Thursday, May 21, 2009

Republican Hubris and Repetition

Good Morning Bloggers! I will admit the time will come when the Republicans become acceptable to the majority of Americans again, but I'm hoping - and praying - that time will be far into the future.

Why? The most important reasons are probably trust and past performance. They do not deserve our trust after discovering so many ill-gotten gains and broken promises, and their poor past performance proves they adhere to principles and policies that are clearly detrimental to the American middle-class.

What may shock most of you is that I may vote for them someday again, just like many of you, if I see them return to their roots and dedicate themselves to help ALL Americans, including average middle-class Americans. I do believe in a two-party system, however, I'm not holding my breath.

That is not the case today. Without a doubt, despite their rural, earthy American "red state" support, they are the party that represents the top percentile, or the richest and least vulnerable in our society. Until that changes, I will continue to fight them, going so far as to believe they are the party that lies to, and cons, average Americans into voting against their own best interests.

Why am I talking about the subject now. It's because of all the Republican hubris that has been polluting the airwaves lately. The minority opposition has been out there swinging at everything and anything that comes into its path. They seem to thrive on being the angry opposition. It's obvious to most observers they love it.

Anybody who listened to Dick Cheney's speech this morning could tell he loved criticizing without having to support any of his darkest points with real evidence. He proposed nothing new. It was more of his-way-or-the-highway crap! Thanks, you're so helpful DICK!

What I'm saying is that there are healthy and unhealthy forms of opposition, and I think today's GOP specializes in the unhealthy. Their passions seem almost narcissistic, unproductive, and misplaced. They seem to like screaming into the wind, whether we're there to listen or not.

The GOP can say we were the same as the opposition all they want, but it's not true. I remember Democrats making valid arguments against most of Bush's policies, and it turned out we were right. Our opposition was credible, unlike the discredited, GOP broken record of today.

There is no doubt in my mind that their lack of compromise, stick-to-their guns while fighting for outdated solutions approach, gets in the way of making real progress on real issues.

They are more and more vocal about opposing everything that President Obama and the Democrats are trying to fix/achieve than anytime I can remember. They are ignoring the people, the mood, the trends away from the dark side, and the past poor performance of their own record. The whole thing is amazing to watch. It's also very sad.

Notable examples this past week involved people like RNC Chairman Michael Steele talking about it being the end of "Republicans apologizing" for mistakes of the past. Well, I don't know about you, but I don't ever recall them apologizing for anything. A matter of fact, I'm pretty sure they ALL pretty much claim their past performance to be successful, despite all the facts to the contrary. It's crazy, but overall it's true.

The idea they apologized for anything is both shocking and downright deceitful. In the end, it's simply another example of GOP message manipulation that has little basis in fact.

Other examples involve that fat-cat of Republicanism, the least "humane" human being on the planet, Rush "that lying sack of crap" Limbaugh. He has been out there daily dishing-up all kinds of lies in his usual gross attempt to manipulate the masses. He's like the proverbial demon in the wilderness, working hard to tempt the innocent into making bad choices. For him today, it's all about socialism, socialism, and more socialism.

He talks non-stop about longing for the good-old times when Republicans were in charge, the economy was good, and America was safer. His deceit is only surpassed by his lack of morals. He's right up there with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld as a GOP poster-boy of illegal war, torture, corporate greed, anti-middle-class values, and anti-American policies and principles.

His "ditto-heads" can believe whatever the hell they want, but the the truth - the facts - speak for themselves. The man's an anti-American PIG!

The other cocky culprits of today's GOP involve the vast and equally out-of-touch right-wing-media and blogosphere - featuring FOX "News" and other "conservative" networks - who have been spewing propaganda in an attempt to undermine Democratic efforts to solve real problems for weeks/months now.

Most of their so-called alternative ideas/proposals - most that I took seriously and studied - have been nothing but propagandistic, rehashed versions of their old, discredited crap. Their sole purpose is to create the illusion of new ideas. Trust me, after careful review, it's repackaged BS! They remain deaf and dumb about the need for new approaches.

You know it's bad when that pinnacle of bi-partisanship, President Obama, begins to say - out loud - that Republicans can't seem to move beyond their own discredited, outdated, broken principles and policies of the past. The bottom-line is he's trying to find/create new solutions to big problems, and they're not.

There can be only one reasonable explanation as to why they are so stubborn about admitting past mistakes and looking at new alternatives. It is because they are BOUGHT-AND-PAID-FOR by special interests, corporations, and other forces that have no desire to help the American people - or even the American nation. It's obvious to me. What about you?

I'm not naive, I know there are bad apples in our Democratic community (especially the Senate), but for all intents and purposes today's GOP today is a compromised political movement/party. They are the used-car-dealers-of-American-politics, trying to get us to buy old, refurbished junk. They do not represent the best interests of the American people or nation. They cannot be trusted, and unless they begin to demonstrate real change, they should not be considered an equal voice in either government or the court of public opinion.

Thursday's Political Rant - Michael

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Infidel753 said...

The present Republican platform:

(1) God hates fags

(2) Oh, and abortion too

(3) But torture is OK.

Perhaps, like a junkie, they need to hit bottom before they can admit they have a problem and start trying to get that cross off their back.

Like you I hope they will get their act together eventually, but at the rate Limbaugh keeps excommunicating moderates, it won't happen until someone manages to bell this bloated and mangy cat.

ghostrider6265 said...

I get a charge out of watching you two RODEO CLOWNS stroke each others ego....go RUSH keep them on their toes.

ghostrider6265 said...

You gotta love Dick Cheney and how he went after Obammy, you can see the sweat pouring off their fore-head especially on CNN and these small time Mom and Pop Blogs like this one here.

Watch what I say, and how it plays out everyone of these left wingers will be out to destroy Cheney. Boh you can give it up you just do not have the power.

Infidel753 said...

Yeesh, Michael, have you still not banned this guy? He's not even funny any more, he's gotten to be just like an escaped retard who craps on your lawn because he hasn't figured out the concept of toilets.

by Michael Boh said...

GR, I told you not to post crap that doesn't have anything to do with the article - I just deleted your last one.

I would ban him Infidel, but something tells me he'd just find another way to annoy us. He's a Republican cockroach, the kind that crawls out of the corners and craps on your stuff. Let's ignore them - they hate that most of all.

Buffalo said...

Based on numerous facts that are very much in evidence, it is a rare politician that deserves trust - or a vote.

Jolly Roger said...

polechoker 6969 has ceased even to be funny. He's too damned stupid to understand his own stupidity, and too inane to even attempt to respond to.

And the Rushpublican Party embraces him and his kind. It explains a LOT, doesn't it?