Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sean Hannity Chosen "Misinformer of the Year"

Hello Bloggers - It's my pleasure to thank Media Matters for choosing our favorite simpleton, the neanderthal of news, the uninspired, the unevolved, Sean Hannity, to be their "Misinformer of the Year."

"He has been a prolific and influential purveyor of conservative misinformation," according to Media Matters - and myself. Sean - "the Repetitive Monkey" - Hannity has admitted to do whatever it takes to stop the Democrats. He is a scoundrel and a LIAR. He is media SCUM. Media Matters made a very wise choice.

A man like Hannity would do well in any society. People like him come in many forms, and all are reprehensible. He's the liar and the propagandist. He's the prison stooge, the camp rat, the coward, the low life who sells secrets for favors. He's the one who rats out the good guys to get what he wants. People like him spew lies, wreck lives, and thrive on chaos. Sean Hannity is nothing but human vermin.

They use religion, ethics and morality as blunt instruments to control, persuade, and plunder. They act as judge, jury and executioner, and rarely burden themselves with matters of personal morality. To be blunt, they play God. They deserve exile or worse.

I'll agree with Media Matters and decent people everywhere, and name Sean Hannity as the Our Rants & Raves choice for THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD for December 2008! It would have been for the whole year, but I think O'Reilly and a few others deserve some consideration, don't you?

Thursday's Media Rave #1 - Michael


Anonymous said...

Your vitriolic invective sounds to me like the dehumanizing rhetoric employed by totalitarian states as they decide to commit genocide against a people they don't like. First they make their enemies seem to be sub-human, then they quarantine them into ghettos and concentration camps. And then they light the torches.

Remember: one becomes what one hates.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - First of all I have no intention of dehumanizing Sean Hannity. On the contrary, I simply point out that he's a certain kind of human, the kind that you have to watch or he'll lie his way into a position of power and then try to keep it by hurting others. Second, I would NEVER advocate keeping people in ghettos or concentration camps. It always amazes me how people on the right consider us on the left as the SS/Nazi types. History and facts show that when mankind puts on the Jackboots, they're ALWAYS worn by hard right wingers. That's who your cousins the Nazis were, your cousins killing for Mousolini, your frineds who fought for Franco - ALL HARD RIGHT. The left wingers were the ones rounded up and put in the camps. Get your history right Anon, or don't bother debating. The ignorance gets tiring. Oh yea, and I don't hate anybody, I just pity them. MB

Anonymous said...

I don't care which wing you think you are. When you talk the way you're talking about other human beings, you lose any credentials for being of a liberal frame of mind, which clothes itself in the drapery of humanism.

And, no, you're wrong in your history, actually. I think you'll find that the French Revolution in 1789, and all the jackbooted persecutions and guillotining which that entailed, was a leftist enterprise.

And so with the Communist revolution in Russia, and the Leninist/Stalinist murders of tens of millions of people over the next 80 years. This was a product of your leftist ideology. Same goes for Communist China, Vietnam, Cambodia. Leftists all. So I think you might want to bone up on your history yourself.

In whatever guise, the hate and vitriol you preach is a prelude to human slaughter. It doesn't matter what agenda it carries, it is objectively objectionable, and morally unsupportable. Especially from one who purports to be a Christian.

Have you no shame, sir? Have you no sense of dignity at long last?

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - What a crock! Humanism doesn't mean that you lose your right to criticize liars and extremists. Also, the historical examples you give have nothing to do with Democrats or liberalism. They may relate to extreme populism, but that's not the kind of "left wing" politics I defend. I am NOT a populist. I'm not about to defend murderous peasant uprisings. Nazism and facism, extensions of the far right, are reasonable examples. The "left wing" extremists I'll point to who are wrong are more like Castro, Chavez, hardline communists, and others who limited freedoms and kept their people subjugated. It is true that it can happen on both sides - I'll admit that, will you? But I don't have anything to do with their politics either. I don't want that for America. I'm more willing to discuss the Swedish or European models of government. AGAIN, I DO NOT HATE SEAN HANNITY OR ANYBODY. I just believe he should be SHUNNED and ignored - or FIRED! The man has been proven to be a LIAR and a PROPAGANDIST. Your contined defense of his behavior is what is objectionable. Now, I need to go, so this debate is over for now.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - I will admit that I do use extreme examples sometimes. It comes from being overly passionate - why else would I write a blog. I probably triggered you to do the same. I'll admit that both far right and far left extremism is bad. I hope you agree. I'm also sure most Americans don't identify with it, even though I still believe Hannity and Bush are extremists. That opinion won't change. I never meant to suggest that all Republicans are Jackbooted thugs. Extremism on both sides is wrong. Thx. MB

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending Sean Hannity. I'm questioning your attack on him. There's a difference. It doesn't matter who you are attacking - it's just not acceptable to be so filled with hate and vitriol.

Look at yourself - you are a slave to your animosity. It owns you. It seeps from every orifice and pore of your body.

Your words are unthinkingly reflexive and reactionary (a term usually reserved for the right) and you have demonized those who disagree with your politics that there is left no room for good will, mutual human respect, or any basis for comity. The only solution left for you is for these people whom you have cast into your chum bucket is to be tossed overboard to be fodder for sharks.

I'll say it again: You become what You hate.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - I completely disagree. I think you're taking my reasonable critique of people like Hannity and blowing it way out of proportion. The man deserves the criticism. He is the one who is vitriolic, lying and talking trash EVERY NIGHT and DAY. I think he deserves to be called the low life that is is within our society. I am no slave to animosity either - I am a simply a passionate blogger expressing reasonable disgust at those who SPEW HATE MUCH MORE THAN I DO. I am willing to debate specifics, but in so far as casting people like Hannity as a propagandist, I am completely within my rights. MB

sue said...

SEE? this is what I'm talking about! We on the left can say nothing right! They can call Obama a cult of personality, with Hitler tendencies, but God forbid we say one word about their precious filthy mouthed Hannity or Limbaugh!!