Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Campaign Alert: People Shooting People Over Yard Signs? Wow!

Good Morning Bloggers - I've been expecting episodes of violence before election day, especially after the negative campaigning by the McCain campaign, and unfortunately it's happening - shots were actually fired last night.

It's easy to dismiss the two right-wing nuts arrested in Tennessee as crazy neo-nazis, but it's possible they might have gotten away with some of their planned carnage. They might have killed a few innocent African-Americans in their quest to kill Obama. They seem like the tip of a very scary iceberg if you ask me. I'm just glad they caught them.

We also have that nutter in Ohio/Pennsylvania who scratched her own face with a nail file claiming to be the victim of "a large black man." She's scary too. What else was she capable of when you think about it? She worked for the campaign for two months in OH and PA, so I wonder what else she did before she finally pulled that stunt.

Finally, a teenager was wounded in the arm last night in Leavittsburg, Ohio by a man who said he wanted to stop two boys from taking his John McCain yard sign. Fifty-year-old Kenneth Rowles told officers he only planned to fire warning shots, but unfortunately he wounded a 17-year old boy.

There are too many other events to list here, so let's just admit things could get uglier. I hope I'm wrong, but I was a boy scout so I do believe in being prepared. I suggest we all try to keep calm, vote early, and stay safe!

Tuesday's Political Alert #1 - Michael

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