Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Hello Bloggers! Most of us within the blogosphere have become familiar with the crazy lies being told by the far-right these days, so much so that "crazy" doesn't even seem to describe the situation anymore. "Alternate realities" or "psychotic episodes" may be more appropriate.

Still, we have one more "fun fact" of theirs to add to the list, and it's a whopper. I don't know about you, but I've been a BBC News fan for many years. I watched it on PBS along with the [McNeil Lehrer] NewsHour long before BBC America hit the airwaves. It's one of the most respected news organizations in the world.

The latest shot across the bow of truth was fired in Scotland this past Friday - at the Edinburgh International Television Festival - by James Murdoch (Rupert's 36-year old son and the person in charge of News Corps businesses in Europe and Asia - and probably the guy who will take over the empire one day) who called the British Broadcasting Corporation a "threat to independent journalism."

The BBC is now a threat to independent journalism!

Not only is this the worst case of the pot calling the kettle black since George W. Bush successfully tarnished John Kerry's war record, but it's one more disgusting lie propagated by one of the worst and most disgraceful journalistic empires ever to sew ruin on the social fabric of mankind. In my opinion, the Murdochs are rich and powerful pond scum.

Most respectable journalists consider the Murdochs the worst yellow journalists in modern history, and that includes the past 150 years or so. Why? They're worse because media is now global, and the stakes much higher. You may consider me hyperbolic, but unchecked their lies may doom individuals, governments, and possibly all of mankind.

Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism is considered biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. The practice of yellow journalism involves "sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting sales and exciting public opinion."

It is an evil practice that has led to much pain and misfortune. It should be illegal, but it can't be legislated. Unfortunately, it is allowed to exist, despite leading to false wars (Spanish American and Iraq to name just two), death and much misery. It grows within a news organization like FOX "News" like a parasite, feeding on those within who seek money and power.

The most famous examples historically in the US involved two papers in the late 19th century- The New York World, run by Joseph Pulitzer and The New York Journal, run by William Randolph Hearst. They are now considered responsible for numerous tragedies at the time. They may be historically famous, or infamous, but they were also disgraceful.

The ethics embodied in the Pulitzer Prize have often seemed like a case of too little, too late for some. Still, like Carnegie's libraries, museums and halls, it helped heal some wounds. The same cannot be said for Hearst's legacy.

Who knows, perhaps the Murdochs will try to buy off history one day, but I doubt it. Besides, it won't matter much if the world is falling apart due to News Corp lies. The damage may be too great by that time. The way I see it, the Murdochs are human parasites, and we need to find a cure.

Murdoch and his progeny are carrying the torch, promoting the dark and destructive forces of yellow journalism. The only reason the Murdoch empire has competition in the US is due to laws that were enacted after the time of Hearst and Pulitzer. Sadly, almost instinctively, the Republicans are doing their best to weaken those protections - in their own quest for money and power.

If they have their way, FOX "News" will be our only source of information. God help us.

Murdoch Jr. Warns of BBC Monopoly
Calls "Threat" Chilling

It is so ironic, not to mention rich with corporate greed and unbelievable personal hypocrisy, that James Murdoch actually evoked the name of Orwell in his speech to warn about "a near-monopoly of information [by the state] is to guarantee manipulation and distortion."

He also said the prospect of BBC expansion is "chilling" and "a threat to independent journalism." All I can say is who spiked his drink or meds.

James, unless you just fell off the proverbial turnip truck, and know absolutely nothing about media today (wink wink, nod nod), nobody would ever suggest that a "near-monopoly" of information exists anywhere in the Western world, at least when it comes to public entities like the BBC.

Sadly, the BBC is probably the greatest asset to independent journalism, since it's one of the few organizations left practicing real journalism - or investigative, confrontational journalism to be more precise. It shouldn't be that way, but it's true. It's also true that most of us are terrified by the Murdoch family's near-global monopoly. That is what "chills" the rest of us. The only Orwellian indicators we see today are from FOX.

For those who may not know, the BBC is not a monopoly, especially when it comes to the news. If anything, the BBC is a guarantor against private news bias, like PBS in the US. It protects against manipulation and distortion.

It's true the BBC is different, since it operates as a pseudo-government agency with a right to charge access, but that was a political decision made long ago. History and truth now prove that it was a good decision. Let's hope the Brits keep it that way for all of us.

Lying further, of course, Murdoch went on to suggest that public entities like the BBC harm private companies by siphoning off needed advertising revenues. In terms of international news programming, the BBC is a minor player when it comes to advertising dollars. Murdoch's point is both absurd and deceitful, like the rest of his company.

Like most power-hungry people these days Murdoch is clearly projecting. It seems to be a common psychological trait of the greedy-power-hungry-far-right these days.

A "Psycho" Right-wing Production

The right often says we do it, but most evidence suggests that projection is more of a right-wing tool. What is it? I'm glad you asked. It's one of many human defense mechanisms, such as being in denial.

