Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Hello Bloggers! Most of us within the blogosphere have become familiar with the crazy lies being told by the far-right these days, so much so that "crazy" doesn't even seem to describe the situation anymore. "Alternate realities" or "psychotic episodes" may be more appropriate.

Still, we have one more "fun fact" of theirs to add to the list, and it's a whopper. I don't know about you, but I've been a BBC News fan for many years. I watched it on PBS along with the [McNeil Lehrer] NewsHour long before BBC America hit the airwaves. It's one of the most respected news organizations in the world.

The latest shot across the bow of truth was fired in Scotland this past Friday - at the Edinburgh International Television Festival - by James Murdoch (Rupert's 36-year old son and the person in charge of News Corps businesses in Europe and Asia - and probably the guy who will take over the empire one day) who called the British Broadcasting Corporation a "threat to independent journalism."

The BBC is now a threat to independent journalism!

Not only is this the worst case of the pot calling the kettle black since George W. Bush successfully tarnished John Kerry's war record, but it's one more disgusting lie propagated by one of the worst and most disgraceful journalistic empires ever to sew ruin on the social fabric of mankind. In my opinion, the Murdochs are rich and powerful pond scum.

Most respectable journalists consider the Murdochs the worst yellow journalists in modern history, and that includes the past 150 years or so. Why? They're worse because media is now global, and the stakes much higher. You may consider me hyperbolic, but unchecked their lies may doom individuals, governments, and possibly all of mankind.

Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism is considered biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. The practice of yellow journalism involves "sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting sales and exciting public opinion."

It is an evil practice that has led to much pain and misfortune. It should be illegal, but it can't be legislated. Unfortunately, it is allowed to exist, despite leading to false wars (Spanish American and Iraq to name just two), death and much misery. It grows within a news organization like FOX "News" like a parasite, feeding on those within who seek money and power.

The most famous examples historically in the US involved two papers in the late 19th century- The New York World, run by Joseph Pulitzer and The New York Journal, run by William Randolph Hearst. They are now considered responsible for numerous tragedies at the time. They may be historically famous, or infamous, but they were also disgraceful.

The ethics embodied in the Pulitzer Prize have often seemed like a case of too little, too late for some. Still, like Carnegie's libraries, museums and halls, it helped heal some wounds. The same cannot be said for Hearst's legacy.

Who knows, perhaps the Murdochs will try to buy off history one day, but I doubt it. Besides, it won't matter much if the world is falling apart due to News Corp lies. The damage may be too great by that time. The way I see it, the Murdochs are human parasites, and we need to find a cure.

Murdoch and his progeny are carrying the torch, promoting the dark and destructive forces of yellow journalism. The only reason the Murdoch empire has competition in the US is due to laws that were enacted after the time of Hearst and Pulitzer. Sadly, almost instinctively, the Republicans are doing their best to weaken those protections - in their own quest for money and power.

If they have their way, FOX "News" will be our only source of information. God help us.

Murdoch Jr. Warns of BBC Monopoly
Calls "Threat" Chilling

It is so ironic, not to mention rich with corporate greed and unbelievable personal hypocrisy, that James Murdoch actually evoked the name of Orwell in his speech to warn about "a near-monopoly of information [by the state] is to guarantee manipulation and distortion."

He also said the prospect of BBC expansion is "chilling" and "a threat to independent journalism." All I can say is who spiked his drink or meds.

James, unless you just fell off the proverbial turnip truck, and know absolutely nothing about media today (wink wink, nod nod), nobody would ever suggest that a "near-monopoly" of information exists anywhere in the Western world, at least when it comes to public entities like the BBC.

Sadly, the BBC is probably the greatest asset to independent journalism, since it's one of the few organizations left practicing real journalism - or investigative, confrontational journalism to be more precise. It shouldn't be that way, but it's true. It's also true that most of us are terrified by the Murdoch family's near-global monopoly. That is what "chills" the rest of us. The only Orwellian indicators we see today are from FOX.

For those who may not know, the BBC is not a monopoly, especially when it comes to the news. If anything, the BBC is a guarantor against private news bias, like PBS in the US. It protects against manipulation and distortion.

It's true the BBC is different, since it operates as a pseudo-government agency with a right to charge access, but that was a political decision made long ago. History and truth now prove that it was a good decision. Let's hope the Brits keep it that way for all of us.

Lying further, of course, Murdoch went on to suggest that public entities like the BBC harm private companies by siphoning off needed advertising revenues. In terms of international news programming, the BBC is a minor player when it comes to advertising dollars. Murdoch's point is both absurd and deceitful, like the rest of his company.

Like most power-hungry people these days Murdoch is clearly projecting. It seems to be a common psychological trait of the greedy-power-hungry-far-right these days.

A "Psycho" Right-wing Production

The right often says we do it, but most evidence suggests that projection is more of a right-wing tool. What is it? I'm glad you asked. It's one of many human defense mechanisms, such as being in denial.

"Psychological projection (or projection bias) is the unconscious act of denial of a person's own attributes, thoughts, and/or emotions, while ascribing them to the outside world, or another person or people. It is the fundamental mechanism by which we keep our selves uninformed about ourselves."

You see, our defense mechanisms help us cope with bad behavior. Think Eric Cartman on South Park. He's a perfect example of somebody who projects a lot of horrible things. I'm sure the Murdochs and Eric Cartman have a lot in common. Maybe they actually inspired South Park founders Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Now that makes a lot of sense.

So, projection helps us cope with the awful things we do to survive. The problem is that one person's survival is another person's nightmare, or a nation's nightmare. Oh yes, another side-effect of projection involves never taking the blame, or any responsibility. Sound familiar?

