Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bush Ignores Protocol to the Bitter End

Good Morning Bloggers - I wish I could stop writing about Bush altogether, but it appears that he keeps doing things that deserve a response from WE THE PEOPLE! This time it's about respect, or the lack of it.

Generally historians credit the Clinton/Bush transition in 2001 as being relatively smooth, especially when you consider the bad blood. The Clintons were extremely cooperative at the time, despite the bitter impeachment battle and multiple other Republican attacks. It is true there was some damage by employees, but like any office move, few transitions end without some damage.

Today's transition seemed to be going relatively smooth, except for one very important new development: BLAIR HOUSE! The Bush family, above most others, knows that Blair House - across from the White House - is ALWAYS RESERVED for the incoming first family.

IT IS THE RESIDENCE OF THE PRESIDENT-ELECT at the time of transition. Unfortunately, it isn't this year, during this transition. The Bush family has decided to slap the Obamas in the face, forcing them to check into a hotel.

I'm sorry, the corporate media may be ignoring it, but I need to point out just how RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL the Bush family is for denying the residence. It is outrageous! The Obamas arrive in Washington this weekend and are forced to book into a hotel because the Bush Administration said the "official residence was full." OUTRAGEOUS!

For those who think I'm overreacting and think there are more important things to focus on, I would like to say that I agree with you. HOWEVER, this is IMPORTANT too. The inaugural celebrations are designed to turn a candidate into a president, and they were created as a process, and the incoming first family's residence is an important part of that process.

We might not be hearing much about it, but in Washington circles the Bush Administration has effectively thrown the new first family on the street. A hotel does not show them much respect, not to mention it offers little protection during celebrations where security risks are everywhere. They at least should have offered the Lincoln bedroom.

The President-elect traditionally prepares for the inauguration and the transition while staying at Blair House. It is the OFFICIAL government mansion, second to the White House and RESERVED for heads-of-state and incoming first families.

Obama was told to look elsewhere because the building was booked up for farewell parties and events to mark the end of the Bush administration. I must admit, it gets me VERY angry. I doubt the Obamas can do anything, but I wish they could.

I think it's important for us - or the PRESS - to find out WHO is staying at Blair House during the time the Obamas require the residence. We should CALL THEM OUT and SHAME THEM for staying, knowing the president-elect and his family need the residence.

Again, for those unconcerned, it's also worthwhile pointing out that Blair House is considered a safety zone by the Secret Service. This is a very serious breach of protocol that proves once again the lack of respect Bush has for the American people, the inaugural process, and the safety of the next president.

Wow, I'm getting tired of slamming the OFFENSIVE MORONS now living in the White House. I need Obama to take office so I can begin to focus on more important issues. Despite my misgivings, I still think it's important to document the lawbreaking, worldwide destruction, and basic lack of respect shown by the Bush Administration. They continue to offend the American people and the world, and we will ALL rejoice when they are gone.

Wednesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael


Anonymous said...

If the main stream media is ignoring the fact of Bush not allowing the Obamas to move in and they have no problem with it, what is your point other than it pisses you right off, get a clue clown our opinion has no bearing on anything other than your own insanity.

by Michael Boh said...

As usual Anon I'm stunned silent by your arguments. The fact that the CORPORATE media is ignorning it IS EVIDENCE that Bush gets away with breaking the rules and protocol. AS AN AMERICAN who proudly fought to elect the next president, spending lots of my own money, I'm PROUD to say that it pisses me off. Call me a clown all you want if it makes you feel better, but that doesn't change the fact that it's unprecedented (look it up) and RUDE! Bush should be ASHAMED! Learn some manners on the right - MB

Anonymous said...

Bush is not ignoring protocol as you would like to put it. Protocol only requires opening the doors to the Obama family on Jan 15, and I do believe the doors have been opened to them on that date, so get over what you think or may believe and move on because you are acting like some spoiled 3rd grader.

Anonymous said...

You are the one that needs to do some research, Obama ask to move into the Blair house 10 days early, protocol reserves the Blair House 5 days prior to be sworn in, if anyone was breaking protocol it was the Obama family.

Anonymous said...

After reading your rant in its entirety I have never read anything that is so border line absurd as your rant. Obama made a request of the setting President that was out of the norm and broke protocol, and that was to move into the Blair house 10 days early, his request was denied because of planned functions by Bush and Family, as the President he has every right to use the house until the 15th at which time it is turned over to the President elect.

I have no use for Bush after the last fours years, and I especially have no use for Obama and his Chicago political machine which is nothing more than a side show to amuse the people. Last but not least if Obama made the same decisions after his term/terms I would respect it because of the position he holds and the set protocol for the Blair House.

Your rant that Bush broke protocol holds no truth, Obama made a request, was denied and respected the sitting President denial, so get over what you believe or think and move on to another lie or half truth.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - I'm growing tired of your propaganda. Simple fact: Blair House is managed by the Department of State and is reserved for visiting heads-of-state, foreign dignitaries, and is the home of the incoming first family when requested. The Obamas have a right to move in whenever they wish. It is the Bushes who are breaking with tradition. You keep writing that I'm a liar. I think it's obvious to any casual reader of this blog that I do much more research than you, and that usually full of it. MB

Anonymous said...

The protocol is that Blair House is available to incoming presidents starting Jan. 15, five days before the inauguration. You're trying to make a story out of something that's not a story.

Michael Boh

When I want to read the Looney tunes and get my chuckle for the day, I browse over to your site and laugh my ass off at your rants. I find it hard to believe that one man (George Bush) could drive someone insane…Go George.

I can picture your rants over the coming years, every failure the Obama Regime may encounter while in office you will be in here blaming the failure on Bush. A question for you have you ever gone and had your mental health checked lately if not may I suggest that you make a New Year resolution to check yourself in so I can continue to get my laughs, that is if they do not lock you up for further observation.

by Michael Boh said...

Again, you are wrong. It's flexible, and should be available. You are full of it. Again, I do not hate Bush personally. I only slam him for his actions. As always, you have me wrong. MB

Anonymous said...

Just a few examples of what you are about.

1.You think that burning the US Flag is acceptable, because it's just a swatch of cloth and doesn't mean anything, but that flying the Confederate Stars & Bars is unacceptable, because it's a symbol of HATRED.

2.You believe that government should make a special effort to hire members of traditionally oppressed groups, such as African-Americans (except for Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice).

3.You think that protesting outside of a US Marine recruiting office in the Peoples Republic of Berkeley is protected by your 1st Amendment rights, and think that protesting outside an abortion clinic is not.

4.If you believe that posting the "Ten Commandments" in schools will hurt the children, but putting "Heather Has Two Mommies" or "Ask Alice" (on the internet) won't.

4.You think marriage is obsolete - except for homosexuals.

5.You feel Fidelity means not cheating on your mistress.

6.You live in constant fear that someone, somewhere, is making a profit.