"Psychological projection (or projection bias) is the unconscious act of denial of a person's own attributes, thoughts, and/or emotions, while ascribing them to the outside world, or another person or people. It is the fundamental mechanism by which we keep our selves uninformed about ourselves."

You see, our defense mechanisms help us cope with bad behavior. Think Eric Cartman on South Park. He's a perfect example of somebody who projects a lot of horrible things. I'm sure the Murdochs and Eric Cartman have a lot in common. Maybe they actually inspired South Park founders Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Now that makes a lot of sense.

So, projection helps us cope with the awful things we do to survive. The problem is that one person's survival is another person's nightmare, or a nation's nightmare. Oh yes, another side-effect of projection involves never taking the blame, or any responsibility. Sound familiar?

Untangling the Web
Slowing the Machine

Today's Republican "machine," politically perfected recently by Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, now led by FOX "News" and the Murdochs, needs to be slowed. If not, it will just keep lying its way into our future.

It runs on very strong and easy-to-find fuel - greed, money and power. So, based on my theory, the Murdochs and their ilk will continue to run amok unless we can slow them or stop them. We need to fight hard to shut down their access to greed, money and power. Slowing access to the fuel that feeds is always a good solution.

Until somebody proves me wrong, it's my best guess. Rupert and James Murdoch, along with FOX "News" and a lot of today's far-right fringe, will do their best to lie, cheat and steal until we stop them. They will also continue to soak us in their own crap. When you think about it, it's the only way they can live with themselves.

Sunday's Political Rant - Michael

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Article to Remember

Special Editors Note: First, my personal condolences to the Kennedy family. I also celebrate the life and contributions of Edward "Teddy" Kennedy. We will miss you Teddy.

Second, I would like to encourage all of you to please read the following article (The Debt is a Democratic Wake-up Call), even though it's a long one. I know I should be more succinct, but sometimes it takes time to make a good case and provide enough evidence to support it.

Historical facts are necessary to make the right decisions for our future. If you don't have time to read it now, click on the title to open a separate window, print it and read it at your leisure. I also encourage any publishers/bloggers to reprint it if they wish.

We Americans are at an important crossroads in our political life. It's important for us to know the truth so that we can make the right decisions.

The Debt is a Democratic Wake-up Call

Hello Bloggers! The national debt is a Democratic wake up call, but not the way the Republicans think. I want to answer their criticism about government spending in a more logical way. It all comes down to priorities. Not theirs, but ours.

We all got depressed this week when the White House and the CBO revised debt projections upwards showing that unless things change (more growth and revenues) we could be looking at huge increases in the percentage of the debt compared to the GDP - from 40% today to as high as 68% by 2019.

To put that into perspective, federal debt hit 109% of GDP at the end of World War II, and hit a second peak of 49% at the end of the Reagan-Bush years. Another way to look at it is that most European countries, and the majority of developing countries, have hit substantially higher debt levels without a crisis. So don't get too depressed by the news. We will survive.

On a side note, it's important to point out that most of the damage was done by the Bush Administration and the GOP, but instead of recriminations this article is about priorities.

It's Not ABout the Debt, It's About Our Priorities

It's true, it all comes down to spending priorities. There is enough money to do everything we need to do, if we're brave enough to make the right spending decisions. One good example, we have to decide to tell the Republicans they can't have all the money they want for defense. Other countries need to share some of that burden. We spend more on defense than almost every other major military power combined. It's too high a price considering the debt.

I would also like to point out to our Republican friends - screaming bloody murder at town halls about how we can't afford anything - that health care reform is just as important to us as military spending is to you. I know Republicans don't always seem to understand the principle, but we need to find a compromise. Politics should be give and take, not a win-win for the GOP.

We have a right to care about and spend money on health care. We have a right to talk about spending money on clean energy and better infrastructure. We cannot allow the Republicans to use the debt like a sledge hammer, smashing our desires for a better world. They will tear us apart if we allow them. We must stand up against their intimidation.

We have a right to talk about helping ourselves and our children for a change. We have a right to say NO! to wasteful war and corporate welfare. We Democrats represent more of the electorate, and the only reason that high debt should concern us is that we now have to make some important decisions - like a family - about where to spend our money.

Being fiscally responsible is important, but priorities are even more important. We have to decide what kind of a society we want to live in. We also have to answer now before it's too late. That's what we need to discuss here today.

Exposing the Republican Debt Scam

First of all let's talk turkey before we talk priorities. Let's debunk the popular myth that the Republicans are the "fiscally responsible party." Aside from their passion for personal wealth their actions while in government do not match their words. History proves it. They are the original "smoke and mirrors" party.

In terms of "political economics," after World War II the overwhelming majority (over 90%) of the overall federal debt (all money owed) was created by a Reagan or a Bush. Bush Jr. is also responsible for a large percentage of today's annual deficit (overspending within a fiscal year) that President Obama now shares.

