Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bush and the Patriots Who Stole Billions!

Good Morning! It's conspicuous by its absence in the media, but the US Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, the Army's criminal Investigation Command and the Justice Department NOW BELIEVE people in the US military and those in the BUSH Administration stole billions in cash that was sent to Iraq on pallets for reconstruction shortly after the fall of Saddam.

They're reporting that US military personnel and Bush appointees may have intentionally misspent or pocketed over $50 billion in American taxpayer dollars. $50 BILLION! That far exceeds the scope of the Wall Street bailout theft, making it potentially the "greatest fraud in US history."

They report the money is simply unaccounted for because many of the contractors and sub-contractors simply disappeared. They haven't been able to track it down! It's an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF MONEY - enough money to bailout every broken state and local government in the US, and it's GONE!

What can we - the law abiding citizens of this nation - say except thank you once again to our Republican friends who SUPPORTED and STILL SUPPORT some of the greatest thieves in US history. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the whole CORRUPT bunch of lying, scheming, scummy "patriotic" Republicans who raided the treasury over the past eight years!

What really bugs me is how ordinary Republicans continue to deny that Bush and his people were involved in any war profiteering or theft. They act like the whole Bush Administration was just a victim of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, or they blame the Iraqis. When are they going to WAKE UP and SMELL THE SCUM for who they are? When are they going to start to use the brain God gave them? It's denial on a national scale.

More and more evidence hits the news every day about how the American people were screwed, and they still deny it. Instead, they spend all their energy whining and complaining about petty issues like how our elected officials are fulfilling their campaign promises by spending our money on us - hardworking Americans. Unless something changes soon, then the majority of Americans will begin to see them as nothing but loyal Republican WHACK JOBS!

When you add this possible theft to the long list of waste and war profiteering already proven during the BUSH YEARS, the Bushies and the Republicans will undoubtedly go down as the greatest thieves in the history of the republic. Republicans like to call themselves the "party of small government" or "low taxes." What a joke! If justice prevails, they will always be the "party of crooks," as law enforcement and historians begin to prove how they stole billions, if not trillions, from the American people.

Tuesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael


sue said...

LOVE THIS POST! Isn't it amazing how many neocons are blogging but you don't see comments on such an interesting and true piece of reporting such as this! I don't know when those people will wake up and smell the scum, and I for one am sickened by their hateful rants about our President. He isn't even given a chance to do his job! I'll be back to read your blog again!

Anonymous said...

"I for one am sickened by their hateful rants about our President."

How many hateful rants did you yell at their President, the fucking tide has turned, If this ass wipe Obama was doing his job then you fuckers would be blogging on how great he is as opposed to how evil Bush was.

In the next four years the American people will be sick of the phony.

JollyRoger said...

Don't you just love cowards who won't leave a linkback? "Anonymous" knows that the monkey he worships as a Deity has destroyed this country, thus his shame at posting a link. I can't say I blame him; if I was that stupid, I'd probably want to conceal my identity too.

The thing with the wingtards is that they simply ignore inconvenient truths. Their dogmas (such as the incredibly stupid new one about "you'd be blogging about how great Obama is," which I've seen a few times now) substitute for the facts that people who had parents who weren't relatives prefer. In wingtard world, somehow we're just supposed to forget about the crimes of their monkey, no matter how numerous they were or how much damage they did. If we don't, then we're being "mean."

Let's go along with their line of reasoning. Tomorrow, we'll let Charlie Manson out of jail, because if we don't, we're being "hateful." He did pull his crimes a long time ago, after all...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this informative post. I had heard some stories of this crime being commited just didn't have many specifics.

I heard just as of yesterday from some one speaking in a store that there is a documentary out regarding this and of Bush stealing from the country itself.

The man said something to the effect that Bush's men knew of hidden money/gold, etc...in caves and that the troupes were intentially placed there just to steal.

I am proud to say I didn't vote for him nor any republican ever.

I was raised with the saying "the Republicans make the rich RICHER" and the poor POORER.

Boy, isn't that coming tuition.

Let's hope and pray for our new President as he has been left with a whole lot of ugly.