Sunday, June 28, 2009

USA 2, Brazil 3

Hello Bloggers! I'm sure you're all aware that we in the United States just played in one of the greatest sporting events in the world - the FIFA Confederations Cup. Okay, fine, perhaps you didn't know, but we did. We played in it today! We played against Brazil and it was hosted by South Africa. I know, world soccer, or football, is sooo international. Unfortunately, we lost.

For those in the dark, FIFA basically stands for the International Football Federation - except the standard English acronym doesn't match anything I can find associated with it (Federation Internationale de Football is the other one), which baffles me. Anybody know why? Anyway, I tried to watch the game today and must confess that I was very happy that I had TIVO. It helped to zoom ahead during those extended quiet times between scoring.

From what I know about soccer, which are the basics, it seemed to be a pretty good game. We led 2-0 by half-time, but unfortunately Brazil scored three points in the second half to beat us. All of the pride from the first half got sucked away, but I still enjoyed it. So we squandered our lead (to something called a setup), but we should be proud of a very credible performance against a world-class team like Brazil.

I would like to express my pride in our American team. People around the world - especially our Latin American cousins/immigrants living here in Southern California - like to mock American soccer. I think today proves we deserve some respect. That means you my spanish-speaking friends - no more of your crap! Now I think I'll go outside and try my hand at a little hooliganism. I hear it's fun.

Congratulations to our US Team for playing a fantastic game today!

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Ranch Chimp said...

Sound's Great! No...I dont keep up with Soccer,even though soccer is kind of a big deal in Dallas as well,yet... I do kind of like it. I am an old football fanatic though of sort, of coarse a big Dallas Cowboy's fan(and SF 49ers).And a big Hockey fan as well.

by Michael Boh said...

Cool RC - the game was pretty fun to watch. I think I'll be a part-time fan at least from now on. I'm also a big Saints fan having grown up in New Orleans. Besides, LA doesn't have an NFL team, so I had to go back to my roots. Have a good day - MB :)

Ranch Chimp said...

I was sad when LA lost the Rams to St.Louis, I lived in LA during the day's of the Rams, I was also sad when Houston lost the Oilers to Tennessee(cant recall if their in Memphis or Nashville off hand) Houston did get the Texans as a new team... I would love to see a team in LA, I think alot of it has to do with who will build a facility for it,no one want's the old venue's. Dallas just opened it's new stadium that cost a little over a can seat 100,000, has a roof that can open or close in about 15 minutes, it has the largest video screen's over the field in the world... and on the exterior,you can see them clearly from a half a mile away or so,it stand's over 20 stories tall and is a quarter of a mile in diameter. But that is what get's team's and keep's them these day's, money and new venue's.

Later Guy........

by Michael Boh said...

RC - Wow, that Dallas stadium sounds amazing, but unfortunately LA has to spend its money on the Michael Jackson memorial. I guess a team is not a priority. Too weird! Too crazy! MB