Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth, Justice and the New American Way

Hello Readers! I grew up like most kids in America, believing in truth, justice, and the American way! Therefore, I always considered my fellow Americans a fair bunch when it came to politics, usually giving our politicians time to get the job done.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Americans are becoming more and more like the media today: short-sighted, somewhat fickle and very impatient. It seems our fast paced world, coupled with worries about the economy, are eating away at our national intelligence, and - in my opinion - we risk national failure if we can't control it.

The country has less trust in its leaders, probably for good reason after the past eight years, but we need to trust President Obama for a while if we're to see any of the CHANGE we voted for. He needs more time. We need to rediscover our long-held trust and patience, or we could spiral down into Republican-generated turmoil that has dangerous consequences.

Isn't it obvious to you by now the GOP thrives on chaos? They love it. Conflict creates opportunities for the military-industrial complex, and other devious people that roam the back hallways of power. There are many books on the subject. They're the dark lords of chaos who hate the Democratic Party and it's clean-up efforts, and see the American people as puppets in their game. I wonder what will happen when we're no longer useful. Scary!

Look at your calendar people! President Obama has been in office for less than 2 MONTHS, and some of you (probably many independents) are already second-guessing him? You're already listening to the boobs on the right who DESTROYED this great nation, and a lot of the world with it? It seems to many of us you're already willing to give their old, stale and broken ideas a chance again. What is the matter with YOU?! WAKE UP! Stop listening to their old, busted ways!

I realize I'm being somewhat melodramatic, but I had hoped that Americans would give President Obama a high approval rating for most of the year. I had hoped that Americans would look to President Obama to rescue us from what the Republicans did, and are capable of DOING AGAIN! Unfortunately, for the less patient Americans, time is already running out.

President Obama is slipping a little in the polls. Last week a major Opinion Research Poll for CNN showed his ratings decline to 64 percent from 76 percent in February. That's OVER TEN POINTS! We need to stop that decline NOW! His disapproval rating edged up to 34 percent from 23 percent. That might not seem like a lot, but we need him to remain as popular as possible to tackle the huge problems facing this country. We need every American to stop listening to the Republican BS machine and support the President!

Republican operatives around the country are busy at work RIGHT NOW crafting grotesque and dishonest schemes to foment chaos. We need to respond! The two-thirds of Americans who say Obama will succeed need to talk to their friends, and try to discredit Republican attempts to create chaos. More Democrats need to discredit the 24/7 "news" channels, and talk about why we voted for President Obama in the first place. We have a small window to recapture the debate and shut the Republicans down again - like last year.

HOW? I have a simple idea, especially for us, over-complex-loving Democrats. We need to shut down their strategy by painting the Republicans RED with the deficit they CREATED and DESERVE. RED NEEDS TO BE THE NEW GOP COLOR! The color of debt, corruption and lies.

I've written about it many times. It's a fact that the Republicans are responsible for over 90% of this nation's post World War II debt (see my Feb 2009 post entitled The Lies and Debt of Republicanism). They should not get away with being seen as fiscally responsible! Truth be told, they should be tarred RED, feathered and thrown out of the country! Short of that, how about at least blaming them for the damage they caused? WAKE UP Democratic leaders! Do your jobs! Paint the GOP RED!

Republicans are thrilled by the fact they have lied their way into getting millions of Americans to - ONCE AGAIN, despite all evidence to the contrary - think the Democrats are the big spenders. They know it's a joke, but it doesn't matter to them. Truth is inconvenient to them. It's simply their latest fake controversy.

I'm speaking of course about the latest brilliant GOP ideas, freezing government spending and lowering taxes on the wealthiest Americans. (Oh yea, that's worked in the past.) Those ideas have no basis in history or fact. They are reckless and borderline stupid. Respected economists worldwide agree, along with the majority of the American people, that only domestic spending, health care, finance and other overarching government reforms will rescue the economy, the middle-class, and ultimately the whole nation - including the wealthy.

Instead of respecting the election and letting us have our chance to create policy, the Republicans are reacting like spoiled brats. They claim we're "spending their money" and they "want it stopped." It's a joke, a crock! What the hell did they do while they were in power? SPEND MONEY?! It's called winning elections and governing with your own ideas you morons! Unfortunately, their latest crisis seems to be gaining support, so we need to stop it!

What do we need to stop? How about the latest Republican orchestrated anti-bailout protests that started last month when that grandstanding fool Rick Santelli of CNBC complained about Obama's $75 billion mortgage-relief plan. Santelli accused the government of promoting bad behavior and sarcastically asked people at the Chicago Board of Trade whether they'd like to pay for their neighbor's mortgage. His rant was picked up on the Drudge Report and posted on YouTube.

His call for a Chicago Tea Party along Lake Michigan spread rapidly via the Web, and people started planning mini-versions of the Boston Tea Party, which - of course - was a protest against unfair taxation from England. I guess Santelli and the idiot Republicans see Democrats in power as some kind of "royalists" who spend their hard earned money foolishly. I have news for you simpletons, it's our money too! Get a life and shut the hell up!

It's obvious to most observers that Democrats need a better plan, or at least a better marketing and communications plan. They need to start labelling the Republicans. They need to start putting out simple messages - to our simple, pseudo-modern press - blaming the Republicans for all the damage they did, and encourage the media and the American people to discover the simple truth. Republicans aren't the good guys they say they are.

Republicans do not represent the best of America. Unlike the past (it's true that many decent people are slow to realize and get out), it's clear these days they represent the worst. They are a small, regional party that loves to use lies and deceit to create chaos, thus gaining power and stealing wealth. They exploit single-issue voters, feed like perverted demons on moral anxieties, joke about how scientific evidence and economic sustainability mean nothing, and laugh while the world deteriorates before their eyes. To outsiders, they must seem immoral.

It's now clear they don't seem to care about the nation or the planet, and therefore must be stopped before it's too late. Don't fool yourself. This is a war of survival. They only look out for the best of mankind. We the people need to look out for all of mankind. Whether it's debt or climate change, the Republicans play the dice, risking our lives and our futures, convinced they are right. Their arrogance and selfishness knows no bounds. I don't care if you consider me melodramatic, but we need to end their reign of risk.

The GOP rank and file need to stop acting like fools, and stop trusting the unscrupulous, unconscionable party leaders who continue to divide and conquer us. The last Republican administration was a disgrace to America and the world. Stop denying reality! WAKE UP, FACE THE TRUTH, and JOIN the rest of mankind! Help us save the country and the world. I only hope we all wake up before it's too late, for everyone's sake.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael

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