Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Enigmatic and Evil George W. Bush

Good Morning Bloggers - We don't have much time left when it comes to the embarrassing debacle that is the Bush Administration, but almost as if to tweak us even more before leaving office, the so-called President has decided to pretty much ignore a new middle eastern war in favor of cutting brush at his Crawford Ranch. It seems there's no end to the joke that is George W. Bush.

My position is simple, I do believe that Israel has a right to defend itself, and the Gaza attacks were probably necessary, but I also feel that excessive force is unwarranted. That's what seems to be unfolding now. The danger of a wider, regional conflict is VERY serious, and now I'm terrified by what is unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

People, WE could be drawn into a larger conflict. That is something that we CANNOT AFFORD right now. The US has to get involved to calm the situation NOW! Instead, Bush refuses to leave his vacation, and Rice hasn't left her Washington office. They don't seem to be doing anything!

To give us some perspective, this is the very same President, the one who claims to honor his promises to the American people with a seriousness only Republicans can understand, who pledged to resolve the Middle East peace process from Annapolis just 13 months ago. Well, the White House quietly dismissed that promise last month. Now it's taken that breakdown one step further by IGNORING the Middle East all together.

George W. Bush, the narcissistic fool, who Republicans continue to defend for psychotic reasons few others understand, REFUSES to leave his final vacation to try and mitigate the disaster unfolding before our eyes. Just like Katrina, the man's inaction and incompetence will worsen a serious situation that might have been helped under normal leadership. It's almost as if he dares us to despise him even more.

We're facing the possibility of a larger WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST. What is Bush doing? He has ABANDONED HIS POST, LEFT THE SINKING SHIP, and FLED THE FIELD OF BATTLE. Much like during Katrina, his desertion is leading to more death, more destruction. The Republican leadership should be demanding more action NOW to prevent increased cross-border conflict! Instead, they continue to defend him. Again, we must endure the bizarro world of the far right.

Again and again, the American people are left to wonder how we got into this nightmare. Once more, we are forced to watch our leaders DO NOTHING. Oh well, I guess if the war spreads, and the Middle East and other parts of the world IGNITE in conflict, then at least George W. Bush and his supporters will be far away from the action. That's justice for you, and more of the same if you ask me.

George W. Bush, you are either EVIL or inept, incompetent, and inadequate to do the job. You have been one or the other for a long time now. Like any soldier who is incapacitated, mentally like you or physically like most, you should be removed immediately!

Unfortunately, we have to endure you for another 20+ days. We need to be rid of your bad luck NOW! You are a bad omen poisoning the world, and when the time comes, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH has never been more relevant. Oh yes, and God help the people of the Middle East, and the world.

Tuesday's Political Rant #1 - Michael


Anonymous said...

My Rant if I was Obama I would be ashamed of being a part of the corrupt Chicago political machine especially after the side show today in the appointment of the new Senator, I think this shows the people what they are really in for in the coming next four years, and it is not the coming of the Messiah.

by Michael Boh said...

Anon - I couldn't agree with you more my annoying friend. I can't stand the fact that Blagojevich has chosen somebody, especially somebody who raised money for him in the past. I think it's DISGUSTING! You see, that's what makes us different. We Democrats are WILLING TO ADMIT WHEN OUR PEOPLE ARE WRONG. We even want justice if they break the law. You might want to brush up on the idea after the past eight years. Equal justice under law! If it's true Anon, and you accept it too, than we have to put MANY Republicans away before starting on some of the more recent Democrats. Why don't we do it? Let's go after the small fish first, and work our way up to Cheney and Bush? Now remember, if you argue against it, than you'll be arguing against your original point on this post, and remember you don't like side shows. You're the type that wants real justice. How circuitous! What a big word. You might want to look it up. :) MB

by Michael Boh said...

Oh yes, and Obama is NO Messiah. I leave the religious pomposity (I suggest looking it up, since it's VERY appropriate) up to the Republicans. Obama's more of a saint-in-training. :)

Anonymous said...

Another good example of not knowing or having a fucking clue as to what you are talking about, your problem is you want to be a left wing political hack but haven't a clue as to how to go about it.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have read what you have written. I find it very interesting.