Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bush Free and a Chance to Heal

Good Morning Bloggers - We all have a reason to CELEBRATE! We will finally be BUSH FREE for a few years. Thank God we will get a chance to heal before they do any more damage. Jeb Bush WILL NOT BE RUNNING to fill the open Senate seat of Florida Senator Mel Martinez.

That is GREAT news! I know he's NOT AS BAD AS GEORGE, but those of us in the opposition do not want to take ANY CHANCES. We were worried the Republicans would try to pull another Bush out of the hat. That is something we Americans should NOT TOLERATE! We still need to clean up after the last one.

I know the Republicans will accuse me of being full of hate, but that would be too harsh. You see, I don't hate Jeb Bush or any of the Bush clan. I just think George is a criminal and the nation was badly damaged. We need time to heal. The whole idea of another Bush is a very disturbing idea to me.

"While the opportunity to serve my state and country during these turbulent and dynamic times is compelling, now is not the right time to return to elected office," Jeb Bush said. I could not agree more. The man has a reasonable sense about what the nation is feeling right now. THANK YOU JEB!

I'm sorry for his father, but that's a family problem. He should have tried to stop George from running if he cared so much about Jeb. We've had enough, and it is time for the country to clear the Bush brush for a few years, if not forever.

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