Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gays to Die in Iraq While US Watches

Hello Readers! Another tragedy is about to unfold in Iraq! According to the UK Gay News group that, among other things, keeps a watch on gays and lesbians at risk of persecution in third-world countries, the latest gays to end up on death row come from our new ally IRAQ!

"More than 100 prisoners in Iraq are facing execution. Many of them, says an underground gay rights organization in the country, are believed to have been convicted of the 'crime' of being gay, the UK-based Iraqi-LGBT group revealed this afternoon.

According to Ali Hili of Iraqi-LGBT, the Iraqi authorities plan to start executing them in batches of 20 from this week. There is, said Hili, at least one member of Iraqi-LGBT who are among those to be put to death.

And the London-based group, which believes that a total of 128 executions are imminent, is calling on the UK Government, international human rights groups and the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva to intervene "with due speed" to prevent "this tragic miscarriage of justice" from going ahead."

I don't know about the rest of America, but this gets me extremely angry. I cannot believe that our young men and women died to free a country that is now supporting an elected government that is actively executing gays and lesbians.

Those Republicans who screamed about overthrowing Hussein due to his atrocities should join me and speak up about this pending Iraqi tragedy. Where is your anger? We need to do something about it, especially since we helped free their damn nation.

I hope you all agree that we should not permit them to commit these atrocities while we die to defend their freedom. We shouldn't allow it! President Obama and the US Government needs to act and STOP the killings. We have a right to interfere as long as we're helping them.

Please, get angry and help me. Join me in calling (202.224.3121 Capitol Switchboard) or writing to your representatives and ask them to get involved to save the lives of those people. I must admit, the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. We have the power and influence to save them. We need to try.

Tuesday's OUTRAGE - a VERY ANGRY Michael

Update: Senator Boxer's office responded requesting the source of the news. They said they intend to contact various critical parties to do whatever they can to help. Thank you Senator Boxer and staff! Michael


Nancy said...

Michael, now that is what I call perfect righteous indignation and with damn good reason. Why-oh-why does ones sexual orientation ever have anything to do anything? Our government seems seems to expect gays and lesbians to die for this country, yet denies them a basic right to marry. Gays in other countries are facing execution because they were born a certain way? Simply outrageous! I just called the number you posted to express my outrage and will contact our reps here. Thanks for posting this to make others aware. I had no idea this was taking place, although it certainly doesn't surprise me.

By the way, I added your link to my blog as well! We all need to work together. :)

Anonymous said...

Michael why should any Republican support you and your cause and interfere with a sovereign government? We have millions of un-born children being flushed down the toilet on a daily basis and you say nothing, what a fucking hypocrite.

Nancy said...

I don't mean to butt in here since you addressed your insulting comment to Michael, but aren't you way off topic? And isn't it a bit hypocritical of you, yourself, to post an inflammatory comment without having the guts to identify who you are? Have a nice day.

by Michael Boh said...

Nancy - You're my new favorite, most awesome person! You can butt in anytime. I'm too tired to debate Anon tonight (not that they're real debates anyway), but thanks for helping. :) Michael

Papamoka said...

I'm on this like stink on sh!t and I've already broadcast emailed this to everyone on my email list. Crooks and Liars, Left Coaster, Gun Toting Liberal, and the list goes on. I don't have a say in government but I do have friends in nice places that have a FREAKING HUGE VOICE when it comes to public outrage. This is insane and the spotlight intensity should be on this as if it comes from the sun directly. Insane???

One last thought, Screw you ANON! Ditto on Nancy's thoughts ya coward.

Nancy said...

Thank you Michael! How very sweet of you. You're right about the unreal debates. The right-siders cannot, will not, refuse to debate. There are no meeting of the minds or friendly discussions anymore. If Rush Limbaugh said it, they believe it...period, end of conversation. How unfortunate. But we must move on. So many issues and situations that are broken and so little time to solve them. Papmoka, you are a gem. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

The White House was plunged into

turmoil Saturday as an explosive video emerged allegedly showing Vice President Biden’s daughter snorting cocaine at a Delaware house party.

The shocking video of Ashley Biden, 27, was shot this year and is being peddled for $250,000, a lawyer representing the seller told RadarOnline.com.

The White House did not return requests for comment Saturday night. The vice president, who was attending a summit in Chile Saturday, could not be reached.

The tape, viewed by several news agencies, allegedly shows a man cutting up five lines of what appear to be cocaine.

Moments later, a woman - identified by the person selling the tape as Ashley Biden - jokes that the lines aren’t large enough, RadarOnline.com reported.

The unidentified man then hands over a rolled-up dollar bill, and the young woman with brown hair strolls to the table where the white powder was cut, pulls back her hair, reaches down and snorts a line, according to reports.

Four lines of white powdery substance are clearly visible on the table, RadarOnline.com reported.

After she snorts the first line, the woman lifts her head and wipes her nose, then snorts a second and third line of powder, RadarOnline.com reported.

The video, which may have been shot without the woman’s knowledge, was recorded at a raucous house party in Wilmington, according to the gossip Web site, and the man in the video is said to be Ashley Biden’s boyfriend.

Ashley Biden, a social worker employed by the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families, has been the subject of controversy before.

