Monday, September 22, 2008

Political News: Potential for 10 Million Votes to be Stolen in November

Hello Bloggers - A new follow-up report by Common Cause and the Century Foundation points out potential fraud in November that could involve as many as 10 million votes stolen by Republican election operatives.

The report, “Voting in 2008: Ten Swing States,” assesses how much progress has been made in the past two years to improve the voting process after massive voter theft in 2000 and 2004. It identifies real problems that have not been fixed, and made worse in some cases. The 2008 general election will be historic, with election officials expecting record-breaking turnouts. Unfortunately, we may experience a repeat of the last two presidential elections, where objective state officials in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, and Maryland, to name just a few, have since proven massive voter fraud.

The report states that "significant problems in the basic functions of America’s election administration system persist — and in a few cases, have even worsened over the past few years."

Little has been done in the following key areas:
  • long lines at polling places

  • inadequately trained poll workers

  • voter registration problems

  • disenfranchisement due to voter identification laws and/or their poor implementation
In addition, observers are still nervous about the problems reported with electronic voting machines, where theft is hard to catch and prove. Many fundamental issues persist, including "decentralization and a lack of accountability," the report concludes. "In most of the areas much of the authority to specify election administration procedure is delegated to localities, resulting in an extremely disparate set of election administration systems. In this patchwork of systems, accountability measures for decisions made throughout each state are also very weak."

The report focuses on ten battleground states: Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia. After examining laws and policies regarding voter registration, electronic voting, statewide databases, voter identification, challenge laws, deceptive practices, provisional ballots, and allocation of voting machines, it concludes that there are many concerns for potential voter fraud this November.

Everyone who cares about this nation, and who cares about truth and justice for the American voter, needs to go to the polls this November and vote for Barack Obama - especially if we need to overcome a potential theft of 10 million votes due to corrupt Republican election officials. We recommend that you check to see if you're registered to vote by visiting to find out - and register.

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