Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Election Rave: Vote Barack Obama for a Better America

Good Morning Bloggers - I usually write about a bit of news, but this morning I'm just going to rave about Barack Obama, and encourage you to vote for him and Joe Biden tomorrow.

I know it's practically impossible that an undecided voter would be reading this blog, but I'm going to take a chance to encourage you to vote for Obama anyway.

I don't want to talk policies, I want to talk about the man himself. I want to look back at the past two years and talk about how this man survived the election process pretty much clean as a whistle. I think that deserves mentioning.

It's incredible when you think about it, none of those tricky skeletons in closets. I know some of you Republicans slam him for some of his past associations, but most of us do not fault him for other's misdeeds. We believe, like most people, he should be judged on his own actions.

He has withstood the Republican slings and arrows and come out stronger. I'm sure some of you will argue with me, but the facts are on my side. The man is pretty much who he says he is - a very good man with a great vision for this nation.

Barack Obama didn't change himself one bit to win this election. Unlike John McCain, he has been the same consistent, positive individual throughout. He has run an exemplary campaign. Even his negative ads were harmless compared to Hillary's or McCain's.

Barack talks about us, the people, while most politicians usually talk about themselves. He believes in us, and I believe in him. The man treats us like we're part of something bigger. He makes me feel like I'm part of an American team, and he's asking to be the coach. I think he would be a great coach.

Barack started his campaign with a vision and he pretty much stuck to that vision. Of course, the Republicans tried to make it look like he changed his positions and was opportunistic like them, but the rest of us know that adjustments to plans and ideas do not constitute "flip-flopping" or being opportunistic. The man is unshakable. It's fantastic to watch.

If Senator Obama is elected tomorrow, there is a very real possibility that he will run his administration in the same brilliant way that he ran his campaign. If that happens, we will be a much better country in four years.

The man is extraordinary. He is brilliant! He does what few can do well. He knows how to plan, and most important, knows how to execute. He's strikingly competent in my opinion. He should make a fantastic leader as president.

Joe Biden is also a great partner on the team. He is also a good man who deserves to be elected. I think together they make a great pair. I think he will make an excellent VP. I can't wait to see him in action.

Oh yes, and if this goes our way, I never want to hear John McCain speak ever again. I hope this great nation will not have to endure any more "Klan rallies." He dragged us all down with his hateful, deceitful rhetoric. McCain has run a despicable, disgusting campaign. He deserves to lose tomorrow, and he should lose his Senate seat in a few years. If - GOD FORBID - he wins tomorrow, watch me write our nation's obituary shortly thereafter.

Enough negativity, this is meant to be a rave, not a rant.

Barack Obama is an amazing individual. He is the right man for the job. He has the character, intellect, disposition, temperament, and wisdom to be our next president. I hope that you vote for him tomorrow, so that we can free ourselves from the nightmare that we've suffered these past four years. America will be a much better nation for it.

Just think about it, tomorrow night we may be able to call him President-Elect Barack Obama!

Monday's Pre-Election Rave #1 - Michael

PS - The Chicago Sun Times picked-up this blog post and placed it on its website the Monday before the election. That was quite an honor. Thanks CST, I'm very proud to get your attention. Michael

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