In 2002, Ashley Biden, then 21, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer after a friend threw a soda can at a cop outside a Chicago bar.

Ashley Biden allegedly blocked the path of the officer and made threatening statements.

The charges against Ashley Biden, a student at Tulane University in New Orleans at the time, were dropped in exchange for a public apology in court.

Ashley Biden - who could not be reached for comment Saturday night - is the youngest of the veep’s three children. She is the only one born to the vice president and his second wife, Jill.


Anonymous said...

"The right-siders cannot, will not, refuse to debate. There are no meeting of the minds or friendly discussions anymore. If Rush Limbaugh said it, they believe it...period, end of conversation. How unfortunate."

There is nothing to debate, this shit that Michael puts out is nothing more than political commentary the same as Limbaugh and to debate someone on what they believe to be the truth is useless. My point is Michael thinks Sara Palin's family is morally bankrupt because her daughter had a baby out of wedlock but Joe Biden's daughter is a up standing citizen after being filmed snorthing God only knows how many lines of cocaine.

Nancy said...

Well good morning to you, too, Anonymous person. Okay. So Joe Biden's daughter snorted cocaine. Jeb Bush, George W.'s brother and former Governor of Florida has a daughter who was arrested multiple times for her cocaine addiction. What's your point? A lot of American families deal with this horrendous drug problem this country has experienced for the last 25 years. Sarah Palin's daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. This happens to millions of people. So what. You completely missed Michael's point. He wasn't moralizing against Sarah Palin because of her family issues, he was expressing the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin and right-wingers who moralize against anything those on the left do. Come on. You have to admit that you guys never said a word about Jeb Bushes daughter, but now all of a sudden because Joe Biden's daughter is caught with cocaine, it's a BIG DEAL because he is a Dem. Pure hypocrisy, sir.

Personally, I don't think it's any one's business whose kid did what. Like I said, you seem to be a tit-for-tat kind of person. Your anger is misplaced. Revenge and anger are poison. If I were you, I'd take a vacation and get over yourself.

by Michael Boh said...

Thank you - as always - for putting it so well Nancy. I guess it's only natural that Anon would post something like that, since wedge issues are their favorites. Anon, Nancy was right, I was merely responding to your stupidity. WE DO NOT JUDGE Palin's daughter. I merely use it as an example of what the LORD said - he who is without sin may cast the first Republican hypocrite. Isn't your crowd very Christian? Why not practice what you preach? Now I'm sure Nancy would agree with me that you're hardly worth our time and energy, but if you do insist on this masochistic rampage, at least give us something harder to defend against. Most of your points are quite pathetic.

PS - My "political commentary" that you disregard as rubbish is often backed up by facts. I even provide links on many sources. I've never seen your side - or you - do the same. Like Nancy said, your anger is misplaced. You really need to take time, do your homework, and lighten up dude.

Nancy said...

...and just as a side note to Michael's Christian reference, "judge not, lest you be judged." All this moralizing and judging began when republicans took their march toward hypocrisy when Clinton was in office. Even though there was plenty of evidence many republicans were engaging in their very own sexual dalliances, each of them condemned Clinton for his.

Micheal, Anonymous is so full of bluster and anger, he doesn't get that your points are proven facts. Yes, your posts are commentary, but commentary based upon facts. Why are right-wingers so afraid of facts?

Hey! Have a wonderful evening, Michael. Love your blog and essays.

by Michael Boh said...

Nancy – I don’t know if it was rhetorical, but I do LOVE that question about our differences. You probably heard it too, but I like the theory that our brains are somehow wired in different ways. It seems to explain so much. Defensiveness, narcissism/moral superiority and selfishness seem so prevalent on the right, while empathy/sympathy, community and common ground seem so much more prevalent on the left. You know, things like that. Our best historical evidence is how smoothly the US government ran after WWII when Democrats were in charge for so long. Republicans provided a healthy debate, but Democrats were the ones who searched for compromise. I find it fascinating. My guess is that “facts’ in their world are negotiable, depending on whether they fit into their own fearful and paranoid world view – they also seem disposable and changeable. Facts in our world seem non-negotiable, especially since one needs an impartial truth when motivated to find real compromise. My guess is they see facts as “psychologically inconvenient" somehow. Of course, and just as important, they also have that selfishness problem, which hinders their ability to seek compromise when it doesn't benefit their own self-interest. That part REALLY ANNOYS ME! I hate to sound arrogant, but I think we're much more evolved in that area. Unfortunately, if those theories are accurate, then it makes our job of coming together all the more difficult. I do wonder how we cater to their morality (which we know is something they like to use mainly as a political weapon - they don't practice what they preach by and large), selfishness, greed and paranoia while trying to create a better world for BILLIONS of people? That's tough! That's my best guess for now. Btw, thanks for appreciating my work - I like your essays and blog too. MB

PS - Btw, I also think their handicap (I think it's justified) extends to recognizing the difference between fact and opinion. That ability seems lost on them as well. :)

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you brought this to our attention. It makes me want to puke! Hopefully someone will start to yell loud enough to help these kids.

On another more possible not - Bully for Iowa...but my better half doesn't want to get married in a wheat field. We're holding out for NY or NJ though Jersey seems to be wimping out again and now saying we have to wait until after the fall elections. Isn't that what Corzine said last year.

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