Monday, July 20, 2009

Republican Pollsters Lie Best

Good Morning Bloggers! I would like to briefly comment on the latest Rasmussen poll (a "conservative" pollster) that shows President Obama at 45% popularity - a far cry from every other leading poll giving him much higher numbers. The results are so strange they remind me of the recent Iranian election, and just like in Iran, the "authorities in charge" won't release any details supporting their results.

It's clear to me the numbers are manipulated to hurt President Obama's popularity with Blue Dog Democrats during this very critical time on Capitol Hill, when he is fighting for his most important legislative agenda.

Interestingly, the poll is supposed to reflect the results of a hypothetical 2012 presidential election held today (it's always a good idea to get the party in power fixated on upcoming elections, confusing their legislative determination), and manipulated to clearly discourage the party in power. It has also been released at a time when our nation is debating critical Democratic legislation, when every vote counts.

The numbers are obviously fake. Unless they polled mostly far-right Republicans (or at least equal parts of the extreme far-right and Democrats), the numbers are completely foreign. They don't match anything else out there. Simply put, they are CRAP!

In addition to Obama's 45%, Mitt Romney gets a 45% rating, while Sarah Palin comes in close behind at 42%. Those results are way off when compared to other polls. Romney and Palin are in much lower percentiles. It's clear Rasmussen manipulated the results, and are obviously Republican operatives.

The sad part is you can find this corrupt Republican poll on every major news outlet, being reported as legitimate polling. It's being mentioned on FOX "News" as great news for the right. Unless the Democrats are smart enough to know the poll is nothing but a political hallucination, then it may just hurt Obama's leverage on Capitol Hill during this very critical time. Let's hope our politicians are smarter than they look.

The poll does prove one thing in my opinion. Rasmussen has about as much credibility as the Republican Party.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael

PS - Another disturbing poll result hit me when I signed on to my AT&T Yahoo account this morning. It's unscientific, but still disturbing:

Do you support the health care overhaul?

- Yes. The plan will save lives and money in the long-term. 17%
- Somewhat. It's not perfect but it's something. 6%
- No. It will burden us with debt and won't fix anything. 76%
- Not sure/No opinion. 1%

That poll would be disturbing if I felt it reflected the truth. Once again, the results go against more legitimate polling. It's clear to me that illegitimate polls can be a very effective and frustrating political weapon.

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Conrad Strong said...

Surely people realize by now that the Rasmussen polls are almost always skewed. Your analogy of Rasmussen polls to the Iranian election results is perfect. FOX News does love Rasmussen because they seem to be contracted to help make the right-wing case. You can look at a list of polls side by side and all of them will be within the margin of error except for one – Rasmussen.