Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Generational Theft" Latest Republican LIE!

Good Morning! I've been spending a lot of time lately pointing out Republican lies. I would love to drop this subject, but I can't. The Republicans keep saying things that get me angry, and their most recent talking point gets me angrier than all the rest put together.

Their recent use of the expression "GENERATIONAL THEFT" related to the stimulus bill MAKES ME VERY ANGRY! That Republican right-wing TOOL and propaganda expert Michelle Malkin supposedly used it first. It was so loved by the Republican DECEIT MACHINE that it was later used by John McCain, John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh. More are using it every day.

It's now beginning to enter the Republican vernacular nationwide, as right-wing talk show hosts spew it out to their ignorant listeners who are unfortunately believing it. Yes, their lemmings believe their lies. They're very powerful that way. I don't care what our Democratic leaders say, this is VERY SERIOUS!

Democrats NEED TO REACT! We cannot allow the Republicans to permanently insert this phrase into their national portfolio. We need to CORRECT IT BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND! Any publicity expert would say the same. This needs to be fixed before it becomes part of the national conversation, and considered rote.

We can tolerate some of their Rovian tactics, but this LIE is beyond the pale in my opinion. It TWISTS HISTORY so much it practically kills it. I thought they were good when they successfully labelled John Kerry a Vietnam War traitor, despite the fact that George Bush skipped the war and Kerry won medals. This is even worse! We need to stop them!

IT'S A LIE BEYOND ALL LIES! There's not even a word to describe the deceit and evil behind this LIE, except to maybe label them the "party of lies and deceit." That might come close. No matter what, Democrats need to grow a pair! They must stop underestimating the effect of the Republican Rovians.


The Republicans ARE THE GREATEST GENERATIONAL THIEVES IN THE HISTORY OF THE US! They need to be BRANDED with it! They need to be SCALDED with it! They need to have it STITCHED INTO THEIR FOREHEADS if that's what it takes to make our point.

They have transferred more than $10 TRILLION in wealth from future generations. They are guilty as sin, and everybody needs to know it. If any Democratic leader is reading this, PLEASE make an effort to REVERSE this talking point. It's a CRIME! It's a LIE! It's REPUBLICAN, ROVIAN, SOVIET STYLE DECEIT beyond what we should tolerate as a nation!

Tuesday's ANGRY Political Rant #1 - Michael


ghostrider6265 said...

The more I read your rants the more I am convinced that you are nothing more than a raving lunatic.

by Michael Boh said...

I admit GhostRider that I am ANGRY, but no lunatic. That's just your way of dismissing my complaint or looking into the subject to see if my ANGER has any basis in reality. You can call me a lunatic all you want if it makes you feel better about your party's lies, but that does nothing to disprove my point or mitigate my ANGER! Raving ANGRY - MB

ghostrider6265 said...

You haven't caught on yet have you? Both parties are nothing but a hornets nest of liars

Anonymous said...

You make Ann Coulter look like Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the President of the United States is the biggest liar of all (and that would be Obama to which I'm referring) and the rest of the administration including the Democrats in Congress are not much better.

1) "stimulus by definition means spending" - nope. Stimulus is an action that enables change. The definition of that action is not specified as 'spending'.

2) "Republicans don't want to do anything to stimulate the economy" (from his press conference the other night) - wrong again. Republicans don't want to do THIS because they don't believe it will stimulate the economy. It will bring either a) inflation or b) an increase in debt by massive proportions. During the depression FDR only spent ~9% of GDP - this massive spending spree represents about 20% of the GDP.

3) "There is a consensus among economists that this is the right thing to do." Wrong again - there is a consensus among economists that Obama has chosen to bring into his inner sanctum to advise the administration. I'm willing to bet that if Obama had spent the time to sit down with just one or even several of the economists published in the ad published by the CATO institute he would find that there is no consensus.

4) And just this morning - the CEO of Caterpillar came out and countered Obama's claim that he made suggesting Caterpillar would rehire the 22k workers. The CEO of Caterpillar said - no we will be laying off more before we get to a point of rehiring.

5) "No lobbyists will find work in my White House" - with the exception of the 12 that we have already hired.

6) "We have set in place the most stringent ethical standards anywhere" but we have no plans to actually follow them.

7) Tax cheats/conflicts of interest/questionable dealings of the highest members of the Administration.

8) Dems promise 48 hours to review 1400 page stimulus package and promise to put it online. Wrong again - put it out at 11 pm last night.

The list goes on and on and on and we are only weeks into this Presidency. The administration and the Democratic majority is nothing more than a train wreck already in progress.

Anonymous said...

Don't you find this Boh fellow quite amusing trying to bullshit people with his Liberal talking points. Boh who really gives a shit if you had a article posted in the Chicago Times?

dieselis said...

you sir are very partisan.your facts seem to be in tack.now were all in this together.why can't cooler heads prevail?what we have is a civil war in the capital.i know you may not care to much for CHRIST,but HE said a divided house cannot stand.we watch our country immplode before us.is it cool to say its the republicans fault,or the reverse.will we be any less destroyed.blame can wait for the next election cycle.in the mean time lets fix somethings now.aren't we all americans?didn't we enjoy the roaring eighties and nineties?parties over its time to cleanup.

sue said...

Is there any more evil then Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh??? Neocons put these two maniacs on a pedastal and follow every word as if they were God, Its insane what these republicans do and get away with!

Anonymous said...

well sir if the gop keeps it up they maybe come the republocking party.so both parties are partisan,whats best for the country gets thrown out along with all commonsense.