Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canada Leads by Regulating Deadly Tasers

Hello Readers! Canada has taken a bold step to regulate the use of Tasers, so now America must investigate and do the same. Law enforcement safety is important, but so are people's lives.

In a recent shocking story - like many across North America - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pinned down Robert Dziekanski, a Polish immigrant, and stunned him several times at the Vancouver Airport. The officers claimed Mr. Dziekanski was trying to attack them with a "stapler."

He died from the Taser blast. His death led Canadian police to tighten up procedures NATIONWIDE for the use of Tasers on suspects resisting arrest. Canadians now consider Tasers a deadly weapon, and police use them only as a last resort.

Police officers are gambling with innocent lives every day now thanks to Tasers. It's a common occurrence on the streets of America. They are being adopted as standard crowd control weapons worldwide, and Taser deaths are considered "accidents" by most police forces - it borders on government criminality. The law enforcement community is obviously in denial. They need to regulate NOW! It's a BIG problem, and people should be more concerned about it.

People are not cattle! Our lives should not be gambled away at the hand's of some random thoughtless or rash police officer.

I will continue my crusade until more Americans wake up and acknowledge that our police are armed with DEADLY Tasers, which they use far too easily. They are killing innocent Americans - unarmed, innocent until proven guilty, Americans. Law enforcement needs to return to the heavy lifting, and secure suspects the old fashioned way.

Taser deaths should be highlighted in local press as examples of police abuse, and officers should pay a penalty for killing innocent, unarmed people. The police should not be above the law. Like firearms, Tasers should be considered a weapon of last resort.

Tuesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael


Life Insurance Broker said...

Nicely said, I can only agree with you. Police officers should not be allowed to use any life-threatening devices that easily. There is always a chance that the victim will be innocent and yet his life won't matter to the police officer who uses such a device. Like you said, Police needs to toughen up and get back to the old fashioned way of taking down the criminals.

Take care, Lorne

Anonymous said...

Tasers rule