to spur economic growth, to create jobs their way, but I've changed my mind. I now believe they don't give a damn about creating good jobs.

After watching the debate on the Senate floor, with Democrats giving amazing speeches supported by leading economists on both sides of the aisle, it's clear nothing will convince GOP leaders. The opposition's floor comments were often outrageous, mostly unhelpful, and without alternatives. They obviously have another agenda. It's still unclear what it is, but I think they're up to no good.

They're deaf about the "change" the American people voted for. They are willing to destroy the ONE PLAN we have to create a solution for their own mysterious, selfish, power-hungry reasons. They seem unconcerned about the American economy, suggesting we wait for better solutions. They are spewing lies, muddying the waters, and playing the WORST POLITICS imaginable with people's lives and livelihoods.

The GOP today is surreal. Their leadership lies to control the message. Their constituents believe them. We know they're lying about the spending, but their true economic and political goals remain unclear. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with keeping CONTROL of economic power. Government intervention is probably a threat to their interests. That's my best guess. What's yours?

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist all you want, but the evidence seems clear. I'll bet the GOP shadow government, or oligarchy, cares about the American economy IF it serves their interests. IF it threatens that wealth and power, it must be sacrificed and renewed.

So, the Republicans have succeeded once again at herding their sheep and attracting a few moronic centrists into their fold. The damage this time will be significant. The stimulus bill Reid has negotiated will not be enough. Forget Reid, unless President Obama and Nancy Pelosi can convince the centrists in the Senate - like Olympia Snowe (R-ME) - to accept more stimulus than all is lost.

The watered-down version will not do the job - it will NOT CREATE ENOUGH JOBS to restart the economy. Unless we can stop the Republicans and their centrist allies, than America is doomed. The economy will begin to spiral down further, and as more jobs are lost the housing market will crumble more. The government will lose its ability to borrow from the credit markets, and then the worst will happen.

The final Republican bubble will burst. The treasury will lose its ability to raise money and the American economy will CRASH! The Chinese and the rest of the world holding over $10 trillion in American government paper will have only one course of action: buy America piece by piece.

Unless President Obama and the Democrats can reverse the ship of state on its collision course with disaster, then we - AVERAGE AMERICANS - are doomed to CRASH! Most Americans will suffer, and the middle-class will be destroyed for good. We will be powerless. It will make the first Great Depression look like a trial run. President Obama needs the support FDR fought so well to attract, or we're all in trouble.

The Republicans will be fine. Remember, the rich always get richer. They'll make their money anyway possible - as they always do - while America slowly heals over decades from its deep Republican wound. Once crashed, the Republicans will probably return to power, and do what they've always wanted to do - enact the "Anti-New Deal!"

The Anti-New Deal will be sold to "get us out of debt." It's ironic how the "party of debt" will be the ones selling to get us out of debt. They will do it by destroying everything good about the nation. In the best libertarian traditions they'll destroy everything FDR created. The REPUBLICAN FINAL SOLUTION will finally be enacted.

It's not concentration camps, but it will kill people. Social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment, and the rest of the 20th century entitlement programs will be eliminated. Government will suffer its final Republican castration, and few government programs will be left to serve average Americans.

The result will be a dog eat dog nation again. Charity will be left to the poverty stricken private sector, and millions of people will die. Only the strongest will survive. They are trying to return us to that very dark and ugly world, and they may succeed if we can't stop them. They got us to this point by spending us into oblivion, and now they're trying to say we can't be allowed to fix it.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but despite our "glass half full" national personality, everything described here is possible. Our only hope is that ordinary Americans who happen to be Republicans figure it out before it's too late, and force their leaders to act in the best interest of the nation and its people.

Monday's Dismal Political Rant #1 - Michael

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally, the Tough Talk Americans Deserve

Good Morning! It's a little late, but President Obama finally stepped up to the plate and started fighting back against the Republican idiot-machine that's been blaring for far too long now. It's been driving all reasonable Americans crazy, and it's time for it to be drowned-out by a more robust, intelligent messenger - President Barack Obama, our new hero in the White House!

President Obama finally launched a set of attacks on Republicans that including speaking off-the-cuff during some speeches, slamming Republicans for their lack of new ideas, repetition of old ideas, and pure obstructionism. Obama said Americans had not voted for "false theories of the past and they didn't vote for phony arguments and petty politics."