Most important, all the debt spending Obama is forced to do today is a direct result of Bush and/or GOP economic leadership and incompetence.

I don't understand why my Republican friends can't do their homework and figure that out. It's pretty cut and dry. The history of annual spending (and who spent it) is available from multiple sources, but I recommend the easy-to-read gross national debt section on

Gross National Debt Chart

So, do the homework and figure it out! At least look at the chart (source: Government Statistics). It's clear the Democrats do not deserve a bad fiscal reputation. The Democrats under Clinton even reduced the overall federal debt (not just the annual deficit) for the first time since Carter. If you don't believe me, look it all up yourself.

The real irony is that Reagan ran in 1979 on a platform to lower the debt. Incredibly, the debt was less than $800 billion at the time. Reagan, of course, exploded the debt. Sadly, later Republicans like George W. took it much further.

What Party is Better for Our Future?
The Great American Santa

Once again, it's all about priorities. WE THE PEOPLE have to decide what kind of future we want using the ballot box. Democrats historically spend on domestic and "social" programs, while the Republicans are known more for their love of military spending - for the record, that love of military spending doesn't include money for veterans.

Democrats focus on regulating markets and creating jobs, while Republicans push for so-called "free market" wealth creation and quick gains. Unfortunately for the GOP, only one way is the right way.

The consequences wrought by Republicans and their reckless economic experiments are now famous. The entire world has paid a high price for their adventures, especially in 1929 and 2008. Both crashes were disastrous, and sadly could have been avoided.

The way Republicans spend while cutting taxes, coupled with their inability to cut federal "social" programs for their own political reasons (they would lose elections), is why we are in debt today. Simply put, they pass all of today's costs to tomorrow's children.

Republicans are also famous for getting the government to pay large sums (billions or trillions) when large financial banks and corporations go bust. The Democrats are also responsible, since neither party is big on anti-trust, they have to pay up. Unfortunately, the term "too big to fail" is now part of our modern day lexicon.

Other new expressions include "welfare for the wealthy," and "privatizing the profits, socializing the losses." No matter how you spin it, it's government socialism, or give-aways. It's certainly not a free market.

It's clear to most of us now - after the Bush crash - the GOP lacks understanding when it comes to the role of government. They only want it involved if things go wrong. They don't want it anywhere around when they're making money - in their so-called free market.

So, you can now see that Republicans have tried to play the "Great American Santa" leaving us our "social" programs (despite their majorities) while at the same time cutting our taxes. The bill has now been left to future generations to pay. It's now obvious they never really had the courage of their convictions, or their so-called "conservative" principles.

It's Time to Rediscover Our Democratic Roots
It's Time to Believe in Ourselves Again

You see, we Democrats have always been true fiscal conservatives. We were in power for decades after World War II and did a great job of growing the economy while paying down the massive debt left after the war. Don't let the Republicans cast us as the bad guys. History shows us they are the bad guys.

I was a big supporter of Clinton when he lowered the debt and created more jobs than ever before in the history of the nation. That is something we should be proud of. Let's stop allowing the Republicans to question our credentials. Just look hard, we have excellent credentials.

So, let's use our great experience and record of success to make the right decisions again. Let's work on reforming what is broken, and cut back where we think we're spending too much money. Let's do it together like one big American family.

What Should We Do Next?

First of all, it's time to hold a funeral for "Reaganomics." It's time WE THE PEOPLE (Republicans too) admit that growth does not trickle-down to average working Americans, no matter how hard you would like it to.

That means we need to stop talking about lowering taxes on the rich. For one thing the debt is too high; it would be insane. It's true well-heeled members of the GOP supported by most in our corporate media constantly argue for their taxes to be lowered, and I truly believe most of them somehow convince themselves it will help, but unfortunately all credible evidence shows the opposite is true.

If anything, like Obama says taxes must be increased on the rich. The top tax rate in the recent past - until Reagan - was between 60 - 90%. There is plenty of room for increases.

The rich tend to hoard, or create wealth without creating jobs. The stock market and real estate is great, but it's not enough to employ the millions of low-income Americans who are suffering today. Real investment is when people invest to create jobs and recurring wealth. It's not about a fast buck or a get rich quick scam. Lending must be encouraged to create jobs. We need to focus once again on steady growth, and leave the high flying GOP experiments behind us. It's what we're best at.

Second, the Republicans must be held to account. In other words, they can no longer be allowed to play the role of the "Great American Santa." If you the electorate vote them back into power, then you must force them to cut our federal "social" programs or don't bother to vote them back at all. Allowing them to spend while cutting taxes, and not our expensive "social" programs, is both irresponsible and cruel to future generations. It's time the Republicans practice what they preach.

The way I see it, you have a choice between the GOP, low taxes and no social programs, or the Democrats and a more moral, civilized society.

