Friday, November 21, 2008

Political News: GOP Dirty Trickster Has Regrets

Hello Bloggers - The Daily Beast's Benjamin Sarlin wrote a great piece on how GOP dirty trickster/consultant Roger Stone has regrets that he stormed the Miami-Dade Election Board in 2000 shutting down the recount that ultimately led to the famous Supreme Court decision giving us George - the nightmare - Bush.

I must admit, Republicans who regret electing Bush and his henchmen are few and far between, but I still LOVE IT when I learn that some do exist. I do wonder why there aren't more? We Democrats are more honest about our regrets, just look how Reagan Democrats hate the damage they caused. I would be in a monastery if I had voted for Bush.

Roger, why don't you make us all happy, and find a new career. At least try to make amends. You've done A LOT OF DAMAGE to our nation and the world. Actually, that goes for all you people who voted for those criminals and idiots!

Anyway, here's the POST. Enjoy! Michael

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