Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WAKE UP! Glenn Beck is Media Scum!

Good Morning Readers! This Keith Olbermann discovered quote should help Glenn Beck fans understand that even he knows he's full of it! Sadly, his fans probably don't realize it, and take his word as gospel.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! He's a greedy, ratings-craving, political entertainer just like Limbaugh. They TALK CRAP for a living! Please, conservative media watchers and listeners, especially the ones who defend people like him on this blog, PAY MORE ATTENTION to the facts!

"If you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot," Glenn Beck


Ken Sears said...

It's incredibly obtuse, not to mention juvenile (not to mention convenient and just-plain-silly), of you to understand Beck's comment to the effect that people shouldn't take every word he says in uncritical acceptance as some sort of confession that he himself doesn't believe anything he says. This kind of silliness is easy, of course, and gets a cheer from the mindless, but in the end it's an exercise in total meaningless and ultimate irrelevance on your part.

Vil said...

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and the rest of these neocon warmongers are traitors. They openly disrespect President Obama, lie about our hard-working public servants, and stirr hate. As much as you neocons don't like this, unless you can use it against the left, for whom we have to thank for having ANY freedom in this country, the fact is that hate speech is NOT and has NEVER BEEN protected by the First Ammendment. Neither is incitement to violence (read: tea parties, neocon talk radio, FOX News, etc ad nauseum).


Vil said...

Their empty-headded rants are FINALLY (more) illegal, thanks to long-overdue hatespeech laws. Despite the fact that anyone with a modicum of common sense always knew that freedom of speech did not mean that one could incite the public against their lawful government, that it did not protect any speech the purpose of which is to promote criminal activity, and that it did not protect sexism, racism, or anything else that promotes inequality. There has had to be a law on books DIRECTLY SITING hatespeech so that the morons can no longer argue their non-point. Let’s get something straight. The First Ammendment NEVER protected racism and enciting the public against the government. People used to hang vermin like this, not allow them unpoliced access to our airwaves and to the ears, hearts, and minds of our children.


Vil said...

(the rest, I hope)
In short, the only way that these inciters, the vermin behind these tea-bagging get-togethers (most likely the American Nazi Party) could possibly do society any good would be as fertilizer. Let them give back to the planet that they've been raping for a few over-inflated bucks. I'd also offer up having them pound out license plates in prison, but if left alive among the general populace, they'd probably turn them into FOX "News" junkies, and then the prisoners would all be FAR worse than they already are at this time!
My anger might make me seem like a rather bloodthirsty soul, given what I've had to say, but I'm not. I believe in a fair and just society. What I want is social justice, whereby all men and women are free. The Founding Fathers wanted the same thing, for they even said that god made all men to be free and equal. Sure, they didn't have Socialism yet, Marx and Engels didn't posit their theories for nearly another century, but let's be intellectually honest with two points.
1. Socialism is NOT evil. Under Socialism, all are equal. Neither is Socialism a failure, as the radical right would claim. I doubt that all of Europe would use it if it were so horrible. Neither is Capitalism a success, except for the unjustly rich, who stole their wealth from the working masses.
2. Read what the founding fathers have to say in context. If Socialism had existed during the drafting of our nation's founding documents, we would be a Socialist nation, not a Capitalist one.

Pull your heads out of your backsides, please. Capitalism doesn't equate to freedom. It equates to slavery, with the masses bowed down to the Almighty Dollar.

Beck's lies would be laughable, were they not so mean-spirited, were they not lapped up by the idiot masses that give this self-professed freak the attention that he seeks. I will never tell my children that monsters don't exist. I'll show them a few horrible moments of FOX "News" (while I am standing over their shoulder to ponit out the lies to their innocent ears), point at Beck, Hannity, or whatever other lying piece of walkinig excrement is staring out of the television set, and I will tell them that the monsters are real, but that they can't get into our house.

Down with all of these anti-American nutjobs and every last onoe of the angry mob that follows them! I pray that they are all swiftly rounded up, tried by a jury, and then executed for sedition. At the VERY LEAST, they MUST be removed from the airwaves and TV IMMEDIATELY!

Vil said...

(part 3)
Please understand, Glen Beck is guilty of treason against the United States of America, as are a number of radical right-wing domestic terrorists. They are all criminals deserving of execution for sedition. Anyone who thinks that these self-proclaimed "patriots" are standing up for a better America should ask people of colour what America was like before they were treated as the human beings that they are. Ask any Jew, any woman, anyone that isn't a rich, male, white of European descent what it was like before the left gave us the civil rights movement. WAKE UP, AMERICA! These TRAITORS even blast the civil rights movement on a regular basis on these unchallenged "shows" of theirs, which amount to nothing more than airwave thuggery.

Were it up to me, I would line every last one of these maggots, including anyone and everyone who has ever worked for or with Fox News, against a brick wall, and I would gleefully order the firing squad to machine gun them. Honestly, I'd like to be on that firing squad. It's these facist-capitalist monsters who've put countless children on the street, tried to run hard-working people out of our lazy hellhole of a country because gee, they have brown skin! Hell, I'd be smiling while I’d put it on Pay-Per-View and use the proceeds for AIDS research.

It is facists like this that cause millions of innocent lives to be lost. Ask any Jew or Roma what conservatism did for them after the collapse of the Weimar Republic (for you uneducated morons on the right, I refer to the rise of Nazi Germany, a Beck/Limbaugh paradise).