Monday, August 17, 2009

Fight for Real Reform, Win or Lose

Good Morning Bloggers - I think Governor Howard Dean and Democratic Party strategist James Carville have it right when they suggest that we Democrats should be willing to go it alone on health care/insurance reform, and if the Republicans succeed in defeating it by whatever means, then we should go after them at the ballot box where real issues get sorted out.

I don't think President Obama is right to fight for just any bill. Who cares if the Republicans will call it a loss, or the "end of his presidency." That is all crap and we know it. The kind of reform bill we get is more important.

Dean has been saying it for a while, but Carville is now agreeing with the strategy. Carville's sharp political mind is usually right, and I think Democratic leaders need to listen. Compromising with the Blue Dogs and the Republicans could hurt us more than help us. Half-ass health care reform will not win votes. If anything, it could hurt the party by repressing future Democratic voter turnout.

When Americans are told the truth, a public option (or even single-payer) is the reform most sought-after. The lies and propaganda are effective, but over time the truth will win over voters. Carville is right. Democrats need to stand firm for what is right. Republicans may see defeating health care reform as a victory, but politically it could also be their Waterloo. It's a fact the truth usually wins in the end.

If we lose while trying to pass real reform, the debate will continue since the issue won't just go away. In the meantime, the party of NO will pay the price. They will need a hell of a lot of dirty industry money to keep fighting the fight, and that will come with a high price. If Democrats pass a bad bill that does very little to control costs, or worse increase costs, it could mean a victory for Republicans in the future.

Think about it, if we fight very hard yet lose, it will go a long way to motivate the base for the upcoming mid-term elections. At least that sounds right to me.

I'm no expert, but half-ass reform requiring insurance companies to absorb more risk (by requiring them to take pre-existing conditions and sick people) will probably encourage them to raise rates. Regulations without real reform (controlling costs by reforming the whole system) will probably only add to our problems.

One of my favorite progressive talk radio hosts and political/sociological thinkers is Thom Hartmann, and he thinks we should simplify things by allowing Americans to buy into the Medicare/Medicaid system. The result would be a public option that is already popular with the American people. Republicans and health industry lobbyists would have a tough time fighting against that kind of option. I think that's an idea that deserves more study.

No matter what, I am no longer that angry with our Democratic leaders. I now see just how much they're up against. I see the propaganda, the lies being told every day. I see the amount of money being thrown at the opposition. If anything, I'm angry with the rank-and-file Republicans and their lack of moral fiber.

It's true. Instead of debating the issue logically and trying to learn more about how the health insurance industry is bankrupting America, and how millions of people are dying for no good reason, ordinary Republicans are foolishly buying all the crap that's being thrown at them. They seem so willing to swallow horrible, shocking lies.

Rank-and-file Republicans must think very little of Democrats to think we would want to kill old people or deny people care. They all seem too willing to believe the lies.

Where was their passion in the past? They allowed themselves to swallow billions and trillions in debt-spending when it came to wars and half-ass government reforms (prescription drug benefits) benefiting big pharm under Bush/Cheney, but have practically risen in armed revolt at the prospect of saving AMERICAN lives under real health care reform.

Let's face it, Republican unwillingness to consider any kind health care reform could be considered both immoral and unAmerican, because millions of Americans are suffering and dying every day. When you boil it all down, it's simply about saving lives. That is a moral issue, no matter how you spin it.

I hope our Democratic leaders continue to fight for what is right. I agree more with Howard Dean than Bill Clinton. Clinton and Obama think any reform is good, while Dean says that real reform is the only way to go - win or lose. Sometimes you just have to fight for what is right. GO DEAN!!!!

Monday's Political Rant - Michael


ghostrider6265 said...

I knew the death Panel statement by Palin would get you guys foaming at the mouth, what she done was to take a play from the Saul Alinsky’s book and make it look different than it really is. You have to give her credit for out smarting you left wingers, keep slobbering at the mouth….

As of now it looks like Obama’s health care is going to crash and burn thanks to Palin.


by Michael Boh said...

WOW! I guess he's right, we probably should be very scared of that brilliant political mind.

For God's sake, the woman doesn't know what the hell she's doing most of the time, much less strategize or outsmart anybody. She just gets lucky motivating a bunch of morons who pass on bad information. She's a talking turnip with a large pathetic following. The scary part is that people like you believe in her. It's irrational.

On a serious note, if enough idiots listen to her, then we're all in trouble. It won't be the first time a bunch of idiots ruin what is good in this country. They did it with Bush too.

by Michael Boh said...

As you can see, I'm into "talking turkey" these days. The gloves are off when it comes to discussing the lying liars and those that listen to them.

ghostrider6265 said...

