Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Political Movie Rave: V for Vendetta

Good Morning Bloggers - I never went to the theater to see V for Vendetta despite my love of the Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix and Speed Racer), but I watched it on cable this past weekend and was blown away.

V for Vendetta is fascinating! It's a wonderful blend of 1984, Batman, and the Bush Administration - all wrapped up neatly by a wonderful Guy Fawkes-masked heroic vigilante who seeks to bring down a future fascist UK government by destroying Parliament. The world was a mess in the movie - the "former" US is in a civil war. Wow, how probable when you think about what's being done to us.

I loved the mysterious cloaked figure known only as V. He made me feel like I could take on our own evil forces - perhaps I could blog them to death. Anyway, I thought V was a great, larger than life figure and deserved a mention on this blog. He's my new hero.

He represents the best ideals of freedom and the responsibilities that go along with it. I guess I related, since I started this blog as my attempt to speak truth to power. I hope you look at your local cable listings and catch a repeat of the movie. It's not short, but it's worth it. I thought it was a wonderful example of what individuals and a nation can do when properly motivated.

Tuesday's Political and Movie Rave #1 - Michael

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