Let me be clear, if the majority of Americans choose to vote away Social Security, Medicare, the Veterans Administration, Medicaid and other federal programs, then I will live with it. I won't like to see Americans die in a world where they don't have to (remember, it's all about spending priorities), but I agree to live with those choices. At least the Republicans will be honest for a change.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Just remember, both parties spend, but ask yourself which party has been more responsible? The answer is clearly the Democrats. Sharing military responsibilities with the world, while spending on programs like health care and social security to help average Americans live with dignity, coupled with reasonable taxation to keeps future generations solvent, is the way to go. Those are good spending priorities for the future.

We cannot continue to spend so much. Republicans want America strong, but at too high a price. We need to change direction, and it requires decisive action at the ballot box.

I wish I could convince my Republican friends of all these truths, but they never seem to listen long enough to hear anything. I only wish they knew the truth. In the end it's everybody's responsibility to learn the truth. Ignorance is not bliss. It could mean bankruptcy, and a bleak American future.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday's Political Rant and Rave - Michael

Michael's Economics 101

Even though it's more complicated, just remember the two main opposition theories. Supply-side or "Reaganomics" (incentives to individuals to produce goods and services without limits basically) and the the more traditional Keynesian or "Obamanomics" (government can help create/regulate markets and spur growth, especially job growth). Those two sum up most of the debate.

Remember, the worst human influence on modern economic theory was Milton Friedman. He influenced every Republican alive today. His free theories about minimal regulation, low taxes and privatization thrilled Ronald Reagan and George Bush and have led to chaos in the marketplace today. Incredibly, Republicans still don't see the era of his ways, despite all the turmoil.

President Obama appreciates the more traditional "Institutional Economics" made famous by great thinkers like John Kenneth Galbraith. It was in vogue during the time of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. Just like Democrats today, they acknowledged the positive role institutions and government can play in shaping economic behavior and success.

Last but not least, it's important to remember that - at least in academic circles - recent Republican-led experiments in supply-side economics by Reagan and Bush were a complete disaster. From what I read, most educators don't even teach the theories as practical applications in the real world anymore. They are completely discredited except in a few radical right-wing circles and institutions.

Just remember, we the voters need to end the Republican "School of Economic Chaos." We all need to reject the next great Republican rip-off.

Monday, August 24, 2009

In Fear of Muskrats

Hello Bloggers! There have been many great thinkers talking about the poor state of politics today, but the best and most recent was an op-ed by Frank Rich in yesterday's New York Times, where he discussed far-right fanatics in a way that put a lot of things into perspective for me. Thank you Frank!

He does a great job of showing the right-wing's lack of moral fiber when it comes to issues like domestic terrorism and political consistency. He points out historic examples where their radicalism and willingness to court violence - especially when they disagree with the Democratic opposition - surges far beyond mere political paranoia.

He talks about the "simmering undertone of violence" in our politics today. That is something I feel strongly about too, and wish more mainstream politicians - especially Republicans - would talk about. Their angry assault-weapons-carrying-nut-jobs are a real threat. Instead, they brush them off as honest, harmless patriots. It's obviously more serious.

The right-wing penchant for violence is clear to most of us. We lived through eight years of Bush and other Republicans talking and acting like great patriots - true lovers of freedom and democracy, but the truth is far less simple. They act differently when out of power. Some seem willing to take power when out of power.

The Republicans seem to have plenty of enemies. Al-queda, Iraqi Sunnis, the Taliban, Europeans, the French, and Democrats. The list goes on and on it seems. They question everybody's loyalty, or at least those who disagree with them. Who but Republicans would actually go so far as to question the legal status of a legally elected Democratic president? I can see questioning the election itself, but the man's birth certificate? What the hell is wrong with them? Let's face it, there are no limits to their political paranoia.

Frank Rich does a great job of describing the Republican inconsistencies of the past. He talks about how they have created an atmosphere of fear, where even the Secret Service feels militarily threatened by the right-wing nuts. Short of the radical Black Panthers back in the sixties, I can't remember guns being wielded at rallies. As far as I know Code Pink never carried guns. Purses maybe.

It's clear that most Republicans are tribal in their politics. They're only happy if their tribe is in power. If not, they see themselves more as the provocateurs, or worse, saboteurs. Possibly even political terrorists?

There is plenty of evidence. Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA) of Northern California had one of his constituents scream out "I'm a right-wing terrorist" at one of his rallies last week. Supposedly the Republican crowd applauded loudly in support while Congressman praised the individual for being a great patriotic American. That is scary people, and it's happening more and more.

Even the Bush Homeland Security Department issued security threat assessment reports warning of a rise of "violent right-wing extremism" once "Obama takes power." Sounds like foreshadowing to me. Subsequent assassinations and attempted assassinations have proven those warnings correct. Despite Republican demands for departmental apologies, we Democrats are more concerned about who will be next.

Whether it's FOX "News," Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Neil Covuto, Michael Steele, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, or so many others, the right-wing is out-of-control and threatening the left with violence and retribution on a daily basis these days.

