Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Clear and Present Danger

Good Morning Bloggers! It's clear to me that we're living through some pretty tough times. It's almost like we've split into three different camps, with the right and left tugging at those in the middle to the point of exhaustion. The big problem is how hard some are tugging.

Americans are being lied to more than ever, and sadly there doesn't seem to be any force powerful enough to prevent it. It's getting out of control, and things are getting very dangerous.

Aside from terrorism, the evil in America today is coming from politicians and corporate interests. They have climbed into bed together, and the American people are the ones being screwed. Political messages are getting more and more complicated. Some might say too complicated. Issues are being decided less on debate and more on paid punditry.

Politics has always been a dirty job, but somehow the duels and corrupt leaders of the past pale in comparison to the billions spent on the lies and deceit of today. Modern political "warfare" seems larger and nastier somehow, and the lies seem to infect more people. I keep looking for a silver lining, but without a big success like true health care reform, the skies look dark to me.

The Industrial Revolution sullied America's politicians like the London skyline. The nineteenth century brought us President Grant smoking cigars with power brokers in the lobby of the Willard Hotel. Those conversations have grown from bad to worse. Lobbying today is more secretive and the interests more corrupt. Corporate shills now prowl Congress handing out huge checks buying huge favors.

Unless we can fight our way through their money and lies our American democracy - our very freedom to govern ourselves based on a free press and simple truths - is at risk of failure.

Despite the best efforts of a few it seems the lies are just too many and too often. Ironically, the political electorate are more powerful than ever due to email and the Internet, yet powerful special interests have worked hard to keep their media and message at full volume despite the innovations. Their lies far outpace our desire for truth. As usual, they manipulate us, despite our best efforts.

We need our political leaders to have the backbone and the skills to compete against today's powerful, rich, private sector power brokers. It's possible, with the exception of the Civil War era, we need their leadership more than ever.

Even the President of the United States fights an uphill battle to get his/our message out - the message we supported during the election. Unfortunately, our so-called 24/7 "news" channels fill the airwaves with so many lies and so much ado about nothing that Americans forget their best interests and lose focus. The airwaves have become a minefield of sorts.

Sadly, health care is only the tip of the iceberg. If we don't win the war against disinformation now, we may never win. The special interest forces and their great wealth may corrupt our system to the point where reform is impossible. It may sound hyperbolic, but corporations may ultimately control the levers of power - if they don't already.

Unless Republicans and their supporters see the light, corporate money, political corruption, greed, and worst of all, a disregard for what is in the best interest of the American people, may be our political future. We need to fight back! We need to find a way to shut down the spin doctors, the liars and the money changers.

Greedy, soulless journalists and money-grubbing pundits cannot be allowed to destroy 230+ years of free press and good governance.

What is the solution? A grassroots movement? A constitutional convention for a constitutional amendment baring corporate involvement in politics? Who knows, but I suggest we start thinking. If health care/insurance reform falls victim to their lies and deceit, then I think it is a clear sign that something must be done before it's too late.

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael


ghostrider6265 said...

Boh why not tell us about the death panels that the white house kept denying and since Palin came out and accused them of having them and now they are dropping those provisions.

Maybe you can explain how the white house got people's e-mail addresses and started sending them mail they never requested....You are right there is a clear and present danger and it is not Palin it is the Windy City Thugs that we need to be aware of.

ghostrider6265 said...

You do not want to tell us about the death panels as Palin calls them and why they were removed from the bill or tell us about how Obama and his thugs got the e-mails addresses of private citizens, why not tell us about flag@whitehouse.gov you know the snitch line where you can rat our your neighbors and friends who oppose his health care..

You are right on one thing we the people do have a clear and present danger facing us and it is not Palin, again it is the WINDY CITY THUGS.

by Michael Boh said...

Hello Readers - I broke my own rules by posting comments I just received from one of our more "conservative" visitors - filled with lies and distraction. I have no intention of debating them, just posting them.

I think they are both great examples of how some Americans are believing the lies and deceit being put out there by so many despicable people and organizations. It's a good example of what I was talking about in my article. Sorry GR, but you've become a case study - a victim too - in what is wrong about media in America today.

sue said...

GR if you think Palin has the ability to make congress change ANYTHING in a bill then you are highly misinformed! Stay tuned buddy, the game is still in progress...

ghostrider6265 said...

Boh most recently a woman in Oregon who had terminal cancer was denied a drug that cost $4000.00 dollars that would prolong her life, but was offered by the state to pay for her assisted suicide bill.

If a State government can deny a person medical services that will prolong their life what makes you think the Federal Government under Obama will not do it.


Werner Patels said...

The tone of political discourse in America has hit rock bottom -- on both sides of the ideological divide.

Do you really think that adding tags such as "hypocrites", "lies", "liars", etc. to your posts adds to the quality of the debate?

I can understand that you're mad at some of the outrageous stuff we've heard from the Republican side ("death panels"), but by screaming and using loaded language, things will never get better.

by Michael Boh said...

I understand your feelings about using those words Werner, and I used more subtle words for a long time, but unfortunately the lies and deceit threaten progress so much that it's time we start talking about it.

We need to start talking about the message "manipulation" and the BS being put out there as fact by all kinds of secretive sources. Polite political dialogue is great, but it's also ineffective if the message is muddied by propanda and lies. No, sorry Werner, we need to begin talking about the propaganda itself. It's the only way. We need to say it like it is. We need to expose the liars - on both sides.