Friday, October 3, 2008

Political Rant: Doggone It, I'm Begging You, Send the Winking Wacko Back To Alaska!

Good Morning Bloggers - I thought I would post prior to reviewing the press this morning to give my gut reaction to last night's debate. I thought Joe Biden was brilliant! He proved that he will make an awesome VP and possible president in the case of a disaster. Sarah Palin did very well, but so mind numbingly annoying, corny, folksy and "good-ole-galish" that I wanted to gag. I don't understand how anybody could vote for her, but I would say that she did well in a very difficult setting - a bit scripted, but well.

"Ah, say it ain't so, Joe," was one of those remarks that crawled under my skin and died. I couldn't stand the "now doggone it," the winks, or the wrinkled nose. I also hated the way she said "mavericky." All of it gave me the creeps. She would be fine as a congresswoman, but running for VP during one of the most difficult periods in American history, I say NO WAY!

What is wrong with you Republicans? How can you even consider putting that woman one step away from our presidency? McCain could have stage two or three melanoma - it's been reported by reputable sources, just not covered by the corporate media. She could wind up our PRESIDENT if you don't reconsider your vote. You already get failing grades as voters for electing the incompetent boob George Bush, but to consider another one makes me feel like you should all be disqualified as voters. You guys need to go to voting school or something.

Overall I think Biden did a great job. He made me feel proud as a Democrat and American. It was Scanton versus Wasilla, and Scranton won. Palin made me cringe most of the time. I'll give her kudos for not screwing up, but that's about it. Please, I'm begging you, don't put that woman in office. She scares me even more than Dick Cheney. God help us! Please, send her back to Alaska - and soon!

Friday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

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