Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Brave Don Quixote de La Pentagon

Good Morning Bloggers - I think one of the most interesting lawsuits out there right now is the one alleging conspiracy "to facilitate the terrorist attacks and purposefully fail to warn those inside the Pentagon," that contributed to injuries suffered by April Gallop and her two-month-old son on 9/11.

She filed a civil suit on Monday against former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney and former US Air Force General Richard Myers, who was acting chairman of the joint chiefs on 9/11. She included other unnamed persons with supposed "foreknowledge of the attacks." That's pretty intense, and very interesting.

The 15 page complaint is a long shot, but many 9/11 observers believe it is a well crafted attempt that documents plenty of conspiracy, fraud, mismanagement and negligence. It all sounds pretty scary, and if true, could change the whole face of the 9/11 attacks.

If you ask me, the whole Bush Administration has been one big attack of fraud and negligence. I like the idea of justice here, but if April Gallop is allowed to recoup her damages from the Bush Administration's criminal activities, it begs the question whether we all should be able to. Let's face it, the last eight years have been laced with conspiracies to defraud us all, and we all deserve some justice.

Sorry, that's harsh. April and her son were physically harmed, so go for it April! I love your courage in the face of such overwhelming odds. You're a modern-day Don Quixote in many ways, using whatever means to strike at those who threaten you and her family. I admire you. I hope you win it.

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