Monday, July 6, 2009

Too Weird for Words

Good Morning Bloggers! I hope you all had a great Independence Day! I loved my vacation! Northern California is now one of my favorite parts of the country - I think I'll be visiting more often. I even think I could live there one day.

In addition to a great time in San Francisco, I loved Sonoma, the Russian River Valley, Green Valley, Bodega Bay (all the Coastal towns pretty much), and especially Tomales Bay and Point Reyes. They were all amazing!

Anyway, the only thing I would like to say today is that I think Sarah Palin is one FREAKY WACKO! That press conference announcing her resignation made the one by Mark Sanford look sane. I especially loved the quacking ducks in the background while she complained about being a lame duck. What an idiot!

What the hell is happening to the now laughable GOP leadership? Are they all on drugs? If not, they sure are acting like it. My guess is Crystal Meth. I hear it's popular in the red states.

The idea that she's trying to claim persecution by the press and the opposition is unbelievable. Doesn't she realize the press only mocks what it doesn't understand? Doesn't she realize that she's only "persecuted" because nobody understands what the hell she's doing or talking about most of the time? I'm sorry, but it's NOT because she's a woman. She/he/it is getting exactly what it deserves.

The woman is an embarrassment by all measures. The idea that some Republicans will continue to support this freak, or defend her actions, is crazy. She is hurting the party. You Republicans need to jettison her. Unless she gets a brain transplant - highly unlikely - it's clear she's going nowhere. I think she could hurt the GOP for years to come.

She is obviously an opportunist who's leveraging her I'm-the-victim-here-like fame to acquire even more fame and power. To me, she's clearly a narcissistic, ego-maniacal, crazy woman!

She's also confusing, strange, and (especially after he resignation) undeserving of anybodies political support. For me, she's too weird for words - so I'll just give up now. I welcome your own comments, but that's my gut reaction for now.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael


Infidel753 said...

I'm inclined to believe the rumors that she quit because a big scandal is about to break and she knew she'd be forced out anyway.

Her threat to sue bloggers who repeated these rumors shows that she's not exactly in a stable frame of mind.

Supposedly the scandal has to do with embezzlement, but since most Republican scandals these days are about sex, I'm hoping it'll turn out she had an affair with Mark Sanford.

Kathlene said...

I agree with the pending scandal theory. Great post, I love the humor you injected into in your rant and agree with your assessment of Palin.

And thank you for writing about how much you loved Bodega Bay. I live here, blog at, and just came across your Rants & Raves.

I don't suppose you saw Tippi Hedren from The Birds when she was here this weekend?

by Michael Boh said...

Thanks Kathlene - It's very nice to meet somebody from one of my new favorite places. You never know, I may become a neighbor one day. :) I'll check out the blog.

No, I didn't see Tippi, but I probably wouldn't have noticed since I was so busy soaking up all the natural beauty. Damn it's a beautiful place. Please keep visiting and I'll do the same. MB

Kathlene said...

I will, thanks! :-)