Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iraq Torturing Gays to Death

Good Morning Bloggers! I don't have anything polite to add to a story I read this morning on The Raw Story about how gays are being tortured and killed in Iraq by both religious terrorists and the government. It even describes how the torturers are coming up with new, creative ways to kill their poor victims.

I feel horrible for those poor people. Most important, as an American, it makes me extremely angry that we are over there risking our soldier's lives, spending billions each month to protect those horrible people, and standing by and doing NOTHING!

The reports suggest there's a witch hunt in progress, with gays being rounded-up, tortured and killed. Reports say that some are killed by having their anuses glued shut, causing a painful, grotesque death. I don't know what to say about that, except that my heart breaks to think we freed those horrible people allowing them to commit their nightmarish deeds.

More Americans should know about this nightmare, because we are partly responsible. Please join me and tell our representatives how angry we are that innocent people are being persecuted by a regime we protect and support. We need to stop them or GET THE HELL OUT! Think about it, if we do nothing, than we are no better. We're simply the guards protecting the lynch mobs murdering innocent people. It's wrong! We shouldn't allow it to happen!

It appears our young men and women died to replace a brutal, inhumane regime with brutal, inhumane, intolerant people. They seem the same to me. It all seems like such a waste of lives, money and effort.

Thursday's Angry Political Rant - Michael

PS - If you decide to take action, here are a few links that may help you. Email President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and/or your national elected officials. If you wish to call, simply call the Whitehouse at 202-456-1414, or the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. I also suggest you contact your local newspaper. Please let them all know how angry we are to see our leaders and military standing idly by while lynch mobs persecute and murder innocent gay people in Iraq.


Anonymous said...


Where to begin. Reports and rumors about the treatment of gays in Iraq have been circulating around for the past 6 months or so.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist or first hand accounts to realize that something approaching a "final solution" seems to be in the mullahs demented definition of a "New Iraq".

And we're over there fighting for what?

I think you should add a link to the President and to the Secretary of State for those of us who want to have our voices heard on this issue.

If Americans, gays and straight, don't start shouting very loudly about this now, then we're no better than Germans who new what the Nazis were up to but kept silent.

I plan on forwarding today's blog to my entire Rolodex and encourage all my friends to do the same.

Thanks for picking this story up.


Anonymous said...

That's "knew" not "new"...sorry about that!

by Michael Boh said...

Thanks Jon - I'll put the links up ASAP. I wish more people would react with the same passion. We need to make our voices heard on this issue. MB

Anonymous said...

My take on you Boh is that you didn't give a shit when Saddam was killing the Kurds by the thousands and now you care that they are killing a few gays, why is that? is it because Obama is President and it is happening on his watch and he can't do a fucking thing about it.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - It's just like a foolish GOP defender to compare apples to oranges. Of course I hated it when Hussein was killing the Kurds you idiot, but I don't believe for one minute YOU DID. If the GOP is so concerned about murderous regimes and persecuted minorities, why isn't FOX "news" filled with stories about them? Whether it's Darfur, Sri Lanka, Chechyna [sic], Tibet/China, or wherever, it's the BBC that talks about it. It's obvious conservaties don't give a CRAP! Stop trying to BS us. Like most of your ilk, you're lying to make an absurd point. Catch-up with your GOP leaders, you guys USED Saddam's persecution to justify an aggressive oil war. Stop being an idiot! Finally, I don't believe we have the ability - or wealth - to rescue everybody in the world, but I do believe we should prevent those being persecuted under our protection. You really don't know how to debate Anon, so why not give up? Your BS crocodile tears are both unconvincing and pathetic. As always, you grow tiresome - MB