Trying to discredit the other person by calling them names Boh does nothing more than show you own stupidity.

The American public already knows what Dean and Carville are about, non players as far as they are concerned.

The people listened to Obama and what has it gotten them? another day older and deeper in debt, no jobs as the man promised, unemployed going to an all time high since the depression, I know it is all Bush's fault, his fault Obama is spending the American public into debt that will take generations to recover from, that is not a lie it is a fact as you well know.

Take away the man teleprompter and what is he? nothing more than a mere mortal who trips over his dick like the rest of us....and has no problem showing that he is not qualified for the position he is in.

by Michael Boh said...

Not stupidity, I would say frustration. Fine GR, I'm soooo bad. I'll go stand in the corner.

I guess like most of the right-wing I've decided to start being rude. I'm sick and tired of playing nice with your side, so I'm sorry but you may get some of that wrath. Besides, you're not always polite. A matter of fact you're often rude.

As of late you guys don't deserve nice treatment. Werner may think so, but not me. The recent lies and manipulation have put me over the edge. From now on, when provoked, I'm going to fight fire with fire. Get used to it. Your side lowered the standards, so I'm just responding in kind.

It's just the way things are these days in Republican-led, deceitful, manipulative, propagandistic, ugly American politics.

ghostrider6265 said...

Having a sensitivity attack are you? politicians love people like you because you are still young and believe everything they say.

Me I know they are all liars and do not trust any of them. Look at Obama and all of the lies he has told since taking office and you are so simple minded that you cannot see it.

I thought Clinton could tell lies, but he cannot hold a candle to this clown that you call

by Michael Boh said...

I don't agree with you mostly GR, but who knows, you could be right on this one. Perhaps I have been too hopeful. Simple minded no, too trusting and hopeful, probably yes.

Between the right's lies and the left's lack of backbone I feel pretty let down these days. I still want to have hope, but I think your side may be winning, and that isn't good for any of us.

ghostrider6265 said...

Boh if we get through this with all of our freedoms in-tact then we all win. I have no problem with health care reform but want it done by both sides and not shoved down my throat.

When you mention TORT reform to these clowns that cannot be discussed because it will take money out of the pockets of their rich lawyer friends, yes rich liberals something you care not to talk about because you have come to believe the only rich people are Republicans.

If Obama wants to get this accomplished then bring in both sides to write the bill not just one, if that happens then you will see a different attitude in the American people....we know that want happen because that would go against in what he believes.

sue said...

Funny I come here and see GR talking Palin. I just came from rightwingsparkle, I'm laughing hysterically over her post praising Palin and giving her all the credit for death panels being dropped from the bill just from her itty bitty tweet! OMG!!! Michael I don't know how I'm gonna survive this stupidity!! This dumb blonde blogs, talks on the radio, tweets, etc, and people LISTEN to her!!

ghostrider6265 said...

Boh after taking a few minutes and scanning your ramblings on health care, the issue for you as I see it is not about health care, but about winning votes for the party, "Half-ass health care reform will not win votes. If anything, it could hurt the party by repressing future Democratic voter turnout." If we are passing health care for the sake of the party to secure votes in the future or to use as scare tactics then what good is it?

Then you start referring to people as being unmerican because they oppose what you Liberals want, that will get you no where Nancy Pelosi has found that out, and you are unamerican for even making that kind of statement.

by Michael Boh said...

I wish I had time to "chat" about all your points GR, especially since you're being extremely civilized compared to the past (I seem to be the angry one this time), but I don't have time. At least I posted them so people can read them - sorry, I don't agree with most of it.

Suffice it to say that health care has BECOME a political issue. It wasn't in the beginning, but now (because of LIES) it threatens my party. We need to worry about it now.

Sue, I completely agree about Palin and her followers. It would be easier to explain radical Islam to me than why people love that idiot. Damn it makes me depressed about the state of politics in our country.

ghostrider6265 said...

Boh there is nothing I can say that you would agree with, you believe in big government and big taxes, I believe in small government and no taxes.

I believe in freedom and having control of my life, you believe in a half ass freedom and no control over your life, others word you want the government to tell you what to do and when to do it, and I feel sorry for people who want that.

by Michael Boh said...

Wow GR, that is a bit of an over-simplification. Black and white. Uncompromising and depressing.

I hate to bust your bubble, but I don't see it that way at all. You have a pretty strange - almost alien - outlook on what makes people like me tick. Have you ever even read my work? If you paid attention to my work, you wouldn't have written that little tidbit.

Oh well, I guess that's why we have trouble communicating most of the time dude. Moving on...