It doesn't even seem to matter how many times we play their own words back to them, since they always deny they said it. Truth be damned.

The blogosphere is rife with it too. Right-wing bloggers scream bloody murder anytime the left wants to do anything the majority supports. The lies begin shortly thereafter and ultimately cloud the issue so much nobody knows their ass from a hole in the ground when the dust settles. My favorite is when they claim Democrats have no right to spend federal money, since "lefties" don't work or pay taxes according to them. They really believe it too. What a bunch of tards!

Since Bush left it's become clear that all money belongs to the right. They don't want us to spend ANY money. NONE! Despite our desire to improve fiscal responsibility in government, the Republicans allow us no flexibility. Everything must be revenue neutral these days - a standard the Republicans never held while in power.

It's true the deficit ballooned over a trillion dollars in the fiscal year since Bush left office (the bulk of it spent by Bush himself), but that number pales in comparison to the $7 trillion or so Bush spent during his eight years in office - perhaps more, since most hasn't been tallied yet. It's pretty clear the Republicans ruined the country, and now they want us to go against our election promises and plans, lower taxes for the rich, pay the bills (btw, impossible when you lower taxes on the rich), and shut the bloody hell up.

Sorry assholes, that's not going to happen. IF the Democrats grow a pair, we're going to fix what you people broke, and you're going to pay your FAIR SHARE for a change!

The waste and ruin of past Republican administrations be damned, for it seems all that matters to the right-wing is how to keep the left from spending any money or changing any policy until they get back into power. They don't want to work with us, just prevent us from working. Once they regain power, all bets are off once again.

It's incredible! Their arrogance is outrageous! Their ignorance profound.

We Democrats are trying to solve real problems affecting real Americans. Incredibly, instead of cooperation, the Republicans and their militia are trying to shut down our efforts by ANY and ALL MEANS necessary. They even talk about armed revolt. It's true. It's a frequent discussion on the Sean Hannity shows - TV and radio. It's often when that fat-sack-of-shit-toe-sucker Dick Morris joins him. I swear, that man is a human-swine hybrid. He makes me sick.

Frank Rich also talks about the the Democratic backbone issue we discussed here last week. Rich says that it "would be shameful...if they [Democrats] catered to a decimated opposition party that has sunk and shrunk to its craziest common denominator." My God I agree with that statement. He goes so far as to call the Republicans a "paper muskrat" denying them the more impressive "paper tiger" status. I would say they're more of a PAPER RAT!

In the end Frank Rich lays out a very good case for why we need to stop playing games with them. They're not worth our time. We need to acknowledge the political climate and start talking about what is right. If we keep compromising with Republican demands, who now only represent the "whites in Dixie and the less populated West," and negotiating like idiots, then we deserve to lose.

Speaking of toughness, Barney Frank seems to be the only one with enough melon balls to fight back these days. Let's be more like him people! :)

It's time to put Reaganomics to rest. It never worked! It's time to start talking about how well government-run programs work, and how the Republicans are lying to the American people. It's time get off defense and back on offense people! Obama and the Democrats need to remember who put them in power, and stop being afraid to talk about solutions from a Democratic perspective.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael

Friday, August 21, 2009

I May Have Pissed Off the British

Hello Bloggers! Just to show I'm an equal opportunity offender, I thought I would share my comment today posted on The Times of London reacting to an article about the Libyan terrorist released from Scottish prison on compassionate grounds. It seems cancer is a get out of jail free card in Scotland.

It may come as a surprise to those who consider me a liberal push-over, but I disagree with the release. I've known injustice (where people get away with it) and I don't like it. That guy deserved to either die in prison or in a nearby hospital as an inmate.

He did not deserve to go free. He certainly should not have enjoyed a hero's welcome. The whole thing made me sad on behalf of the victims' families. They deserved more justice. From The Times article about the Lockerbie bombing:

My comment:

"I put up with all the horrible criticism of the American justice system yesterday. It was offensive, but I'm used to it as a reader of the British press. Granted, our system suffered a lot lately under Bush, but it's not as bad as you guys make out.

I'm a big fan of the UK, but the way you guys like to act as though you "never get involved in American affairs" yet we "always intrude on yours" is complete nonsense. I can name at least ten big cases over here recently where your press inserted itself, and nobody complained.

I'm tired of the cries of innocence every time a UK national is in a US court or up for extradition, and rarely do I see it the other way around. Too many people in the UK always think their own people are innocent, or that somehow the American system won't deliver real justice.

I didn't even have a strong feeling about the Libyan case until now, but it's clear the UK system has messed up this time. I don't even care if the guy's trial wasn't perfect - justice is rarely perfectly just. It doesn't matter where you live. We have to live with that fact.

The bottom line is the UK/Scotland delivered a propaganda coup to a country that killed 200+ innocent people and horrified those poor families screaming for justice. The whole episode is disgusting. You guys need to stop acting like everybody's so damn innocent, especially when a jury found them guilty."

