Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reuters Shares Hannity Rant with the World

Good Morning Bloggers - To be blunt, you really need to want to write a blog every day. It's something I do to share and/or debate opinions and ideas, and in some small way hopefully add to a larger discussion and quality of life. I think of it as both a hobby and a minor public service to promote political debate, education and development.

Anyway, it's especially wonderful when my work gets republished within a much larger forum. I was honored by national newspapers and magazines before, and now I feel especially honored to have my piece called Hannity's Paranoia is Getting Worse picked up by the great Reuters news service. They have a big worldwide audience. I must admit, I feel proud. Besides, I love that piece mocking Hannity - the man deserves it.

Saturday's News #1 - Michael

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Papamoka said...

It was a great post Michael! I loved it and I think Reuters saw the thought behind it. Blog on my friend!