Untangling the Web
Slowing the Machine

Today's Republican "machine," politically perfected recently by Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, now led by FOX "News" and the Murdochs, needs to be slowed. If not, it will just keep lying its way into our future.

It runs on very strong and easy-to-find fuel - greed, money and power. So, based on my theory, the Murdochs and their ilk will continue to run amok unless we can slow them or stop them. We need to fight hard to shut down their access to greed, money and power. Slowing access to the fuel that feeds is always a good solution.

Until somebody proves me wrong, it's my best guess. Rupert and James Murdoch, along with FOX "News" and a lot of today's far-right fringe, will do their best to lie, cheat and steal until we stop them. They will also continue to soak us in their own crap. When you think about it, it's the only way they can live with themselves.

Sunday's Political Rant - Michael


ghostrider6265 said...

Boh I bet this chaps your hairy ass
right raw, Jenna Bush has a slot on NBC and 65% of the people said they would watch her.....A big time smart Liberal like you has to be tied down to this lowly blog at writing your bull-shit opinions that only 2 or 3 people give a hit as to what you say..

Holte Ender said...

Phew - I'm breathless after reading that rant. Good one.

I agree about the BBC, it is about the news, and when they are giving an opinion or analysis, they say so. Murdoch's outlets are all about opinion and sensationalism, little bits of news creep in there, but it's hard to pick.

The BBC has made both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party really angry, with its investigative prowess. They can be a nasty piece of work, in a journalistic sense. Go BBC.

Fox News have only one target in mind, and it's not the republican party. They realize that there is a percentage of the population that hates anything that comes from the other side of the aisle, 3-4 million viewers for Beck, O'Reilly and Hannity means ratings success, that means dollars, that means influence in Washington D.C.

Murdoch hates the BBC but he also fears the BBC.

by Michael Boh said...

GR - you're wrong as usual. I don't care. I've told you many times I've already done very well in life - I have money and happiness. How about you dude? This blog is a hobby. There's no jealousy/envy no matter what you think. Did you read the piece? Are you absolutely sure you're not projecting? MB

by Michael Boh said...

Thanks for the great insight Holte - I agree with your points based on what I know about the BBC. I would say more but I'm typing remotely for a change. Thanks - MB

Twilight said...

Great post, Michael!

The "Beeb" (BBC) is one of the things I've missed most since leaving the UK to live in the USA.
It's a national treasure, paid for by annual licence fee, which is one of the best bargains around.
It belongs to the people and operates under Royal Charter.

I wish PBS was funded more like the BBC, instead of having to hold "pledge weeks" to raise money. LOL! I can imagine the outcry from the right though, if a licence fee were to be levied.

Murdoch and Fox are rabble rousers pure and simple - trouble is certain people don't realise it and carry on trusting them.

ghostrider6265 said...

"I have money and happiness. How about you dude?"

Done pretty good Boh, been retired for about 8 years and do quite a bit of shotgunning, you know shooting trap and sporting clays and traveling around to as many of our national parks as possible, do that when I get bored and no big shoots going on.

You going to be willing to share your money with the less fortunate? Not me I worked to damn hard for it. I wonder if Uncle Teddy will share any of his millions to help out in paying health care for all of the dead beats... what’s your guess? I say he is unwilling to help good riddance, one less Kennedy to worry about.

by Michael Boh said...

Thanks Twilight - I agree about the BBC being a national treasure, and that PBS should do the same great work. We both know that's impossible due to the crazies. :)

GR, I give plenty of money away. Regarding Teddy, you wouldn't understand a great legacy like his anyway. It requires a human heart.

ghostrider6265 said...

"GR, I give plenty of money away. Regarding Teddy, you wouldn't understand a great legacy like his anyway. It requires a human heart."

You are right Boh his car has killed more people than my guns, his liver has filter more booze than mine, chased after more women than me, a great legacy and roll model. It always amazes me as to how the man got out of the car, he could not open the door because of the water and there were no windows rolled down and once they got Mary Jo out of the water her finger nails were down to the bone from clawing and trying to escape.

You are right it really takes a heart to let another human being lay in a watery grave for hours on end and then only come forward when you see that the car has been discovered, I could not live with myself if I had committed this horrible crime.

by Michael Boh said...

GR, I published that offensive piece just to illustrate the kind of crap your side believes.

B.J. said...


You love journalism as much as I do. People who understand what journalism means understand Murdoch’s enterprises cannot hold a candle to the BBC.

You did omit what I consider the greatest fuel running News Corp’s empire: ignorance.

That fact is sustained by Ghost Rider’s comments herein. His words are just an ignorant attempt to draw discussion away for your post’s premise.

Oh, and Ghost Rider, about your attitude toward those who have been less fortunate than you: meet Jesus Christ. He had some really choice words for your kind.


by Michael Boh said...

Thanks BJ - good points! GR, your comments were rejected because they don't add anything to the discussion. BJ may have cited Christ to make a point, but we're not going to get into a religious debate here.

B.J. said...

Michael & GR:

Yes, I did cite Jesus to make a point, just as I would cite any great literary work, and it was not my interntion at all to proselytize or enter into debate. I am a Christian, but I was wrong to challenge GR in such a way.

Some of my best friends are atheists. Actually Infidel753 and my great-nephew are, and I absolutely respect them both.

Sorry, GR, your selfish attitude about your blessings got to me. This is not intended to be a “low blow,” but you are very fortunate that you, unlike me, have not been struck with a disability during your working years. I had to give up my career as a newspaper editor due to retinitis pigmentosa. Many hard-working individuals reach a point in life through no fault of their own.

All I would ask you for, GR, is a little compassion for your fellow man.

Thanks, Michael.