If you're curious about their reactions, feel free to visit the comment section. It seems they lumped me into the category of being a "typical American" who wants to bully other countries - among other choice phrasing. Oh well, I gave it a shot.

For those reading from overseas, my reaction has nothing to do with being an American. It's about justice. I simply disagree with the release.

Friday's Political News - Michael

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grow a Pair People Before It's Too Late!!!!

Hello Bloggers! This wonderful editorial cartoon from The Independent in London sums up my feelings about our Democratic leaders right now, and their lack of cojones when it comes to health care and the other reforms we elected them to tackle. To be blunt, I'm growing tired of the bi-partisan boob jobs. What a bunch of tards!

My Open Rant to Democratic Leaders

I know it's a tough fight against a tough enemy, but unless we see more competence, offense and strategy, we're going to start to think you guys are bought-and-paid-for just like the Republicans. We're beginning to wonder what's up people. What the hell is wrong with you?

I know many of my readers will disagree or think I'm too harsh, but come on, why do you seem to get blown away in the media by the lies and distortions of the right-wing so easily? Why can't you fight fire with fire? Why can't you fight harder? Nobody's going to blame you for it.

I think it's pretty obvious you allow yourselves to be chased, kicked around, and spat on. You guys almost seem like idiots, or worse, masochists.

Why do they always seem to win when it comes to swaying public opinion? Any good answers? Why are you so bad at getting our message out? The Republicans have a horrible record, so why can't you talk about it more? Repeat it! Beat it to death if you have to! Repetition can be a good thing.

"Civilized" responses to Republican shit-slinging is pathetic. Sling it back for God's sake. Get angry! Get passionate! Tell the truth about them! Stop acting like a bunch of gutless wimps! Demand to get on FOX "News" and FIGHT BACK against the LIES!!

Oh yea, and what about your latest offers to give up everything important, such as the public option? What kind of negotiation skills are those? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? You seem almost incompetent, ready to give away the store. Why?

President Obama, Pelosi and Reid better have a good plan, because right now you all seem like a bunch of rank amateurs. It's hard to tell what the hell you're thinking!

Btw, the only improvement to that cartoon might be to put Harry Reid on top of the donkey, since he seems to be encouraging all the running these days. He's our biggest pussy of all. I'm beginning to think he's a Republican spy.

It's true the Republicans and their propaganda machine are large and scary, but where's the damn leadership we voted for? Grow a pair you bunch of overly sensitive political hacks! Get out there and fight fire with fire! Get nasty if you have to!

Once again, many readers will think I'm too harsh, but I'm tired of losing. I say counter their lies and deceit with our own "spin" about their motives and intentions. Tell the truth about their horrible records! Talk about their horrible history!

DO SOMETHING!!! Get the freaking job done! Stop running away and stand up for what is right! Republican assholes are laughing at us for God's sake!

We gave you our money, time, energy and votes! I know you're each a little different in some ways, but FIND SOME COMMON GROUND - to lower costs - AND BEAT THOSE LYING CHEATING BASTARDS OR GET THE HELL OUT OF WASHINGTON!

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael

PS - I hope I'm wrong and that President Obama and the leadership know what they're doing, but I'm afraid that may be too much to hope for. Unless we see some improvement, hope is a luxury I can't afford right now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fight for Real Reform, Win or Lose

Good Morning Bloggers - I think Governor Howard Dean and Democratic Party strategist James Carville have it right when they suggest that we Democrats should be willing to go it alone on health care/insurance reform, and if the Republicans succeed in defeating it by whatever means, then we should go after them at the ballot box where real issues get sorted out.

I don't think President Obama is right to fight for just any bill. Who cares if the Republicans will call it a loss, or the "end of his presidency." That is all crap and we know it. The kind of reform bill we get is more important.

Dean has been saying it for a while, but Carville is now agreeing with the strategy. Carville's sharp political mind is usually right, and I think Democratic leaders need to listen. Compromising with the Blue Dogs and the Republicans could hurt us more than help us. Half-ass health care reform will not win votes. If anything, it could hurt the party by repressing future Democratic voter turnout.

When Americans are told the truth, a public option (or even single-payer) is the reform most sought-after. The lies and propaganda are effective, but over time the truth will win over voters. Carville is right. Democrats need to stand firm for what is right. Republicans may see defeating health care reform as a victory, but politically it could also be their Waterloo. It's a fact the truth usually wins in the end.

If we lose while trying to pass real reform, the debate will continue since the issue won't just go away. In the meantime, the party of NO will pay the price. They will need a hell of a lot of dirty industry money to keep fighting the fight, and that will come with a high price. If Democrats pass a bad bill that does very little to control costs, or worse increase costs, it could mean a victory for Republicans in the future.

Think about it, if we fight very hard yet lose, it will go a long way to motivate the base for the upcoming mid-term elections. At least that sounds right to me.

