Thursday, October 9, 2008

Political Rant: My Fellow Americans, Let's Help John McCain Retire Early

Hello Bloggers - Some of you might have heard that McCain called people "my fellow prisoners" instead of "my fellow Americans" during a speech in Pennsylvania yesterday.

To be blunt, I don't trust this man. I believe it was just another way to bring up his past suffering and war record to earn sympathy votes. He must have heard that we were growing weary and tried to be more subtle. It was no slip of the tongue. He was in prison over twenty years ago and we are supposed to believe that he would say something like that. He was in a small cell during his incarceration. How often would he have called out to his "fellow prisoners" anyway. The whole think stinks, just like his campaign lately.

To me it is just one more example of the fake John McCain. In my opinion, despite being a war hero, the man is creepy. There's a report this morning on the Huffington Post about how he attacked a poor woman at a crap's table in Puerto Rico because she touched him. The man must have a screw loose. Who does that? He doesn't have the right temperament or disposition to be president. The man probably shouldn't be in the US Senate if you think about it what we've learned lately.

I say that we help him out and let him retire early. Let's learn from the interesting revelations of late and help him settle down into a nice, quiet life. My fellow Americans, and the citizens of Arizona, need to give this man a break. We need to vote for Obama in November, and the good people of Arizona need to vote for somebody else at their next opportunity.

Thursday's Political Rant #2 - Michael

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