Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Sad World of Norm and His GOP

Good Morning Readers! So, it's official, a Minnesota court unanimously ruled in Al Franken's favor late yesterday. He should now be Senator Al Franken! He is now the official victor in the November election.

Of course, that means that Norm Coleman should concede, right? Well, of course, it seems they don't plan to. They have decided to continue down their path of being the worst SORE LOSERS in modern history!

Every one on my side of the aisle knows that if the shoe were on the other foot so to speak, the Republicans - and the corporate media - would be screaming SORE LOSER from every media orifice. Everyone knows they would have been doing it pretty steadily since last November.

BUT, the shoe isn't on their foot, it's on ours. So, what do we have? How about DEAD SILENCE! The media hardly even covered the official state victory announcement yesterday. All they reported is how Norm Coleman's expects to appeal. They didn't say anything about the fact that HE LOST and is dragging the Minnesota Senate race out in such a way that seriously harms the Democrats and the citizens of Minnesota. The whole thing is disgusting!

How many more months will the Republicans be allowed to delay the inevitable before the corporate media begin to apply some pressure on Coleman? The man is getting away with murder. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the three judge panel claims Senator Franken "soundly defeated" the crybaby incumbent Coleman.

The panel completely discarded Coleman's claims that "the election and its aftermath were fraught with systemic errors that made the results invalid." They saw it as a close, but fair election. "The overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the Nov. 4, 2008, election was conducted fairly, impartially and accurately," the panel wrote in its unanimous decision, which can be read here.

So, COLEMAN, shut the hell up and get the FREAK out of the race. Be a man, an honorable man, and call up Senator Franken to congratulate him on his win. Stop acting like the most pathetic political figure to ever run for the Senate. You are looking like a SAD JOKE!

Senator Franken has emerged from the statewide recount, which Coleman asked for, ahead by a greater number of votes (312) than before the recount. He is the winner. I say again, if you Republicans were enduring the same thing you would be screaming BLOODY MURDER over the idea that we would hold your senate seat hostage to a set of absurd and outrageous legal claims.

Why don't they do the honorable, dignified thing, which Norm Coleman himself said just after the November election, and accept defeat? As usual, it appears that the Republicans have no intention of doing the honorable thing. They love to see themselves as the party of honor, dignity, and character. It's amazing how their actions never seem to meet the dignity of their words. In truth, they are the party of dishonor, lack of dignity, and very small character.

To me, Norm Coleman has no honor. If he did, he would have lived by his own words and left the race long ago. Like so many Republicans, he has nothing left but disgrace. Perhaps that's why he doesn't seem to care what he looks like?

The rest of us have grown accustomed to the pathetic behavior of many Republicans. We pretty much listen to them talk about honor and laugh these days. It's evident by the fact that we rarely see their behavior as surprising. To most of us, they go beyond bad sportsman-like conduct. They just seem pathetic. They're like the old drunk who won't leave the bar - nobody wants to confront the sad, messy, aweful scene.

I'm convinced they don't see their own bad behavior at all. They seem to live in a strange, ostrich-in-the-sand kind of world. Oh well, perhaps they'll figure it all out over time. It's unfortunate, because in the meantime we have to put up with their CRAP! Their very ugly, sad, pathetic CRAP!

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael


Anonymous said...

I do believe Al Gore and the Liberals were the worst sore losers of all time, I do believe that includes you.

I would be more concerned with what is going on in this country with the NAZI REGIME that is in place instead of whether Norm Coleman is a sore loser.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need a fucking comedian from SNL

Anonymous said...

the clown with the NAZI comment certainly proves the whole point. It was your NAZI Texas **ck that sold our souls up the river and sank our economy Loser. Thanks for showing us what ignorance is, once again

Anonymous said...

The Nazi Regime is the one responsible for torturing people, Putting the most people to death as governor, Giving all of our money to their rich friends for almost 30 years and paying for nothing as well as starting 2 wars... You are not entitled to your own set of facts, Nazi Fucker.

Anonymous said...

I would seriously like to know why it is not considered socialism when the poor and middle class pay everything for the rich? Socialism = SOCIAL security and Medicaid.. ony of you old ass fucks willing to give yours up?? didnt think so, so shut the fuck up already. Ever notice the people who argue the children and grandchildren thing are old enough to have 60 year old grand children. Hey dumbass they are paying taxes already at your age. Geez bunch of uneducated Racist fucks.