I'm no expert, but half-ass reform requiring insurance companies to absorb more risk (by requiring them to take pre-existing conditions and sick people) will probably encourage them to raise rates. Regulations without real reform (controlling costs by reforming the whole system) will probably only add to our problems.

One of my favorite progressive talk radio hosts and political/sociological thinkers is Thom Hartmann, and he thinks we should simplify things by allowing Americans to buy into the Medicare/Medicaid system. The result would be a public option that is already popular with the American people. Republicans and health industry lobbyists would have a tough time fighting against that kind of option. I think that's an idea that deserves more study.

No matter what, I am no longer that angry with our Democratic leaders. I now see just how much they're up against. I see the propaganda, the lies being told every day. I see the amount of money being thrown at the opposition. If anything, I'm angry with the rank-and-file Republicans and their lack of moral fiber.

It's true. Instead of debating the issue logically and trying to learn more about how the health insurance industry is bankrupting America, and how millions of people are dying for no good reason, ordinary Republicans are foolishly buying all the crap that's being thrown at them. They seem so willing to swallow horrible, shocking lies.

Rank-and-file Republicans must think very little of Democrats to think we would want to kill old people or deny people care. They all seem too willing to believe the lies.

Where was their passion in the past? They allowed themselves to swallow billions and trillions in debt-spending when it came to wars and half-ass government reforms (prescription drug benefits) benefiting big pharm under Bush/Cheney, but have practically risen in armed revolt at the prospect of saving AMERICAN lives under real health care reform.

Let's face it, Republican unwillingness to consider any kind health care reform could be considered both immoral and unAmerican, because millions of Americans are suffering and dying every day. When you boil it all down, it's simply about saving lives. That is a moral issue, no matter how you spin it.

I hope our Democratic leaders continue to fight for what is right. I agree more with Howard Dean than Bill Clinton. Clinton and Obama think any reform is good, while Dean says that real reform is the only way to go - win or lose. Sometimes you just have to fight for what is right. GO DEAN!!!!

Monday's Political Rant - Michael

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Clear and Present Danger

Good Morning Bloggers! It's clear to me that we're living through some pretty tough times. It's almost like we've split into three different camps, with the right and left tugging at those in the middle to the point of exhaustion. The big problem is how hard some are tugging.

Americans are being lied to more than ever, and sadly there doesn't seem to be any force powerful enough to prevent it. It's getting out of control, and things are getting very dangerous.

Aside from terrorism, the evil in America today is coming from politicians and corporate interests. They have climbed into bed together, and the American people are the ones being screwed. Political messages are getting more and more complicated. Some might say too complicated. Issues are being decided less on debate and more on paid punditry.

Politics has always been a dirty job, but somehow the duels and corrupt leaders of the past pale in comparison to the billions spent on the lies and deceit of today. Modern political "warfare" seems larger and nastier somehow, and the lies seem to infect more people. I keep looking for a silver lining, but without a big success like true health care reform, the skies look dark to me.

The Industrial Revolution sullied America's politicians like the London skyline. The nineteenth century brought us President Grant smoking cigars with power brokers in the lobby of the Willard Hotel. Those conversations have grown from bad to worse. Lobbying today is more secretive and the interests more corrupt. Corporate shills now prowl Congress handing out huge checks buying huge favors.

Unless we can fight our way through their money and lies our American democracy - our very freedom to govern ourselves based on a free press and simple truths - is at risk of failure.

Despite the best efforts of a few it seems the lies are just too many and too often. Ironically, the political electorate are more powerful than ever due to email and the Internet, yet powerful special interests have worked hard to keep their media and message at full volume despite the innovations. Their lies far outpace our desire for truth. As usual, they manipulate us, despite our best efforts.

We need our political leaders to have the backbone and the skills to compete against today's powerful, rich, private sector power brokers. It's possible, with the exception of the Civil War era, we need their leadership more than ever.

Even the President of the United States fights an uphill battle to get his/our message out - the message we supported during the election. Unfortunately, our so-called 24/7 "news" channels fill the airwaves with so many lies and so much ado about nothing that Americans forget their best interests and lose focus. The airwaves have become a minefield of sorts.

Sadly, health care is only the tip of the iceberg. If we don't win the war against disinformation now, we may never win. The special interest forces and their great wealth may corrupt our system to the point where reform is impossible. It may sound hyperbolic, but corporations may ultimately control the levers of power - if they don't already.

Unless Republicans and their supporters see the light, corporate money, political corruption, greed, and worst of all, a disregard for what is in the best interest of the American people, may be our political future. We need to fight back! We need to find a way to shut down the spin doctors, the liars and the money changers.

Greedy, soulless journalists and money-grubbing pundits cannot be allowed to destroy 230+ years of free press and good governance.

What is the solution? A grassroots movement? A constitutional convention for a constitutional amendment baring corporate involvement in politics? Who knows, but I suggest we start thinking. If health care/insurance reform falls victim to their lies and deceit, then I think it is a clear sign that something must be done before it's too late.