"They didn't vote for the status quo, they sent us here to bring change. We owe it to them to deliver," a fired up Obama said at a resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. HOW FANTASTIC! He knows the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS support him, and he's using the bully pulpit to speak and rail against the Republican repetitive-monkey-machine. It's a beautiful thing to watch. GO FOR IT MR. PRESIDENT!

The president is rejecting the Republican LIES that the stimulus plan should be defeated because it will expand the budget deficit. He's saying YES, it is a spending bill. That is what is required to create good American JOBS! "I found this deficit when I showed up," Obama said. He knows we know - how Rumsfeldian - the deficits are a Republican creation. It doesn't stop most Americans from understanding our current plight, and that deficits are only part of the problem. Jobs are even more important.

The president is telling the stubborn, obnoxious Republican hypocrites in the Senate that the "time for talk is over" and that immediate passage is necessary to prevent the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. The clock is not only ticking, it's about to break and stop working all together. President Obama is right to demand passage soon; there is no time to waste.

Republicans from hard-core, low-risk red state seats in the Senate seem unconcerned about national unemployment, despite showing around 600,000 job losses last month. They also appear unconcerned about their own constituents, because their states feature some of the highest unemployment figures in the nation. Instead, they continue to hammer on tax cuts for the rich and increased infrastructure spending - what economists call a single industry solution. Creating jobs across multiple sectors is of no concern to them.

As I keep repeating, the main Republican positions are absurd based on their past economic performance. The Democrats and President Obama agree; we tried it their way, and now we plan to go back to what works. "The time for talk is over, the time for action is now because we know that if we do not act, a bad situation will become dramatically worse," Obama said.

I must admit he had a rocky start, but it's good to see him get angry and stop pulling his punches. He can play chess instead of checkers all he wants, but that shouldn't stop him from speaking out when the Republicans are out there lying to everyone and anyone who listens.

The Republican manipulation of national data and media lies about middle-class America often leads to ignorant public support - aided by bad journalism - and ultimately bad legislation. In my opinion those negative Republican tactics must be torn from the national fabric and discarded forever. We need a new awakening as a nation.

Unlike many Democratic leaders of the past, President Obama needs to carry the biggest stick possible and beat the liars over the head with it every chance he gets. Only then will the bullies of the selfish Republican right back down and allow us to repair their damage. We have your back Mr. President. WE WON, and now WE NEED THE REPUBLICANS TO GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR WAY! Show us the way forward!

Friday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lies and Debt of Republicanism

Good Morning! I've been listening to the Republicans rant for weeks now about how President Obama and the Democrats want to pass a huge "spending bill" filled with pork. They've been out there screaming to everybody and anybody about how they're the party of fiscal responsibility, and how the Democrats are socialists who wish to "tax and spend" America into oblivion.

All I can say is that whoever believes their BS is about as dumb as a box of rocks, because none of it holds up to scrutiny. It's a fat load of Rush Limbaugh generated CRAP!

I read the legislation and determined that aside from a few minor provisions where I disagree with the leadership, the bill is designed to create new markets and good jobs. There is no doubt, IT'S A JOB'S BILL. It is a good bill that is needed to spur the economy.

The ranting is nothing but Republican Party politics designed to distract the American people. I've grown more cynical with time, and now believe most Republicans care less about the middle-class. Most only care about lower taxes. Unfortunately, and they know it based on their own track record, lower taxes do not necessarily create good jobs, and without a doubt lower taxes CREATE MORE DEBT!

So, what about the debt? Let's ask ourselves a critical question: who actually created the bulk of the national debt? WOW, are you aware THE REPUBLICANS CREATED MOST OF THE NATIONAL DEBT! It's true, the party that claims to be fiscally responsible is responsible for the vast majority of the national debt! How else do you think they keep those taxes low? It all started when the Republicans took power under Reagan in the eighties complaining about Carter's poor economic performance (which was unfortunately true) and the national debt.

"For decades we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our children's future for the temporary convenience of the present. To continue this long trend is to guarantee tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic upheavals. You and I, as individuals, can, by borrowing, live beyond our means, but only for a limited period of time. Why, then, should we think that collectively, as a nation, we're not bound by that same limitation? We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. And let there be no misunderstanding: We are going to begin to act, beginning today." President Reagan's inaugural, January 20, 1981.

WOW! Reagan had it right way back in 1981! No wonder so many people supported him. Unfortunately, he lied like most Republicans. He got into office and proceeded to spend MORE THAN ANY PRESIDENT (except the Bush boys) and the debt mushroomed going from less than a trillion in 1980 to around $2.6 trillion when he left office. It's ironic how the Republicans still praise the Reagan tax cuts and Reagan's embrace of "supply-side" economics. The praise is undeserved. It's also stunning the way they always ignore his debt spending.

