Sunday, November 2, 2008

Political Rant: Another Pathetic Republican Campaign Tactic Fails

Good Morning Bloggers - I ran across a very sad yet interesting article in the London Times this morning that highlighted just how desperate the Republicans are to discredit Senator Obama.

Dr Peter Millican, a philosophy don at Hertford College, Oxford, has devised a computer software program that can detect when works are by the same author by comparing favorite words and phrases.

So, of course the Republicans offered the good professor $10,000 last week to assess alleged similarities between Obama’s bestseller, Dreams from My Father, and the book Fugitive Days, by William Ayers.

Republican millionaire Robert Fox, a California businessman and his brother-in-law of Chris Cannon, a Republican congressman from Utah, made the offer. They hoped to break the big news story and destroy the Senator.

Millican ran the test and found it “very implausible.” Fox and Cannon lost interest when the professor made the results public. “I thought it was extremely unlikely that we would get a positive result. It is the sort of thing where people make claims after seeing a few crude similarities and go overboard on them,” Millican said to the Times.

I can handle it when they investigate something and admit when they had it wrong. That's why I consider the news just sad, or pathetic in many ways. The worst part is when they fake the evidence, evidenced by their many colorful, slanderous emails.

The really interesting point in the article is when they report that Cannon had got “cold feet about it being seen to be funded by the Republicans." Well, it has been seen, and so you guys do look pathetic. I'm sure they got tired of digging through the man's trash cans, so they had to resort to something. I really hope you people lose, because for all practical purposes, you deserve to.

I'm surprised FOX "News" hasn't spun the article to look like the professor found something against Obama. They lie all the time, so why not now? They probably did and I just didn't see it.

I must say, you guys have mastered negative campaigning. I know many of you are proud of your Rovian, Machiavellian ways. I know many fall for it, but the majority of Americans find it disgusting. In my opinion, you're nothing but liars and con artists.

If you do win, the American people will pay the price of your deceit again. Oh yea, and don't try and claim "everybody does it," because that Rovian crap doesn't work with me. You guys are FAR MORE NEGATIVE.

IF we win, and I don't take that for granted, I hope you Republicans take a good hard look at yourselves. I don't think you'll like it. It's VERY ugly.

Sunday's Political Rant #1 - Michael

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