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello Bloggers! I'm sorry for not writing too much this past week or so, but it's been a wonderful summer full of good times away from the computer for a change.

We've had great weather here in Southern California lately, which has made it difficult to care about what's happening in hot and steamy Washington. August is quiet anyway.

Btw, I'm celebrating being one year older today, so happy birthday to me! Birthdays are both good and bad if you know what I mean. Anyway, the next post will have to wait until tomorrow at least. I hope you guys have a great day!

Monday's Birthday Rave - Michael

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Future for Republican Hooligans?

Good Morning Bloggers! What do you guys make of the latest Republican demonstrations at town halls across America, so reminiscent of the Spring "Tea Parties" featuring hundreds of America's finest citizens? I know I'm getting very tired of today's juvenile Republican antics. Their love of democracy is only surpassed by their love of shouting and drowning out our individual right to congregate and debate.

They are making a big splash in the media, but they still look like a bunch of FOOLS! To suggest they're coming across as a productive opposition to a serious debate is laughable. I'm pretty sure ordinary citizens observing the health care debate from the sidelines consider them distractions - since despite what Republicans are saying in the media, most Americans do consider health care a serious issue that needs repair.

In my opinion, which of course is what this blog is all about, I see them as loud-mouthed bullies, pure and simple. They are no different then children who scream to make their point, pouting if they don't get their way. They may see themselves as a determined opposition who will drown out those they disagree with, but the rest of us see them as fools who refuse to sit down and discuss a very serious issue.

I'm pretty sure most Americans see them as irrational. Most of us are smart enough to realize they didn't shout over the past eight years or so when the Republicans were spending more than at any other time in history.

Where were they when the Republicans passed the last health care bills? Where were they when their own political party funneled hundreds of billions of government tax money into the hands of the pharmaceuticals (prescription drug benefits) and private health insurance companies (Medicare Plus) under George W. Bush and the Republicans?

Democrats wanted to save our tax dollars from corporate waste during that debate. That is a fact! Where were the Republican shouts about waste then?

I'll tell you where they were. They were SILENT! SHEEP! OBEDIENT MORONS! The damn hypocrites. They have no credibility when it comes to lecturing us on how to spend tax dollars.

They're trying to shout-down a debate about health care - insurance - reform when most Americans want and need to talk about the issue. Republicans may feel empowered by the demonstrations (if you listen to Pat Robertson and others), but the rest of us only see a bunch of loud-mouthed fools trying to take away our microphones, or whatever else we need to make ourselves heard in this very important debate.

The bottom-line is that Republicans want to spend-spend-spend when they're in power, doing everything they can to help their own constituencies such as corporations, the wealthy and the military-industrial crowd, but do everything they can to shut down ANY spending when not in power.

It doesn't even seem to matter if we're trying to reform a system that is threatening America's ability to pay down past Republican debt, guarantee our competitive place in the world (other countries have affordable health care, giving them a competitive edge), and much more. They don't seem to care about those points. They just ignore those very important national security considerations.

Oh yes, and they - incredibly - have the gall to treat all government money as though it were their own. The really disgusting part is that we're trying to spend American money to save American lives, and they still object.

They won't object when it comes to spending money on weaponry, but will fight tooth and nail to prevent children and poorer Americans from being able to purchase affordable - reformed - health insurance. It's clear from the "debates" so far they are prepared to lie and lie and lie. They keep telling INCREDIBLE LIES!

They keep saying that Democrats are trying to take away your health insurance as it exists today (LIE!), kill your grandmother by recommending euthanasia (LIE!), bring about socialized medicine (LIE!), fund abortions (LIE!), and my favorite, suggest that poor people will be shipped to better neighborhood hospitals reminiscent of the busing scares decades ago.

It's clear the Republicans and their industry allies will stop at nothing to shut-down debate about health insurance reform. They will do everything they can to muddy the waters and make Americans fear change. They may be more Rovian, but by and large they are using the same basic tactics they used when trying to kill Social Security, Medicare and every other major program that helped civilize our great country. It's time people wise-up when it comes to Republicans.

The simple truth is the rest of us need to stay focused. Just like when we were in school, we cannot allow a few bullies to derail education, evolution and advancement for the rest of us. We need to use whatever means at our disposal to continue debate and get our message across that we voted for change and health care/insurance reform is one of the most important parts of that change.

We need to fight against their hooliganism. We need to treat Republican bullies the same way we treat angry children - either ignore them, and if they don't listen to reason, send them away.

Their screaming didn't work during the campaign at the McCain and Palin rallies, so hopefully it won't work now. My recommendation is to stand-up to them. I know I will. Don't allow them to silence our debate. It would be a crime to allow ourselves to be cowered by people who have no place in a modern, civilized political debate.

Whether it's a "tea partier," a "birther," a "deather," or whatever comes next (how about throwing furniture like in the picture), today's Republicans are looking more and more like a party for both hooligans and fools.

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael