Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Political News: Listen to Rachel Maddow

Good Morning Bloggers - As many of you who read this blog know I'm a HUGE fan of Rachel Maddow.

I think she has a fantastic grip on politics, but unlike Chris Matthews, she approaches it from a more humane perspective. She thinks about how it affects people, or even individuals. Therefore, I guess you could say that I am also from the Rachel Maddow School of political thought.

She, like me, is worried that Democrats will let the Bush Administration off the hook for many of their worst crimes - or any of them for that matter. "Moving on" involving Bush felonies is unacceptable.

Only cold political types would agree with that approach in my opinion. The Bush Adminstration ruined lives and destroyed families. They need to be brought to justice. It should not be a debate.

Rachel is right, and I hope she continues to remind the nation. She mentions it in whole or part often on both Air America's and MSNBC's versions of her Rachel Maddow Show. Both are brilliant.

Here are her latest comments. I recommend listening. She is right. We need to care. We need to stay vigilant. We need to keep writing our representatives to make sure they don't get away with their crimes. Trust me, I write often. I suggest you do the same.

Wednesday's Political News #1 - Michael

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