Most of the problems we face today are a result of that Republican fantasy known today as the "Reagan revolution." It turns out the American president credited for reigniting American patriotism burned down a lot of things in the process.

The debt continued to skyrocket for 12 years through Bush senior. Clinton reversed it at a peak of 67% (of GDP). Of course, as we all know now, our favorite frat boy moron, Bush junior, crossed that line again on September 22nd and hit 69% on September 30th last year. What a wonderful parting gift he left us. That's the highest it's been since 1955, and that was just after World War II ended and the country was heavy with war bond debt. See the chart below to get a clearer picture.

It is a FACT that all presidents since Truman have reduced the national debt EXCEPT for the Republican Party's favorite fiscal conservatives, President REAGAN and THE BUSH BOYS. They are responsible for $10 TRILLION IN DEBT, adding an additional TRILLION this past year alone to top it off near $11 TRILLION!

Why are Democrats listening to these idiots! THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY! Their track record is the WORST IN US HISTORY! The chart below is a good illustration of just how much damage Republicans have done since the end of World War II. If you want to see just how bad it is in clock form, I recommend a visit to the debt clock.

Face it, Republicans love to lie. They like to act as though they're the party of fiscal responsibility, but the facts show that they're the PARTY OF DEBT. The Democrats need to get smarter and start talking about it more. They call us the "tax and spend" party, so let's call them the "party of debt." GET CREATIVE PEOPLE! Democrats need to discredit the Republicans using FACTS so that people stop listening to them.

Yes, the Republicans get me angry. They are disingenuous. They're all smoke and mirrors. They're screaming "socialism" and "communism" (that's Glen Beck's current rant) to rally their troops against the "job's bill," and no Democrat is bothering to point out their hypocrisy. It's a fact that George Bush pushed through tens of BILLIONS on "socialism" spending after we were attacked on 9/11, and the Democratic Party - being the true patriotic party - supported Republican efforts to jump start the economy. Nobody's talking about how that bipartisan legislation helped the economy recover.

The Democrats keep missing good opportunities to make the Republicans look like the narrow-minded screw-ups they are today. The Democrats also supported the banking bailout. It turned into another Bush fiasco, but still the Democrats tried to help the economy. Where's their support of us? It's clear they have two minds, and neither represents the best interest of the nation.

Another example of their deceit was mentioned earlier; Republicans LOVE TAX CUTS. Unfortunately, they don't like to talk about how tax cuts create debt. It's proven, in reality, TAX CUTS ARE DEBT MACHINES! Again, the GOP is FULL OF BS! It's not just me, it's clear that younger people in America are starting to get angry. They voted for Obama en masse because many feel cheated by the older "debt happy" generations. Their future is being mortgaged by so-called conservatives hell bent on low taxes. They're being cheated. It's ironic that "family value" Republicans appear to be some of the worst child abusers in history, at least in economic terms.

Republicans are out-of-touch and out-of-control. Their policies are discredited yet they continue to push for them. The Democrats need to stand up for what is right. The Democrats need to fight back hard and start talking to the Republicans like the ignorant, spoiled brats they seem to be. Let's be the party of adults, and force the party of childish rants to stand in the corner until we fix what they broke.

Thursday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get the Hell Out of Our Way!

Good Morning - I don't have much serious to say about the debate on the stimulus package, especially since I posted a thorough debate already, but I do wish to rant about how incredibly annoying the Democrats and the media are right now.

It's obvious the Republicans are not interested in bipartisanship, and yet President Obama and the Democrats keep talking to them. They keep allowing the Republicans to dominate the debate. The Republicans are CONSTANTLY IN THE MEDIA and the Democrats aren't fighting back hard enough.

It's incredible, but Republican revisionists are out there claiming that Hoover was right and FDR delayed the last major recovery. Americans were starving in the streets from a lack of work because of Hoover and the Republicans, and they're claiming Hoover was right! What a load of crap! It's PROPAGANDA! Look it up! THEY'RE LYING! THAT'S WHAT THEY DO!


The Republican ideas are failures. It's a FACT they create unstable economies with crap jobs that crash, and middle-class Americans suffer.

The Republicans can call the bill "social engineering" all they want. WHO CARES! We the people voted for change, and the Democrats need to deliver. Forget the Republicans. The Democrats need to take the stage back and FORCE THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF THE WAY!

Tuesday's Angry Political Rant #1 - Michael