Monday, March 2, 2009

The GOP and the "Patriot Card"

Hello Readers! I would like to point out again just how blind Republicans are to their own hypocrisy. We all know how Republicans refuse to acknowledge their own guilt in government, especially when it comes to lies, war profiteering, debt spending and ignoring the rule of law, but they also refuse to acknowledge their own anti-Americanism.

Democrats have endured being called unpatriotic and unAmerican for years. I call it the "patriot card," since it's kind of like the "race card." Republicans play it all the time, and have adopted the tactic as a specialty within the party. It's one of their favorite blunt instruments used to pummel everyone who's not Republican, including independents and the politically neutral-by-nature, into seeing the left-wing [or any non-Republican] as bad for America. It sounds crazy, but it's true.

The real irony is that Republicans are openly threatening to our government all the time, especially lately, and their methods are often blatantly unpatriotic, if not worse. I'm shocked the way Democrats ignore it. Why don't we learn from the Republicans and start calling those REPUBLICANS UNAMERICAN, or ANTI-AMERICAN, since they are, and it's effective. Allow me to start by saying that RUSH LIMBAUGH IS ANTI-AMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC!

Republican leaders have been casual with their remarks lately about how they want President Obama to fail. Limbaugh has been their torch bearer. The Republicans have not only been unpatriotic, they've been downright treasonous. Yes, there have been many Republicans in the media suggesting treason. Sean Hannity even posted a poll on his website offering his viewers the opportunity to choose how they would start a new revolution, and every option included a violent overthrow of some kind. So let's say it together: SEAN HANNITY IS TREASONOUS!

Would they allow Democrats to get away with the same kind of unAmerican speech? NEVER!! They would have been screaming bloody murder by now. They would have used the "patriot card" to CRUSH and discredit the Democrats - both the media and the leadership. WAKE UP DEMS, for this is what Americans care about! This is how they create impressions about OUR leaders. We need to point out their hypocrisy and their evil intent. The Republicans have been talking trash so we need to TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

What can we do to help? Let's point out - whenever possible - just how unAmerican and unpatriotic the Republicans are these days. Let's start calling them out when they try to undermine the government and our elected leaders. Let's use the "patriot card" to discredit THEM. You never know, it may ultimately lose some of it power, like the "race card," and fade away. That would be a great day.

Monday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, isn't there any independant research in the US that shows how unpatriotic the republicans were by staging the war in Irak not for weapons of mass destruction, but for profits (Dick Cheney's e.a). Let's become patriotic globalists! greetings, Robert van Vuure