Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Nation Evolves

Hello Bloggers - We did it! We voted for change! The Republicans are out of power! So, what's different already? A great example could be seen on the National Mall yesterday, as well as at celebrations around the nation and the world.

People everywhere were celebrating the victory of a man who speaks about the hopes and dreams of families, communities and nations, and not just about those of individuals - especially selfish individuals. We elected a man who understands how America and the world, our very lifestyle, cannot survive without change.

His inaugural themes echoed his campaign, but were more blunt. He stressed more cooperation, sacrifice and charity. He's challenging us to help him heal our nation, and hopefully help the world. "A new era of ourselves, our nation, and the world" is a good start to a presidency that is required to return balance to a suffering world.

If I heard him right, personal ambition is now less important than creating jobs that will employ all Americans. Wall Street is now less important than Main Street. Free trade is now less important than fair trade. Health care for some Americans is now less important than health care for all Americans. There's no doubt a lot has changed today.

I heard him describe a government no longer focused on saving the wealth of a few. That was yesterday. Today we want corporations and the banking industry to help people keep their homes, and create good jobs for average Americans. Wall Street helping Main Street! I heard a man talk about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs!

If you listened carefully, you could hear him say that a rising tide will lift all boats - or at least close to it. That rising tide will be the middle-class.

I also heard him talk a lot about helping others. "The selflessness of workers who rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job" is a great example of self-sacrifice at a time of great suffering. Tough times require us to help our fellow Americans. I've done okay in life, so I'm prepared to help if I can. Are you?

It shouldn't have to be said, but after Reaganism, trickle-down economics and the "small government" Bush years, it must be said: Americans need to know their president, and their government, will not allow them to starve in the streets. That's what changed yesterday. Obama's "spirit of service" is infectious, and people need to know they will be okay.

Let us hope that Obama renews the original ideas embodied in our Declaration of Independence, where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness suggests hope to all. We should not live in a selfish society. The only way mankind is going to survive on this small planet, with billions arriving each generation, is to work together.

Other western, capitalistic democracies know it. It's time for more Americans to figure it out. Selfishness and unilateralism is a luxury we Americans can no longer afford. We need to evolve!

Wednesday's Political Rave #1 - Michael

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