Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey Holder, Help the Bush Victims First!

Hello Readers! After we learned that Attorney General Eric Holder believes in the Justice system so much that he threw out a case against ex-Senator Ted Stevens over the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, then why don't we see him doing the same thing in the case against ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman?

The AG dismissed Ted Stevens' corruption conviction with no effort at all, so what's the hold up for our own Democrat who suffered under the prosecutorial misconduct of Bush, Rove and Gonzales? Most observers would agree that Bush-era wrongdoing is far worse than anything suffered by Ted Stevens. Holder needs to act faster, because Governor Siegelman has suffered far longer than the angry little Stevens.

"There seems to be substantial evidence of prosecutorial and other misconduct in my case, that would dwarf the allegations in the Stevens case," the governor recently said to Mukraker. It's obvious to most observers that he's correct. So, WHAT'S THE HOLD-UP HOLDER?

I'm not going to write about Governor Siegelman's case here, since you could easily Google it and learn all you need to know. I encourage you to do the research. It's a disgusting tale of corruption and cover-up led by Karl Rove. If it's proved to be true, it's enough to make your blood boil.

I just want to say that Eric Holder is being completely insensitive to those of us who fought so hard to get President Obama elected. We have been waiting for some action against the despicable crimes of the Bush years. Nothing ever happens. At the very least, and I mean the very least, Governor Siegelman should have been vindicated and cleared LONG BEFORE TED STEVENS.

Stop ignoring the hard-working, donation-giving, rank and file. We're not asking for any favors, just for simple consideration and a focus on real justice. Review the most abusive cases first, and help them the way you so easily helped that nasty old fart Stevens. MOVE IT HOLDER!

Saturday's Political Rant - Michael


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