Friday, September 12, 2008

Political News: Interesting London Times Piece on the American Political Process

Good Morning Bloggers - I came across a slightly interesting article in the London Times this morning describing an interesting picture of America today, even if I don't agree with the whole thing - they are always a curiosity for me. It's a unique point of view from somebody who moved here from across the pond.

Excerpt from:
The day America was born again, Nothing Sarah Palin and her followers can do will prevent America's steady movement away from social conservatism

"It doesn't matter who wins! Seriously, guys, America is about to become, once again, the coolest place on Earth. An era is ending. If you still think the US is home to all that is fatty and unwholesome and militaristic and cloth-eared and generally low-grade, and not much else, it may be time to give the Yanks another chance. Politically, socially, culturally, America is - as we watch transfixed and, in spite of ourselves, impressed - being born again. Suddenly we are reminded of why 55 million people have chosen to come to America in the roughly 400 years since that journey became possible. We are reminded of why Americans are so deeply, annoyingly, attached to their nation and their system. We are reminded of how vibrant that system can be."

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