Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Future for Republican Hooligans?

Good Morning Bloggers! What do you guys make of the latest Republican demonstrations at town halls across America, so reminiscent of the Spring "Tea Parties" featuring hundreds of America's finest citizens? I know I'm getting very tired of today's juvenile Republican antics. Their love of democracy is only surpassed by their love of shouting and drowning out our individual right to congregate and debate.

They are making a big splash in the media, but they still look like a bunch of FOOLS! To suggest they're coming across as a productive opposition to a serious debate is laughable. I'm pretty sure ordinary citizens observing the health care debate from the sidelines consider them distractions - since despite what Republicans are saying in the media, most Americans do consider health care a serious issue that needs repair.

In my opinion, which of course is what this blog is all about, I see them as loud-mouthed bullies, pure and simple. They are no different then children who scream to make their point, pouting if they don't get their way. They may see themselves as a determined opposition who will drown out those they disagree with, but the rest of us see them as fools who refuse to sit down and discuss a very serious issue.

I'm pretty sure most Americans see them as irrational. Most of us are smart enough to realize they didn't shout over the past eight years or so when the Republicans were spending more than at any other time in history.

Where were they when the Republicans passed the last health care bills? Where were they when their own political party funneled hundreds of billions of government tax money into the hands of the pharmaceuticals (prescription drug benefits) and private health insurance companies (Medicare Plus) under George W. Bush and the Republicans?

Democrats wanted to save our tax dollars from corporate waste during that debate. That is a fact! Where were the Republican shouts about waste then?

I'll tell you where they were. They were SILENT! SHEEP! OBEDIENT MORONS! The damn hypocrites. They have no credibility when it comes to lecturing us on how to spend tax dollars.

They're trying to shout-down a debate about health care - insurance - reform when most Americans want and need to talk about the issue. Republicans may feel empowered by the demonstrations (if you listen to Pat Robertson and others), but the rest of us only see a bunch of loud-mouthed fools trying to take away our microphones, or whatever else we need to make ourselves heard in this very important debate.

The bottom-line is that Republicans want to spend-spend-spend when they're in power, doing everything they can to help their own constituencies such as corporations, the wealthy and the military-industrial crowd, but do everything they can to shut down ANY spending when not in power.

It doesn't even seem to matter if we're trying to reform a system that is threatening America's ability to pay down past Republican debt, guarantee our competitive place in the world (other countries have affordable health care, giving them a competitive edge), and much more. They don't seem to care about those points. They just ignore those very important national security considerations.

Oh yes, and they - incredibly - have the gall to treat all government money as though it were their own. The really disgusting part is that we're trying to spend American money to save American lives, and they still object.

They won't object when it comes to spending money on weaponry, but will fight tooth and nail to prevent children and poorer Americans from being able to purchase affordable - reformed - health insurance. It's clear from the "debates" so far they are prepared to lie and lie and lie. They keep telling INCREDIBLE LIES!

They keep saying that Democrats are trying to take away your health insurance as it exists today (LIE!), kill your grandmother by recommending euthanasia (LIE!), bring about socialized medicine (LIE!), fund abortions (LIE!), and my favorite, suggest that poor people will be shipped to better neighborhood hospitals reminiscent of the busing scares decades ago.

It's clear the Republicans and their industry allies will stop at nothing to shut-down debate about health insurance reform. They will do everything they can to muddy the waters and make Americans fear change. They may be more Rovian, but by and large they are using the same basic tactics they used when trying to kill Social Security, Medicare and every other major program that helped civilize our great country. It's time people wise-up when it comes to Republicans.

The simple truth is the rest of us need to stay focused. Just like when we were in school, we cannot allow a few bullies to derail education, evolution and advancement for the rest of us. We need to use whatever means at our disposal to continue debate and get our message across that we voted for change and health care/insurance reform is one of the most important parts of that change.

We need to fight against their hooliganism. We need to treat Republican bullies the same way we treat angry children - either ignore them, and if they don't listen to reason, send them away.

Their screaming didn't work during the campaign at the McCain and Palin rallies, so hopefully it won't work now. My recommendation is to stand-up to them. I know I will. Don't allow them to silence our debate. It would be a crime to allow ourselves to be cowered by people who have no place in a modern, civilized political debate.

Whether it's a "tea partier," a "birther," a "deather," or whatever comes next (how about throwing furniture like in the picture), today's Republicans are looking more and more like a party for both hooligans and fools.

Tuesday's Political Rant - Michael

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