Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Didn't We Think of That?

Good Morning Bloggers - So, somebody FINALLY took a shot at George - the target - Bush and they used a shoe. I find it kind of sad, because it shows how frustrated yet powerless people are today. George Bush will leave office next month and the worst we did to him was throw a shoe at him. Oh well, the man is still a hero to me, and I would like to rave this morning that George Bush had a shoe thrown at him.

WE THE PEOPLE have not been able to prosecute this man - thanks to Nancy - let everybody go - Pelosi, so what else is there to do but throw something at him in anger. It's a pathetic state of affairs. Oh well, at least somebody did it. Somebody plucked up the courage to hurl something at that lying, thieving, torturer of a president.

I'm sure many of you Republicans out there will be horrified by my words, but you should know that he stopped being my president many years ago. He's nothing but a sleazy criminal to me. Throwing a show at him is nothing to me. I would like to see him handcuffed, tried, fined, exposed, and finally imprisoned for the rest of his life. The man is SCUM to me.

If we don't prosecute him, then I believe George Bush should have shoes thrown at him for the rest of his life. Perhaps that angry reporter has given us all a cause, a political statement to use against him in the future.

That's IT! Why don't we all start to threaten him with our own personal projectiles? The shoe incident could open a new form of protest, a way for us all to vent our anger at the man who practically destroyed our nation and the world.

The way Kruschev is remember for shoes, perhaps the idiot Bush will always be remembered as that horrible president who was so hated that a man actually threw his shoes at him. What might seem petty to some is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL to others. This may be the Bush legacy. We can hope.

To me, that man is a hero. He did what many of us would like to do. George Bush is nothing more than a murderous criminal, and for all of you who still believe the man, or feel some kind of pity for him, I suggest you RESEARCH AND READ ABOUT THE HORRORS THAT HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR before you turn your anger against me.

Don't give me that crap about being loyal to our president. He is no president, he is criminal. He should have been impeached and tried long ago.

So, since I can't have real justice, allow me to thank that reporter. You're a hero and a friend to those of us who do not bury our heads in the sand, to those who know the truth.

Monday's Political RAVE #1 - Michael

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Not only is throwing shoes at anyone an awful thing to do, in Arab culture is one of the worst forms of disrespect. Throw some more!

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