Monday, March 30, 2009

The Great American Echo Chambers

Good Morning Readers! As any regular visitor to my blog knows, every now and then I feel compelled to write about the Republican/conservative talking machine. Did you guys watch some of the political talk shows yesterday? I don't know about you, but the ones I looked at were filled with Republican hyperbole and obfuscation.

The "repetitive monkeys" as I like to call them - because they're "intellectually challenged" - are at full volume these days. They are constantly beating on us at the moment about spending, and none of the talk show hosts challenge them on the facts. Not one host asked for alternatives. Not one challenged the GOP's spending habits. Their lies and deceit went completely unchallenged yesterday. It was disgusting!

The fact that they spent tens of billions to successfully spend us out of a serious recession after 9/11 is never questioned. The fact they are responsible for 90% of ALL FEDERAL DEBT, much of it caused by their tax cuts, thus leaving future generations with few options, is never discussed. They get away with painting themselves as fiscal conservatives, which is maddening when you know the facts.

Most of the Republicans this weekend danced around the serious issues and never offered specifics. They were throwing around absurd, unsupportable accusations. The media did little to help with fairness, since they were too busy enjoying the foaming and the frothing. Right-wingers kept saying how they were "intellectually honest with the American people." What a joke! I only hope the American people know better, because the facts certainly don't support it.

Since we're on the subject, allow me to say the worst, of course, is FOX "News" and that triumvirate of media MORONS Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Listen to any one of them and you walk away with more crap than a public toilet. They are a boil on America's bottom. They would have been great working at Pravda during the worst years of the USSR. They are selfish, disgusting propagandists using issues like morality and patriotism to line their own greedy pockets. They are the truly UGLY side of America's modern media.

I hear their crap often during dinner party debates. Defending against them is like trying to get out of a brier patch. No matter what you do, you're going to get scratched up. They train their sheep to always change the subject when seriously challenged. In my opinion, after debating many of their flock, I've decided there must be some kind of brainwashing involved. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out if the hosts are brainwashing, or if their flock is just more susceptible to being brainwashed. That is the question.

Btw, there is good news. It's true they attract millions every night, but what they never tell you about their ratings is how they rarely attract over 25% of the American audience. In other words, almost every conservative watches FOX "Noise," while the rest of us watch a multitude of other news sources. It's clear Republicans love to hear themselves talk. The rest of us, our ratings, are spread out across multiple media. If it cheers you up, the FOX "Nitwits" primarily talk to the same people every night. They are the special interest media, which goes a long way to limiting their power.

The other good news is beginning to unfold behind the scenes in back rooms, where serious Republicans are beginning to wonder whether they can continue being "helped" by FOX/Limbaugh-style echo-chambers. They are beginning to question whether stifling serious debate helps their party grow. They're starting to question their self-made Republican bubble.

What can they do though? The Republican sheep love their media. The conservative media love their sheep. Both love the biased reporting. They all seem to love the echo chamber. It's very sad. I've written about it before on this blog, we need to reinvigorate the great American political debate. We need to end the shouting matches. We need to shut down the propagandists. We need one set of facts. We need to care about this issue more.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael


Anonymous said...

Boh the only difference between you, Beck, O'Riely, and Hannity is their commentary is Republican slanted and yours slanted to the far left, both sides is nothing more than political bull-shit with the one difference the other three are laughing all the way to the fucking bank while you are trying to figure out if you can make a trip to the bank.

sue said...

Isn't anon cute! No the difference between those morons spewing hate, and Michael, is Michaels honest to goodness truth and knowledge of the facts! keep telling it like it is M, we love it!!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see anyone prove them wrong on what they are saying, you have your opinion and they have theirs, so who is right? it all depends on which side of the political bull-shit that you eat on a daily basis....again the 3 people that were mentioned must have a lot more to say than Michael, that is why they have their own TV shows and this clown is on blogspot.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - Your comments today show just how little you know about me (despite my many postings) and the political world overall. First of all, I do not try to make money from my political passions. If I did, I would certainly work very hard to get my facts straight. Second, you appear somewhat stupid again - what else. There are OPINIONS when it comes to politics, but there are only real facts when it comes to debating real issues. The three morons I mentioned in my piece RARELY USE FACTS. They usually make stuff up. You would know that if you took the time to check. Third, I prove them wrong ALL THE TIME. As Sue said, I often present plenty of data. Oh well, as always Anon, you fall short of a full deck. Thanks for watching my back Sue! Michael

Anonymous said...

You are right Boh there are real facts and then there is your left wing political bull-shit, again you are jealous of people like Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly, people who have something to say and are not left wing nut cases who make a decent living on keeping people informed..

sue said...

you are right there anon, the 3 humans you mentioned are not left wing nut cases, they are RIGHTWING NUTCASES!!!!! Nobody in their right mind believes the idiotic things they say! Did you get that, I said right mind... Jealous?? I highly doubt that, I'm amazed that you would think anybody would be jealous of those 3 stooges...

by Michael Boh said...

Thanks Sue - I think you were right a few weeks ago when you said they weren't worth debating. Anon, you're proving it. Your apparent belief that somebody is more credible because they have a popular TV show - and makes more money - stinks of what I mentioned in my article. Dude, you are a perfect example of that rare breed, that 25%, a Republican SHEEP! Whether you realize it not, you're a brainwashed, full-fledged member of your party's retarded flock! Unless you seek change, and start to think for yourself, I suspect you're destined to be a good-ole-boy dumb-ass your whole life. Learn the facts dude, otherwise, you're not worth our time. Sue, it does seems like such a waste of time sometimes. Have a great day! Michael