Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Idiot Bush Deserves a Little Credit

Good Morning Bloggers - BIG NEWS - HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! I am about to write a rave about George - the WAR CRIMINAL - Bush (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). I never thought he would deserve such a thing, but being an honest person I have to give credit where credit is due.

Incredibly, White House chief of Staff Joshua Bolten sent a memo December 1st to all of President Bush's political appointees asking them to tender their resignation effective Jan. 20th - the day President-Elect Barack Obama is sworn into office.

"To provide the President-elect maximum flexibility in assembling his Administration, and consistent with past practice, President Bush is requesting letters of resignation from all non-career appointees except Inspectors General and those individuals that hold termed positions," Bolten wrote.

Wow, that is good news. I wonder if they'll listen. Ideologues tend to have their own rules sometimes. A few Bush appointees have been saying they do not intend to resign, as required at each transition. Those announcements were shocking at the time, but then again we are talking about Bush appointees. It's good to see the White House actually call for their resignations.

Now, as always when it comes to this government, we wait. Let's see if they actually follow his lead. No matter what, George - the Fredo of the family - Bush deserves credit (YUCK!) for taking action. It makes me wonder if he sees the handwriting on the wall, and knows that he's in BIG TROUBLE on many fronts.

Of course, this rave does not excuse the fact that he's still the WORST president in American history. It does not excuse the fact that he stole two elections, failed to prevent an attack on our own soil, lied us into an aggressive war that tortured people and broke our international agreements, broke dozens of domestic laws, spied on his own people, allowed his own citizens to drown, destroyed the economy through neglect, and basically FAILED AS PRESIDENT AND AS A FELLOW HUMAN BEING! Other than that, he deserves a little credit.

So, to my detractors out there, this should be proof that I do give the idiot credit if he does the right thing. His problem is that he doesn't usually do the right thing. Now let me go throw up.

Tuesday's Political Rave #1 - Michael

PS - Of course it was too good to be true. There is a caveat, like there always is with these people. I just found this article that contradicts the earlier claims. It suggests that the Bushies are "burrowing" into the next government.

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