Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Political Rant: John McCain is a Liar!

Good Morning Bloggers - After years of fighting for deregulation, including being a major supporter of Phil Gramm and the legislation thought by economic experts to have caused today's meltdown, John McCain is now saying that he wants more regulation. No offense, but if you believe him, you're stupid! In my opinion he is nothing more than an opportunistic liar. He will do or say anything, and I mean anything, to win the White House.

He is trying to recast himself as a champion of regulation. Yesterday he stated, "In my administration, we're going to hold people on Wall Street responsible. And we're going to enact and enforce reforms to make sure that these outrages never happen in the first place." In the first place, what does that even mean? Why should anybody believe this man. He and the Bush Administration are responsible, not Wall Street! It's all lies. They want to deflect attention. He's lying. They're all lying.

Voters are looking for someone to blame for the economic meltdown and John McCain is offering up Wall Street on a platter. He's also blaming what he calls their "casino culture" and greed. Who's he talking about, himself? Isn't he the big craps player? What really blows me away is that the corporate media doesn't discuss his congressional deregulation record, or his decades of rants against "government interference" in the free market. Obama and Biden are talking about it, but the press isn't covering them.

I'm begging you, please do not believe this lying sack of BS! With no journalistic oversight and a willingness to lie, he's doing and saying whatever he likes to win votes, despite decades of evidence and an actual congressional record showing otherwise. Please, do a little research people. Don't trust this man.

Wednesday's Rant #1 - Michael

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