Monday, August 24, 2009

In Fear of Muskrats

Hello Bloggers! There have been many great thinkers talking about the poor state of politics today, but the best and most recent was an op-ed by Frank Rich in yesterday's New York Times, where he discussed far-right fanatics in a way that put a lot of things into perspective for me. Thank you Frank!

He does a great job of showing the right-wing's lack of moral fiber when it comes to issues like domestic terrorism and political consistency. He points out historic examples where their radicalism and willingness to court violence - especially when they disagree with the Democratic opposition - surges far beyond mere political paranoia.

He talks about the "simmering undertone of violence" in our politics today. That is something I feel strongly about too, and wish more mainstream politicians - especially Republicans - would talk about. Their angry assault-weapons-carrying-nut-jobs are a real threat. Instead, they brush them off as honest, harmless patriots. It's obviously more serious.

The right-wing penchant for violence is clear to most of us. We lived through eight years of Bush and other Republicans talking and acting like great patriots - true lovers of freedom and democracy, but the truth is far less simple. They act differently when out of power. Some seem willing to take power when out of power.

The Republicans seem to have plenty of enemies. Al-queda, Iraqi Sunnis, the Taliban, Europeans, the French, and Democrats. The list goes on and on it seems. They question everybody's loyalty, or at least those who disagree with them. Who but Republicans would actually go so far as to question the legal status of a legally elected Democratic president? I can see questioning the election itself, but the man's birth certificate? What the hell is wrong with them? Let's face it, there are no limits to their political paranoia.

Frank Rich does a great job of describing the Republican inconsistencies of the past. He talks about how they have created an atmosphere of fear, where even the Secret Service feels militarily threatened by the right-wing nuts. Short of the radical Black Panthers back in the sixties, I can't remember guns being wielded at rallies. As far as I know Code Pink never carried guns. Purses maybe.

It's clear that most Republicans are tribal in their politics. They're only happy if their tribe is in power. If not, they see themselves more as the provocateurs, or worse, saboteurs. Possibly even political terrorists?

There is plenty of evidence. Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA) of Northern California had one of his constituents scream out "I'm a right-wing terrorist" at one of his rallies last week. Supposedly the Republican crowd applauded loudly in support while Congressman praised the individual for being a great patriotic American. That is scary people, and it's happening more and more.

Even the Bush Homeland Security Department issued security threat assessment reports warning of a rise of "violent right-wing extremism" once "Obama takes power." Sounds like foreshadowing to me. Subsequent assassinations and attempted assassinations have proven those warnings correct. Despite Republican demands for departmental apologies, we Democrats are more concerned about who will be next.

Whether it's FOX "News," Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Neil Covuto, Michael Steele, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, or so many others, the right-wing is out-of-control and threatening the left with violence and retribution on a daily basis these days.

It doesn't even seem to matter how many times we play their own words back to them, since they always deny they said it. Truth be damned.

The blogosphere is rife with it too. Right-wing bloggers scream bloody murder anytime the left wants to do anything the majority supports. The lies begin shortly thereafter and ultimately cloud the issue so much nobody knows their ass from a hole in the ground when the dust settles. My favorite is when they claim Democrats have no right to spend federal money, since "lefties" don't work or pay taxes according to them. They really believe it too. What a bunch of tards!

Since Bush left it's become clear that all money belongs to the right. They don't want us to spend ANY money. NONE! Despite our desire to improve fiscal responsibility in government, the Republicans allow us no flexibility. Everything must be revenue neutral these days - a standard the Republicans never held while in power.

It's true the deficit ballooned over a trillion dollars in the fiscal year since Bush left office (the bulk of it spent by Bush himself), but that number pales in comparison to the $7 trillion or so Bush spent during his eight years in office - perhaps more, since most hasn't been tallied yet. It's pretty clear the Republicans ruined the country, and now they want us to go against our election promises and plans, lower taxes for the rich, pay the bills (btw, impossible when you lower taxes on the rich), and shut the bloody hell up.

Sorry assholes, that's not going to happen. IF the Democrats grow a pair, we're going to fix what you people broke, and you're going to pay your FAIR SHARE for a change!

The waste and ruin of past Republican administrations be damned, for it seems all that matters to the right-wing is how to keep the left from spending any money or changing any policy until they get back into power. They don't want to work with us, just prevent us from working. Once they regain power, all bets are off once again.

It's incredible! Their arrogance is outrageous! Their ignorance profound.

We Democrats are trying to solve real problems affecting real Americans. Incredibly, instead of cooperation, the Republicans and their militia are trying to shut down our efforts by ANY and ALL MEANS necessary. They even talk about armed revolt. It's true. It's a frequent discussion on the Sean Hannity shows - TV and radio. It's often when that fat-sack-of-shit-toe-sucker Dick Morris joins him. I swear, that man is a human-swine hybrid. He makes me sick.

Frank Rich also talks about the the Democratic backbone issue we discussed here last week. Rich says that it "would be shameful...if they [Democrats] catered to a decimated opposition party that has sunk and shrunk to its craziest common denominator." My God I agree with that statement. He goes so far as to call the Republicans a "paper muskrat" denying them the more impressive "paper tiger" status. I would say they're more of a PAPER RAT!

In the end Frank Rich lays out a very good case for why we need to stop playing games with them. They're not worth our time. We need to acknowledge the political climate and start talking about what is right. If we keep compromising with Republican demands, who now only represent the "whites in Dixie and the less populated West," and negotiating like idiots, then we deserve to lose.

Speaking of toughness, Barney Frank seems to be the only one with enough melon balls to fight back these days. Let's be more like him people! :)

It's time to put Reaganomics to rest. It never worked! It's time to start talking about how well government-run programs work, and how the Republicans are lying to the American people. It's time get off defense and back on offense people! Obama and the Democrats need to remember who put them in power, and stop being afraid to talk about solutions from a Democratic perspective.

Monday's Political Rant - Michael


ghostrider6265 said...

"It's clear that most Republicans are tribal in their politics. They're only happy if their tribe is in power"

If I remember correctly you guys cried for 6 years because your party wasn't in power, the pot calling the kettle black...go figure.

by Michael Boh said...

GR, you missed the best part of the quote.

"If not, they see themselves more as the provocateurs, or worse, saboteurs. Possibly even political terrorists?"

Typical Republican, taking something out of context. I guess that is a big part of what makes us different. :)

Sue said...

Michael fabulous post! We can scream the truth til we are blue in the face, they just don't hear, they are deaf on all that is good and honest!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael. Well said. I have nothing really to add, except nodding my head in agreement.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Michael, I too have written on the subject a couple of weeks ago.

The most potent in the Rich's article, I think, is the last sentence where he points out that Obama's efforts to be friendly and conciliatory toward wingnuts from the party of NO! are wasted at best, and a recipe for disaster, at worst.

by Michael Boh said...

I loved your work Elizabeth. Thanks for the link. MB

ghostrider6265 said...

Hey Boh did you happen to catch Howard Dean getting shut down at a town hall meeting and then calling the people Un-American and was confronted and denied he had said it, and you accuse Republicans of lying...don't tell me when he denied that he had said it that his denial was taking out of context.

ghostrider6265 said...

meant to say undermining the country not un-American.