Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Political Rant: My Anger After the Republican Convention and Possible Voter Stupidity

Hello Bloggers - I created this blog to fight against the cynism of today's American political scene. After watching the Republican National Convention I was struck hard by it. The way the audience laughed with Guiliani [sic] and others as they described Senator Obama's community service made me extremely angry. They laughed at things I've spent my life doing, and service that Senator McCain has encouraged in all Americans. The flip-flops, mixed messages, lies and deceit of the Rove Republicans and the the McCain campaign didn't anger me until recently after he chose Palin and I saw the polls begin to lean in their direction. I'm wondering what's wrong with the American voter. I'm disgusted with it to be honest. McCain's entire campaign prior to Palin was about experience, while criticizing Obama for being a celebrity (ridiculous, but it was their strategy). The media and its pundits even debated the "experience versus celebrity" craziness. Now Palin is the celebrity and McCain's campaign has reversed itself to promote huge crowds and Palin's "personality," and nobody seems to notice the absurdity of the switch. It's like we're all living in an alternate reality. Nobody seems to see the forest through the trees anymore. Sometimes, except for my heroes in media and online (and the quiet supporters out there), I feel like Americans have lost their sense of perspective. Why are they beleiving it, especially the obvious lies and deceit. Do people believe really believe the same old Rovian lies and stage-craft? I see it for what it is: marketing, messaging, and stage-crap. I'm SHOCKED that the voters are telling pollsters that they like McCain and Palin, and how close the race is today. The whole thing is crazy. They should remember the old lies that got us into this mess and know it's all BS! How can this be happening? The numbers should be going in the OTHER DIRECTION! I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone.

Tuesday, Rant #1, Michael Boh

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