Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review: Poor McCain, I Almost Felt Sorry for Him, But Not Quite

Good Morning Bloggers - As usual, I would like to give my impression of the debate before reading the daily news. I thought Barack did an amazing job last night explaining not only his positions but how we have to focus on revenues, not just cuts. I felt kind of sorry for McCain. He wasn't angry like I expected. He just seemed kind of slow and awkward. But after all the name calling lately, calling Barack a terrorist in every other speech, I have very little pity for the guy. I guess what goes around, comes around.

McCain and the Republicans try to keep any discussion of revenue generation or maintenance off the table. I thought Barack was very convincing last night slamming McCain for not recognizing the scope of the problem. Cuts alone will not solve our problems. Every American, including the wealthy, must sacrifice while continuing to invest. The country cannot afford McCain's tax cuts any more than we can afford his health plan with its trillion plus dollar cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

I also appreciated the questions about making sacrifices and priorities. Bush, McCain and the Republicans have wanted us to go shopping. McCain didn't even have a direct answer to the question about sacrifice. Obama is calling for us all to learn more about energy savings and to implement changes in our daily lives. I really appreciated that call to action. It was a breath of fresh air. Obama gave his clear priorities: energy, healthcare and entitlements. Again, McCain didn't answer the question.

Overall I thought Barack had another solid debate performance. I got calls from some Republican friends of mine who were very disappointed with McCain - they're even questioning their support for him. To me, McCain seemed old and doddery last night while Barack looked strong and confident. I must admit things are looking up. Perhaps there really is light at the end of this nightmare of a tunnel.

Wednesday's Political Debate Review #1 - Michael

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