Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mugabe "Cures" Cholera While People Die

Good Morning Bloggers - The London Times is reporting this morning that President Robert Mugabe said “there is no cholera” in Zimbabwe any more because the country's doctors had cured the outbreak.

Well, every international health care organization disagrees. The World Health Organization gives daily updates on the state of Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic, and it says today that "at least 783 had died of the disease and 16,403 had been infected as of yesterday." There is no evidence of "curing" the outbreak. As usual, Mugabe is a liar and a murderer. Par for the course I guess.

South Africa has declared its border with Zimbabwe a "disaster zone" and Zimbabwe's neighbors are freaking out due to the number of people trying to get out everywhere. The United Nations is considering all kinds of emergency options.

So, despite all that Robert - the war criminal - Mugabe says there is no more cholera. As I stated on my earlier post, this man MUST BE ARRESTED OR ELIMINATED in whatever way possible. He is a menace to his people and to the people of Africa. I hope African leaders to do more to stop him. I hope the UN led by countries heavily invested in Africa TAKE ACTION and remove that sick, murderous, evil psycho immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said the country's cholera outbreak is under control and dismissed calls for his ouster amid the crisis.Report facts the British media will twist every statement by mugabe in order to make him look bad . We in africa love mugabe i think the african unions position should make it clear to the west

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - I'll be so bold as to say that ANYBODY in Africa that loves Mugabe is either a FOOL or on his payroll. The man is a dictator, a murderer, and possibly a war criminal. Your LOVE for him is irrelevant. He is a criminal at some level, and he will be ELIMINATED somehow. HE HAS KILLED AND IS KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! England has nothing to do with it. That is Mugabe's propaganda. The whole world (not just the West) knows what a murderous thug he is, so maybe it's time Africans who believe him should rethink their position. If justice prevails, he WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HOLD POWER, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR SAY. Start looking for a new hero my deluded friend. Michael

by Michael Boh said...

Oh yea, and by the way, I feel the same way about George Bush. I wish the world had been able to SAVE US from his nightmarish "leadership." We need to confront those in power who break international law and who murder people. I believe that Mugabe and Bush are murderers. Bush is leaving office (hopefully) and will be dealt with soon. Mugabe is killing his own people NOW, so something must be done. MB