Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Right is Wrong to Attack Obama’s Health Plan

By Matt Miller
from the Financial Times
Published: July 13, 2009

"The Republican charge that Barack Obama is seeking a “government takeover” of US healthcare is further proof that American political rhetoric has become detached from reality. In fact, once you take away the proposed public insurance option, which Mr Obama’s aides have signalled they will drop in final negotiations, the likely outcome is an affordable reform that embraces Mitt Romney’s blueprint from Massachusetts and funds it with John McCain’s best idea from the presidential campaign.

Only in America can you co-opt Republican thinking and have critics label you “socialist”.
" Read the whole article here.

From Michael: I think everybody who is interested in the health care debate, especially Republicans, should read the entire article at the Financial Times. I must admit I don't agree with all its positions, especially the idea of dropping the public option, but overall it's very informative. The Times is a conservative business newspaper, and the writer Matt Miller is a former Clinton administration budget official and author of ‘The Tyranny of Dead Ideas." I recommend you read it.

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