Friday, September 12, 2008

Political Rant: Russ Feingold to Teach the Next President - Too Little, Too Late

Hello Bloggers - I'm a huge fan of Russ Feingold (D-WI), but I do admit that his announcement to hold a hearing on how to best prepare the next president to foster an environment of accountability seems like too little, too late to me - all hat and no cowboy as the Republicans like to say.

He and his staff are claiming that the next president needs to be prepared to use power responsibly, unlike President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Russ, I love you man, but I think that's kind of strange. If you are going to go to the trouble, at least speak the truth that McCain would be the most likely beneficiary of such lessons.

The Raw Story is reporting that his Subcommittee will hear testimony from legal and historical experts on what actions the next president and Congress need to take in order to "repair the damage done by the Bush Administration to the rule of law," according to Feingold. Russ, I understand your motivations and your desire to do good work, but I also think the next president should be given the benefit of the doubt, and indict him if he does go that way - you remember sir, impeachment? Raw Story reports that "The purpose of the hearing is to give the next president the 'full range' of proper guidance in restoring and maintaining checks and balances in areas such as wiretapping, interrogations, government secrecy, violations of privacy, detention policy, proper use of executive power and efforts to not mislead."

Russ, I understand you want to clean up the nightmare created by Bush and his henchmen, but with all due respect Senator, I don't think a Subcommittee hearing chit-chatting with a bunch of scholars is going to do very much to influence the next president. Despite all my admiration for you and your more enlightened colleagues, I have no choice but to brand this move one more lame attempt by a very lame Congress. Your approval ratings are down for what you didn't do to bring the Bush Administration to justice these past two years, not for what you did or didn't do related to ordinary legislation. The majority of Americans want justice, and as always are given lip service - or the shaft if you want to be really blunt.

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I'll say to you what I've said to my Congressman Henry Waxman and my Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane - the shill - Feinstein so many times over the past few years: WE NEED PERP WALKS - WE NEED TO SEE PEOPLE GO TO JAIL!!!! WHY ISN"T ANYBODY GOING TO JAIL?

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